Study: Those Who Eat Candy Live Longer

(WCCO) — Forget what your mama told you — it turns out, candy is good for you. That’s according to a new study in the Psychology Today blog. But not a whole lot of people are buying into it.

The study said people who regularly eat candy live longer than those who don’t. It also said a shot of sugar can restore your willpower and help you stay focused.

And you already know chocolate in moderation can do your body some good, but the study said chewing gum is good for you, too. They say it can cut down on stress and even block pain.

“You know it’s one of my favorite stress relievers. I love to chew bubble gum and blow bubbles. There’s some right in my desk drawer,” said Susan Deno, registered dietitian with Park Nicollet.

She said people should be smart and should eat candy in moderation. Deno also said some of the theories mentioned in the study need further investigation.


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