The Vikings released WR Randy Moss Monday. The move came just hours after Moss blasted coaches and teammates following a loss to New England.

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What do you think? Is Moss too much trouble? Or did the Vikings make a huge mistake?

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  1. wolfcreek says:

    No, Randy Moss is not too much trouble. Yes, coach Childress fired Moss behind owner Wilf’s back! Childress, pack up and GET OUT!!!

  2. Roadblock says:

    They should have NEVER traded to get that temperamental lazy bum to begin with. Now they have lost a draft choice with nothing in return.

  3. Max Gallimore says:

    They should have gotten rid of farve along with Moss.

  4. Jack says:

    Based on todays performance, they should have gotten rid of the whole team. They want a new stadium? Give me a break! I am not high on Childress, but it appears the team is playing to get him fired.

  5. Susan says:

    I am tired of the Vikings. They are a disgrace to Minnesota. Don’t put the blame on Childress. They need to get new players! They should never have taken Moss back, and they should get rid of Farve and others. I am tired of all these sexual harrassment issues and other issues associated with male athletes. More money should be put into women’s sports. Woman athletes work hard and take their game seriously without the sleaziness of male athletes. If the Vikings or any other teams want a new stadium, it should come out their own pockets. It should never come from tax payers. They make way more money than most of the rest of us will ever dream of making. Susan

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