By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — From Cleveland to Los Angeles, and all the way here to the Twin Cities, a cyber-crime has certainly caught the country’s attention.

An Apple Valley, Minn. woman is now in trouble for allegedly hacking a Playboy bunny’s computer.

There were some raunchy pictures of her boyfriend, Grady Sizemore, 28, a centerfielder for the Cleveland Indians.

Sizemore took the pictures of himself in front of a mirror, and he intended those personal pictures to remain that, personal.  Some show him nude, and others show him partially nude.  In fact, there’s a picture of Sizemore naked with a coffee cup in front of his genitals.

Sizemore e-mailed those pictures to his girlfriend, the Playboy Bunny, Brittany Binger, and she stored them on her e-mail account.

Those pictures did not stay private, but instead, they went public.

Leah Ayers, 19, was allegedly able to hack Binger’s e-mail account, grab those pictures and post them online for everyone to see.

She faces two misdemeanors for breaking into that computer.

The investigation started in March, ever since Binger contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.

She told them that someone hacked her e-mail account, and that led investigators in California to contact the Apple Valley Police Department.

It took several months of search warrants, interviews and investigating, including tracking computer IP addresses, to finish this complex case.

Yahoo’s records show that Ayers allegedly hacked the account at her parent’s place at an apartment complex in Apple Valley in August of last year.

Then in the spring of this year, detectives with the Apple Valley Police Department executed a search warrant at the home.

They took two computers, DVDs and CDs, and when police did a forensic analysis search on those computers, they found important details.

Several of Binger’s personal accounts had been accessed through the laptop.

Several of Sizemore’s pictures were also on that laptop, pictures once stored in his girlfriend’s e-mail account.

It turns out Binger’s Facebook page holds important, personal information about her, like the city her father was born in.

Ayers allegedly found that, entered that information as the answer to a security question and hacked the e-mail account.

In fact, detectives say she even told them how to change a password.

Why Ayers allegedly stole and posted the photos online is a mystery.

What is certain is that she faces some serious consequences.

Ayers is due in court at the end of the month.

Comments (7)
  1. james says:

    Wow I feel bad for this young couple. This girl should be made an example to all the crazy sports/celebrity fans out there who might want to cross that line. Throw the book at her.

  2. Debbie says:

    The girl was wrong for hacking into the account but everyone’s known all along, the internet is not a secure private place. You post it, send it in an email, or send it by messenger and others can get access. If you don’t want others to see you naked or in a compromising situation, don’t be sending the stuff via internet.

  3. Shawn says:

    Amen James!!! I agree, this young hacker needs the book thrown at her. If not, she’ll be stealing alot more from folks than just a few photos.

  4. Bridge says:

    Strange they are not charging her with stalking. This is clearly a stalking case, but for some reason the media always waters down female offenders.

    14th Amendment requires the law to punish this woman the same as anyone else who hacks into someones email account for sexual reasons.

  5. charles says:

    I completely agree with the stalking charge, this is clearly the case. Like you said because the offender is a female and a “teenager” they seem to want to water it down. The girl was apparently harassing Miss Binger for months. I say make her spend some time in jail and maybe she can be an example to other over-zealous fans out there that want to cross the line.
    Who knows maybe the victims will file a civil suit.

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