Take A Tour Of CBS Minnesota

Welcome to CBS Minnesota, the new home for WCCO.COM, WCCO-TV and WCCO Radio.

WCCO-TV is joining forces with WCCO Radio to give you the best the Twin Cities — and beyond — has to offer.

Here you will find all your old favorites (video, stories, blogs, photo galleries, radio shows, weather forecasts, and traffic reports) as well as some great new things (Best of Minnesota lists, stadium guides and daily deals). So take some time to explore the new look of CBS Minnesota as we take you on a tour of our tabs.

Here are some helpful links to help you find what you need.

News – All the news you’ve come to expect from WCCO and more (Local, Consumer, Politics, Business, Health, Entertainment, National, World News and Photo Galleries.)

Blogs – This is also found under the news banner and includes ideas to keep you entertained around town, ways to snag deals, the best movies to check out, fabulous food ideas, tips for your car and more.

Sports – Follow your favorite Minnesota teams and high school sports standouts. Plus get guides to exploring what each Minnesota stadium has to offer.

Best of Minnesota – This has tips and lists to help you find the best places to get sushi, shop for a wedding dress, see a concert and so much more.

Watch + Listen – Listen to your favorite WCCO Radio Shows On Demand and Live. Miss a story on WCCO-TV? Check out the video here (available in full screen mode too.)

Local Offers – Sign up to get daily deals delivered to your inbox!

Traffic – Avoid construction and congestion and check out the roads and traffic maps before your commute to work.

Weather – This is the place to go if you want to know if you should bundle up or dress down. You can see current weather conditions, area radars, the 7-day forecast, and weather videos so you won’t get caught without a coat on a cold day!

Don’t forget that we will have a list of some of our more popular links on the top left side of our homepage under Quick Links. Here is a preview of what you might see.

Links and Numbers

The Wire

Events Calendar

School Closings

You will also notice the logos of both WCCO-TV and WCCO Radio at the top of the homepage. You can click on them to find station information, program schedules and bios for the news teams.

We want to know what you think of the new website? If you have something to share, helpful advice to make it better, or a favorite part to the new site let us know about it!

  • Laura

    dislike :( the background image is very distracting and the font color is VERY difficult to read. the old site looked professional, but this just looks cheap.

    • Shawn


  • Lauriekrosch

    totally agree with Laura ~ this seems like a total step down from previous website! the background is distracting and there seems to be much less content on this new website.

  • Anna

    I agree as well. I enjoyed visiting wcco.com everyday but now I cannot say that I will have it as a favorite. The webpage has lost the feel of ‘local news’.

    • Kelly

      I agree. Now, watching Mike & Angela this morning, the backgrounds have changed to the CBS blue as well. Behind Mike Augustyniak was a giant CBS eye overlaying the local bridge picture. It feels so generic now. Very disappointed. I guess CBS is trying to make all their stations look the same – probably more cost effective. I wish they’d change it back or at least quit throwing the CBS logo all over everything! sigh.

  • Linda

    I can’t read it easily. The background is too prominent. Blue and gray font on a blue background makes it all disappear. Hope you can adjust this soon.

  • Ian Y

    Why? Seriously…

  • John

    Dump this new format and get back to the old one.

  • MP

    Liked the old one better. Wish you would quit changing this every few months. I just get used to one, then you change it. Frustrating. I click on the local and national news and one or two others. I appreciate it being quick and easy. This is not.

  • Wendy

    It looks great! I really like it.

  • Rosie

    i dislike the new look. Previously I had everything I needed on my main screen. Now I have to hunt for information.

    • Jill Johns


  • Bill

    Why???? Second worst change since you replace Dark Star with that idiot Mischke! Harry Nile would be better than Mischke. Where did you get him from?

  • Bill

    Yea Rosie! Looks like it was designed by the same person that did the Phone mail menus at Capital One.

  • Nate

    At this point, I prefer the old look. You could find most menu’s right at a glance. It was easier on the eyes and just seemed to flow better. Maybe with time it will grow with me but I don’t know.

  • JR

    Traffic Tab on new Website page goes to Weather not Traffic. Poor design hard to read. Must have been designed in NYC…

    • jr

      the link is working now. it is just slow to load.

  • Sandi

    I thought I had linked to the wrong site. I agree with many others…………Your old site looked better! I don’t even feel like I’m looking at WCCO on this new site. Remember ……. the new Coke was not well-received and look where it’s at today.

  • Rock

    Pages are way too slow to load and I’m on T1 line.

  • jeff

    Why? This is horrible. I have always enjoyed the “at home” and local arena that WCCO has brought to its viewers. This new site certainly brings the corporate image and lacks the personal touch feeling. Im guessing more of this to come? You just lost me has a follower. Both here and the “local news”. Don, we are going to miss you and everything you brought to us.

  • Therese S.

    like others have said…it’s lost it’s local feel.

    I first thought I got linked to CBS…not WCCO.

    Bring back the old format!!!

  • rob s minneapolis

    ill be going back to kstp.com then, because i like the old website alot better then this one. thks

    • Kent Anderstone

      I with brother Rob S on this one. I just removed the bookmark to this site. Sigh.

  • Luanne

    This will be my last visit. Not very user-friendly. Bring back the old one!!!

  • VmE in WI

    I moved to WI, I check for MN news every day on WCCO.com i dislike the new look . Previously It had everything I needed on my main screen. Now I have to hunt for information. too slow and too blue, It’s a sad day for WCCO.com

  • Lou

    I miss the WCCO.COM feel of the site. CBS Minnesota sounds like the state is now a division of CBS. Liked the old site better.

  • MPLS210

    I’m not a fan of this new layout, and I don’t think it’s just because I”m not used to it. The background is kind of weird looking and not very professional. In general the site is not as polished-looking, more of an amateur look. A lot of space is wasted on graphics that could be spent on content. For example the weather page’s moon phases and sunrise/sunset, which only changes by a few minutes each day anyway, so why move the sun up a 1/4 inch? I also noticed an ad on the side to get products at 90% off and did some checking on that, and it sounds like a scam. Does WCCO really want to have that kind of advertising? Makes the whole site look cheap and not as reliable/professional.

  • Clem Kadiddlehopper

    Okay, so is WCCO having an identity crisis? The old site was adequate. The new site simply sucks. I have removed the site from my favorites. This new site is awful. The font size and color is bad. The backdrop is very distracting. And nearly every link takes you to the CBS site. So much for the home team. I am guessing that Don Shelby is responsible.

  • Therese

    NOT a fan. Unprofessional looking and very confusing. Don’t mess with a good thing.

  • Jimmy Nod

    I hate the “new” look. Worn out and distracting.

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