By Susie Jones, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

LINO LAKES (WCCO) — Anoka County authorities say three men were out duck hunting early Thursday morning on Otter Lake in Lino Lakes when their boat capsized.

One of the men was able to swim to shore and call for help, but two men were stranded in about 7 feet of water.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Lino Lakes Fire Chief Jerry Streich said they were about 800 feet from shore, and thankfully had powerful lights on the boat that they used to help rescuers find them.

“They appeared to be hypothermic because of the cold. They have been in the water for some time,” said Streich.

The hunters had life jackets built into their camouflage jackets, but had waders on, which filled up with water. Streich said they don’t know at this time how the boat capsized.

Comments (9)
  1. Carol Brown says:

    If hunters cannot navigate a boat they really shouldn’t be allowed to use rifles.

    But glad that they’re ok….

    1. john says:

      how can you say that, and if they are duck hunting they are not using rifles

  2. private comment says:

    Wow, it sure does not take long for people to be critical. There are many reasons the hunters could have ended up in the water. Until the investigation is complete, lets be respectful of the famillies who could have lost loved ones this early am due to an unfortunate event. The hunters had flashlights, floatation devices and a rapid response from volunteer firefighters. This could have turned out very bad, but thankfully everyone made it to shore safely!

  3. Erika says:

    Carol, I can’t believe you would say that either… I am a hunter among many in Minnesota and I don’t think that you should stereotype all hunters as idiots. Many things could have come in to play as to hpw the boat flipped… accidents happen every day, you saying that was like saying people should not drive vehicles. Does not make sense does it? It irritates me how people jidge hunters and don’t show them respect.
    I’m so glad that they are ok.

  4. A Good Ending says:

    People don’t give our firefighters enough recognition for the lifes they save everyday while putting their own lifes on the line. Those two firefighters should be honored for the two lifes they saved.

  5. Carol Brown says:

    My statement wasn’t about hunting, I have nothing against hunting & hunters. But every year this happens. It’s the same with people (adults) walking on thin ice, using poor judgement when they should know better. I agree with those who’ve said that I don’t have all the facts but there’s usually one or two simple reasons as to why a boat would capsize and I believe that carelessness is a reasonable assumption. I also said that I’m glad that they’re ok…

    And yes, a big thank you to our brave firefiighters, they have my deep respect & graditude.

  6. Friend of Hunters says:

    Carol, you dont even know the story so i dont know how you can sit here and say this. All of these men are my friends and they told me exactly what happened, there was nothing they could have done from preventing this accident. Please keep your comments to yourself if they are negative because you dont know the story.

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