Animal Control Investigates Burnsville Dog Attack

BURNSVILLE (WCCO) — Two Akita dogs in Burnsville are under a 10-day quarantine at their home after one bit two children Sunday.

The 3-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy went to the hospital and are OK, but Savannah and Gregory Shoultz will now have a lasting reminder of their run-in with dogs.

“It felt like the dog bit my skin off,” said Savannah Shoultz.

The children were playing in the backyard when the dog attacked. Gregory was bit on his leg. Savannah was bit on her back. No adults saw it happen.

“She was down on the ground. The dog was on top of her and my ex-husband had to kick the dog to get it off of her,” said Cindy Johnson, their mother.

The dogs’ owner, Chuck Svare, only knows Koda and Pepper as good companions and has had them for years.

“He should have never bitten a little girl. That’s my opinion, but she had to, something was done to provoke it,” said Svare.

“They’ve never had a problem around a dog. They don’t go up and aggravate it in any way,” said Johnson.

Neither dog is up to date with its rabies vaccination. Svare lost his job and couldn’t afford it.

One of his dogs did attack a neighbor dog in the past and because of that, Cindy Johnson wants more than just 10-day quarantine.

“I want them put down. If they have a history of being vicious, I think they should be put down,” she said.

Animal control is still gathering statements and trying to figure out why the dogs bit the kids. If they find that the attack was unprovoked, the dogs would be labeled as dangerous. The owner would then have to buy liability insurance, keep the dogs muzzled off property, and post dangerous dog signs.

The owners also have 14 days to get their dogs vaccinated, which they are planning to do next Tuesday.

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