PRIOR LAKE, Minn. (WCCO) — A woman accused of attacking a man she had reportedly dated and the woman he was with is facing burglary and assault charges, according to Scott County District Court.

“I think that nothing surprises us anymore, and this would fall under that category,” said Detective Chris Olson.

At about 5:30 in the morning of Oct. 30, Prior Lake police went to an apartment building at 16829 Toronto Avenue. The tenant of the apartment told officers he had brought 22-year-old Molly Jane Himsel of Savage, Minn. and three other people, one man and two more women, to his apartment after bar closing that evening.

The tenant told investigators Himsel was making a lot of noise and kept turning up the volume on the music, so he asked everyone to leave. He and the other three people later came back without Himsel.

He went on to say he was in his bedroom with one of his guests, a woman, when he heard Himsel pounding on the front door, but ignored her. The other man and woman were sleeping on a mattress in the living room.

From speaking to the tenant and his three guests, investigators determined that Himsel then came in through the patio door without permission, went into the bedroom, turned on the lights and screamed, “Are you kidding me?”

The charges allege Himsel had a hammer with her and used it to attack the tenant and the woman he was with, causing non-life threatening injuries. She’s also accused of biting the tenant on the arm when he tried to restrain her.

Police found that the handle on the front door had been damaged.

The tenant said he had been out with Himsel a few times, but didn’t consider her his girlfriend and she must have been jealous of the woman he was with.

“I see this kind of stuff here all the time.  This apartment’s getting worse and worse,” said neighbor Darlene Jewison.

Court documents say Himsel was not at the apartment when officers arrived, though the hammer was taken as evidence. Police didn’t find her at her home either, and her mother told them she didn’t know where her daughter was. They couldn’t reach her on her cell phone, either.

The court says Himsel has been charged with burglarizing a home while the resident is there, burglarizing with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault while committing a burglary. If convicted, each of the four charges carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

Comments (10)
  1. wcco_administrator says:

    Poor young lady.

  2. John from southern burbs says:

    Just needs a little anger management and then keep looking for Mr. Right.

  3. just sayin' says:

    She’ll have her own reality show in no time!

  4. OMG says:

    What’s the matter with people these days…Doesn’t she know there are plenty of “fish in the sea”!!

  5. Bridge says:

    Sounds like a Good Looking Apartment Dweller Freak Parade.

  6. MJK says:

    This whole story has been talked about too much! Lets find real news! I know her and Molly is not a bad person… she was just driven to a point and lost it! There are some thing she will need to be able to control in life and i think she knows that.

  7. mslove says:

    Sounds like a this young lady got caught up with the wrong guy…add alcohal and its never good.

  8. friend says:

    I have know Molly since elementary school and she does not have a mental illness what so ever. Second, Molly does not deserve the lime light that this has created. I pray for her, and know that she doesn’t deserve these charges. She has no criminal background, and the situation has been blown out of proportion.

  9. Christopher Lee Schlenz says:

    Wow cant speak the truth on her she’s nutz

  10. julie says:

    It will be interesting to see what the court gives this young lady. As we know if it were a man who did this he would not only get time in prison but probation as well. I feel she should serve time. This is a very serious incident. She used a hammer and should be thankful no one was killed. I don’t feel a ten year sentence would be out of line.

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