PRIOR LAKE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Coon Rapids woman accused of shaking and critically harming a baby she was caring for is facing felony charges, according to Anoka County District Court.

Just after 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 10, Prior Lake Police and the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office went to a home on the 10600 block of Grouse Street NW in response to a 911 call about a baby who’d been hurt.

The charges say officers arrived to find Tami Rose Revering, 29, crying hysterically and holding a 5-month-old boy. Emergency responders determined that the child was breathing, but non-responsive.

Revering told them she was a terrible babysitter, that she wanted to die and that she had shaken the boy, according to court documents. He was taken to Mercy Hospital and from there, airlifted to St. Paul Children’s Hospital.

Investigators determined that Revering was a friend of the baby’s parents and she had been caring for him and his siblings for about a month. The charges say Revering admitted to detectives she couldn’t get the baby to stop crying and “just snapped,” shaking him and throwing him on the bed until he appeared to have a seizure.

Workers at Mercy and St. Paul Children’s Hospitals managed to save the child’s life, partly because they had information on exactly how he was hurt. They aren’t sure if he will have any permanent brain damage.

Court documents show Revering has been charged with three counts of malicious punishment of a child and one count of first degree assault. If convicted, first degree assault carries the harshest maximum sentence at 20 years in prison. Conviction of a lesser charge, malicious punishment of a child, could carry a maximum of five years in prison.

Comments (26)
  1. Brandon says:

    she should rot in prison. im a father, and that makes me want to cry.

  2. dum dums says:

    look what meth does to you. she is 29, but looks like she is 59.

  3. Fellow College Alumni says:

    I know this woman and she is not a meth head or a monster but made a horrible, horrible decision that will forever affect many lives. It’s easy to place judgment on people when you don’t know them. And not in any way am I condoning what she did but hopefully everyone that reads, hears, or knows the families involved in this VERY VERY tragic incident will learn what to do if you are ever in a situation like this before you hit your breaking point and make a horrible decision that changes many lives. Please pray for all involved in this heart breaking life changing incident.

  4. Puppet-Leroy says:

    The most important lesson out of this is to LEAVE THE HOUSE if you can’t handle a baby crying. A crying baby will not die, but a shaken baby could die. That is what I learned at birthing classes. It was probably the most important thing anybody could say.

  5. Al says:

    I agree with Fellow college alumni, I live where I could see her playing with the kids outside 2 and 3 times daily. Never once did I ever here her yelling or screaming at the children. She cared for and played with them like a kid herself, even when one or more of them would be getting tired and crabby, she would talk with them and try to make their day better. Avery caring person. As for being a meth addict you have got to be kidding, can you not tell she has been crying for hours on end, read the story what was she doing when the police arrived, crying and screaming. This woman was anything but an abuser. She made a VERY BAD mistake and had a moment of BAD judgement. I pray for all involved and all of you that condem someone without knowing all of the facts.

    1. Sue maddern says:

      I agree it’s important to know the facts and don’t past judgement this is a heartbreaking story for all involed.My heart goes out to the families!

  6. Matt says:

    I also live very close by and although I don’t know her personally, I can certainly say that I am in complete and utter shock. I see her with the children all the time and despite not knowing her, I can assure you this woman is no monster. While I am not excusing her actions by any stretch, I can’t help but feel for her too as I keep ALL involved in my thoughts. To just assume she is on meth if just plain ridiculous.

    Slightly unrelated…the integrity of reporting on this story has been hideous! The Fox9 story was horribly worded, and now the WCCO indicates that this happened in Prior Lake, and that the Prior Lake Police responded. What is wrong with Twin Cities journalism?!?!?

  7. Beth says:

    Isn’t that what everyone says about criminals? That they are just such good people? GIVE ME A BREAK. If she was babysitting children, she should have FULLY UNDERSTOOD what the situation can come to and know how to handle it BEFORE she agreed to do so. If this woman was soooooo good with children, then she should have KNOWN to put the baby down in the crib and WALK AWAY. Obviously she wasn’t THAT good. Her “mistake” almost cost a helpless child his LIFE. Why shouldn’t we condemn her? Would you be saying the same things about how great a woman she is if the baby had ended up dead? “Oops, I snapped” would NEVER cut it with me.

    1. Fellow College Alumni says:

      Tami is a mother of two children herself and her children’s lives will forever be changed from her horrible decision as well as the four month old baby boy and his older brother, and the parents of the four month old baby. Even though at this point the four month old has been upgraded to stable condition his life will ever be changed. It’s a tragic event any way you look at it. I use to be like you making judgment about any and all people making bad decisions that the news reports on until it hit home. Hopefully you or people close to you never make a horrible mistake that affects so many lives.

      1. Beth says:

        II can only speak for myself when I say that I am only voicing my ONE opinion about ONE person who happens to be in the news for abusing and almost killing a baby. In my mind, it is inexcusable. I have three kids of my own. And I have NEVER almost killed any of them. I completely understand the frustrations with crying babies. But ANY parent has been told repetitively to PUT THE BABY DOWN AND WALK AWAY IF YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE IT. She didn’t. THINK before you act. That’s all it takes.

  8. brendan says:

    Doesn’t matter that she’s never done this before. It doesn’t take much common sense to walk away from a baby and call someone, maybe a neighbor to come help you before you lose it. There are many rational options to choose before choosing to hurt a baby that a friend entrusted in your care. This brainless twit needs alot of prison love. I hope she gets it.

  9. Isaac P says:

    It happened at her home in COON RAPIDS – not Prior Lake. Great attention to detail in this story. Geeez

  10. Biglou64 says:

    It’s called accountability. You do the crime, you do the time. Also, here’s a fool proof way to keep this from happening to your child. Don’t trust anyone!

  11. Cathy Mc says:

    I agree with most. She made a VERY BAD AND STUPID CHOICE.Now many will pay the price for it.She deserves the max sentance. I have no simpathy for her only for the people her choice has forever changed what their lives will be like.

  12. monti gesino says:

    Maybe we should be grateful she came to her senses before she did something drastic, like bury the evidence & say the baby had been kidnapped.

  13. john doe says:

    another wxample of over police work. they will throw the book at you and charge you with everything. yhe courts will convict eveything they can/ the true is rarely found.

  14. Former College Roommate says:

    I am broken hearted to see the harsh condemnation of a really beautiful person; and the lack of honesty in facing the fact that, “but for the grace of God, that could have been me”.

    Anyone with children can easily understand how easy this could happen. it is only because of good education on shaken baby syndrome that this doesn’t happen more frequently. Tami made a horrible mistake and is paying for it dearly. This child was the son of close friends. Their relationship will forever be challenged. Her own completely innocent husband and sons are suffering terribly. This is not just about Tami and her “paying for this”. Many, many people will pay for this. I pray for a just sentence that takes all the facts into consideration.

    Tami has never hurt anyone in her life before this incident. She is kind, loving, and the kind of woman you would want to be friends with. She is NOT a meth head, she is a mother.

    Have compassion and try to imagine yourself in her position. Perhaps a greater understanding and positive steps to support women and mothers would be more appropriate than slandering the ones that need our help the most would be a better response.

  15. Lisa says:

    Instead of the negative comments, thoughts, and hate that have been thrown out there, please focus on prayer for my nephew, our family and Tami’s family. Everyone is hurting, everyone is upset, everyone wants to know why and how, but there is already so much hate in this world. It helps no one. So next time you want to discuss with a friend, co-worker or family member this story about my nephew, instead of talking about your horror over the situation, ask that person if they have prayed for everyone involved today. Because the power of prayer in my nephew’s recovery is amazing. The hate does NOTHING for anyone.

    1. karen says:

      Your cousins in Marshall are praying for all families involved and thinking positive thoughts for a successful recovery

    2. kat says:

      How is he almost 2 years later? I looked for an update but couldnt find one.

  16. dad says:

    Spare the apologies for what tami did to my son. His life and my families lives have forever been affected because of what she did. There is no excuse snap decision or not. I feel sorry for her family but as I sit and watch my son fighting for his life and having seizure after seizure I fail to see shy she deserves any forgiveness.

  17. dad says:

    Please ignore my previous statement. I am upset and hurt right now and not thinking clearly…. right now I just want to concentrate on getting my son better. We have not had any involvement in tami’s punishment. Tami and her family have always been people we care about and still care about. That is why this is so hard.

  18. Shelley says:

    My heart is heavy with sadness for Tami’s entire family. I live across the street from her and I am in total shock. I feel that Tami’s punishment toward her own behavior will be much harder than any court of law or nasty words from people that don’t know her.

  19. AFRIEND says:

    I know this woman. She is by no means a criminal, addict or anything evil that is imagined or pointed out by strangers who believe they are entitled to judge an unknown person. This woman has given so much to the DD community and now as a mother. Let us all pray for the infant and give immediate forgiveness to Tami. We must also pray we as parents, babysitters, caregivers and like that we ourselves never EVER come witness to the dark side of our emotions. This example truly shows,absolutely… does exists. Many of us believe we are above of our emotions and have complete control over them always. Not true. Many believe we “have a handle” on it. We don’t. We must learn from the mistakes of others, and step back to process the seriousness of the incident.

  20. concerned mother of a 8 month old boy says:

    I am more concerned for this poor little baby….. is he going to be ok? is there permenant damage? i pray for this baby everyday….

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