Police Dog Stabbed In Maplewood

MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (WCCO) — A police dog is in critical condition after being stabbed Friday morning while responding to a call at a Maplewood business.

The dog was stabbed while checking out a car at the Truck Utilities Company near Highway 36 and English Street.

Police were investigating after a rash of break-ins was reported there and had set up a “bait” car.

“When it’s entered in any way, we’re notified right on a radio channel instantaneously,” said Maplewood Police Lt. Dave Kvam.

An alarm went off about 5 a.m. Friday, and when police arrived they arrested two people and called Roseville police for back-up.

Roseville Police dog, Major, was sent in to investigate for more suspects. Police heard the dog make a yipping noise. They believe Roel Perez hid with a crowbar and stabbed Major.

“He was secreted in an area and we think ambushed Major when he came in,” said Roseville Police Chief Rick Mathwig.

Major has lacerations on his head, neck and chest and was brought to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital. He had blood and plasma infusions as soon as he arrived. The dog is in critical but stable condition.

Doctors said the next 24 hours are critical for Major, but they are optimistic that he will recover. It’s unclear if he will be able to continue working as a police dog.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Meanwhile, a third suspect was found shortly after the first two were apprehended. Maplewood authorities identified them as Ryan Dorner, of Mahtomedi, and James McBain and Roel Perez, both of Maplewood.

Perez McBain Dorner, dog stabbing suspects

Maplewood officers arrested Roel Perez and James McBain, both of Maplewood and Ryan Dorner, of Mahtomedi. (credit: Ramsey County Sheriff's Dept.)

Another dog from a different department eventually led police to Perez. That dog had bitten his leg and police believe Perez had bite marks from Major all over his arms.

Major, police dog stabbed

Major and some of his many awards. (credit: CBS)

Major and his handler had just been honored Thursday night with a public safety award from North Memorial Medical Center.  A man had tried to drown Major several times in a lake near Roseville in July.

He is a 9-year-old dog and has been with the police department for 7 years.

  • Melissa

    How immature to say such things. Police dogs do a great service for the people! Things that humans cannot do. I sure hope he makes a recovery and is able to go back to work.

    • Mark

      The faster the dog dies at the U of M’s veterinary hospital the less money the taxpayers of Minnesota will need to shell out. Even if he’s trained, he’s a dog, not a person.

      • jabailey

        Shame on your heartless soul, Mark.

    • Rudy

      Mark, I feel sorry for you. Clearly your creator left you with no heart. I’m keeping Major in my thoughts and hope he makes a good recovery.

  • jtb

    Wow Kelly, maybe you should have a little empathy for the poor animal that was just out doing its job that it was trained to do! Maybe you should ask the criminals did this in the first place to pay your taxes!

  • Mosby

    and of course they pull the comment while I’m commenting! Praying for Major, Jorgy!

  • Fitz

    I hope he is OK and that is a Police Officer youtax idiot….that dog saves lives. Learn some respect would you?

  • Jamie

    Really Kelly?? Stabbing a police dog is like stabbing a human police officer and is taken very seriously. The UM is the best vetrinary clinic in the state. The dog is in good hands.

  • Holley

    Very Sad. I hope he makes it and they find the other two suspects.

  • pandoramn

    Yes, Kelly…it IS good use of our tax dollars to use canines in searches. They are able to crawl into small spaces and get to perps more quickly and effectively than humans.

    You are obviously and insensitive jerk to even comment on money with regard to the suffering this poor animal is going through – or are you one of the criminals they are still searching for?

  • Jabailey

    Budget cuts of years ago dictated that police officers ride alone in their car rather than partnering up for safety and better effectiveness in dangerous situations. SInce then, I have been a proponent of ALL officers having a sturdy, brave canine partner. It’s money very well spent. KELLY: would you rather have had the officer stabbed as he investigated? Police canines are well trained, fast, and have assisted officers over and over in apprehending criminals, helping keep their officer partner safe. I hope that Major is able to be treated and brought back to health and work. What a good dog he was, doing his job!

  • Dianesinep

    kelly….I did not see your comment, but from others’ responses, I hope you are never in a situation where you need ANY kind of help that would require the use of our Tax Dollars…..

  • Tami Brass

    I saw the police cars on my way to work this morning (at a school). Found out what happened with students near my desk. We talked about it as a class. All of us wish Major a speedy recovery. Poor thing!

  • ann eastsider

    This just makes me sick.I hope Major will be o.k.What a brave doggie he is.

  • Wayne

    I can’t see kelly’s comments here, but after reading other’s comments about Kelly’s, all I have to say to Kelly is “get a life, you idiot.:

  • Mike

    I don’t understand the idiots who abuse animals, or in this case stab one. But I also don’t understand the emotional attachment people have for animals. Glad to see it was the dog and not the police officer.

    • K

      Clearly you must not own any animals.

      • Amy

        thank you K……..some people are just idots!

    • Heather

      Seeing as animals are great judges of characters, maybe you have never had the chance to bond with one!? Just saying..

  • NMP

    Praying for Major’s recovery. These animals go above and beyond the capabilities of humans in so many dangerous situations without hesitation or consideration for their own safety, asking for nothing in return. I hope whoever committed this terrible crime is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  • signmon45

    why would a K9 officer release his K9 off leash and out of his sight?. The K9 did’nt have back up, all the officers heard was a yelp. Too late then to help Major.

    • jabailey

      That is Major’s job – to go ahead and pave the way to keep his officer safe, and hopefully to be able to stop the criminal in his tracks so the officer can arrest/cuff the thug.

  • Dee

    I am sorry to here about your partner they do a grat job on what they do i am a dog lover too and i have a partner too and they can be such a great friend too i will pray that Major will be ok and get well soon take care my thought are with you

  • Linda

    I didn’t see Kelly’s comment, but I do see Mike’s comment of “glad it was the dog and not the police officer that got stabbed”; the dog is a police officer – maybe not in the sense that that his partner human officer is, but a police officer nonetheless. I will reiterate what others have said, I hope neither Kelly nor Mike are ever in a situation where they need the assistance of a police dog – they may be changing their minds then!

  • Hickory

    The officer who handles this K9 was shot in the arm a couple years ago while on a SWAT operation. This is just another sad reminder how difficult, dangerous and demanding the job of a police officer can be.

    Here is a quote that in the end, sums it up. “We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” – George Orwell

  • JamieinMN

    This just breaks my heart. I hope he pulls through!

  • Kyle

    Hey Jorgy it’s Kyle you and Major are in my thoughts and prayers Major is a great officer and has helped keep you and many others safe,

  • Captain Bu

    I hope they catch the cowards who did this to Major. This crime should be treated the same as if they assulted a human officer. From Captain Bu’s Labradors Burny And Lucky

  • Bonita Darula

    I am just in anger over this incident. The poor dog. I think of Major as my “little darling.” Animals no matter what they are, do not deserve this kind of treatment.
    I am praying for Major. He has to make it. What a brave dog.
    I want to see the people who did this caught. We all know, if they can do this to an animal, they will do it to a human.
    My heart goes out to Major and his owners.
    Get well, Major

  • cathy

    Praying for Major and his handler/owner and their family. K-9’s and their partners are the best of buds…no one should have to go through this. I understand that Major was doing his job, and he protected the other human officers, but I still know the feeling of having an animal hurt and sick and wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through that. Major and Officer Jorgensen are both extremely brave to do the job they do every day. God bless them and all the peacemakers.

  • Sam's Mom

    I have a 90 pound german shepherd who’d be more than willing to help track down the creeps who stabbed Major for free!

  • Mike

    @ Linda – You are saying that a police dog is equal to a police officer? So you would rather have human officer get a knife to the gut, than the police dog? That kind of talk is just silly lady. I’d rather no police officer/dog get hurt, but if one of them gets hurt, I’m sure happy as hell its not the human.

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