ROSEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Roseville police dog stabbed Friday morning is feeling a little better Saturday, according to police.

In the course of investigating a rash of car break-ins at a Maplewood business, Major was helping officers look for suspects when he was stabbed.

Major has regained consciousness after surgery and is getting some of his energy back. There is still some air in his chest cavity, so he still has a chest tube in place. He is still in stable but critical condition. It looks like a bladed weapon damaged at least one of his vertebrae, causing partial paralysis.

Maplewood police were investigating car break-ins at the Truck Utilities Company near Highway 36 and English Street. They had set up a “bait car” that would alert police if it were broken into.

Officers were notified of a break-in, arrested two men and called Roseville police for backup.

They believe one of the three men arrested, Roel Perez of Maplewood, had hidden with a crowbar and stabbed Major.

“He was secreted in an area and we think ambushed Major when he came in,” said Roseville Police Chief Rick Mathwig.

Another dog from a different department eventually led police to Perez. That dog had bitten his leg and police believe Perez had bite marks from Major all over his arms.

Major had lacerations on his head, neck and chest and was brought to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital. He had blood and plasma infusions as soon as he arrived.

The other two men were identified as Ryan Dorner of Mahtomedi and James McBain, also of Maplewood.

Major and his handler had just been honored Thursday night with a public safety award from North Memorial Medical Center. A man had tried to drown Major several times in a lake near Roseville in July.

He is a 9-year-old dog and has been with the police department for 7 years.

Comments (16)
  1. Jeanne Hass says:

    Too bad humans will never truly realize how invaluable animals are and that our earth would be utterly doomed without them.

    1. leelee says:

      why dont these dogs have body armor, I live in Winnipeg and we have a company that makes them for police dogs. Could’ve saved this dog alot of pain. Not to mention the handler’s emotional pain.

  2. Mandi Kosbab says:

    Good luck Major. We are all praying for your recovery and that whoever did this to you pays…we appreciate you and the job that you do for all of us.

  3. L. Bourgeois says:

    I hope K-9 Major may recover to a happy retirement. Good dog.

  4. Susanna says:

    . Major, you are one badass dog, surviving 2 separate attempts to kill you.! ! ! I really hope you live a long, happy life ! : )

  5. karley says:

    you are one great pupper Major hope you pull threw and get a lot better so u can continue to make people feel safe….

  6. DAVID says:


  7. Sue says:

    My heart goes out to you, Major and your handler. What courage, loyalty, and a beautiful spirit you have. I’m praying for you – you are one WONDERFUL dog!!

  8. Barb says:

    Univ. of Minnesota Vet care is the Mayo clinic for animals. I know because of their heroic efforts to save my two dogs. I truly believe Major will pull thru and live a heroes life whether in retirement or active duty. My thoughts and prayers are with the doctors, the police and his handler and of course Major – the hero! And there is a special palce for people who attack animals..HELL..and I hope the perpetrator goes there.

    1. Amanda says:

      I couldnt have said it better myself.

  9. Cheryl Trainor says:

    Major you have a speedy recovery OK. I’m sure all your four legged coworkers can’t wait to see you again, and try to ketch up on what’s new around the water bowl.

    Yours Truly
    Pepper a four legged friend him self. ( Shuh tzu ( 8 yr’s old )

  10. Kevin Greve says:

    My family and I love dogs and recently lost our beloved Akita/Shepard cross to lung cancer at 12.5 years. It was tough enough to see natural causes take such a loyal family member, but when we heard of the danger Major was in because of some trash trying to escape so that they may harm us all yet another day, was traumatic! I am somewhat relieved to hear of Majors progress but I fear the partial paralysis part of the report.
    I want to honor Major’s courage and reinterate that there is no more dedicated or loyal employee in the ranks of the Police Department.
    If not for Major, his handler would have faced the same fate! Please let the charges reflect the same and send out the message that would make Major proud of his sacrifice.
    Bless you Major.

  11. Faith Martyn-Hoffman says:

    My heart goes out to Major’s handler. It must be very tough watching your beloved partners struggling to survive. I hope Major gets better and lives a long cushy life. He deserves to be pampered and loved for the rest of his days.

  12. Faith says:

    I agree with leelee’s comment about supplying K-9 officers with body armor. This should be as important as bullet proof vests for the human officers.

  13. PattiFromPetcoGrooming says:

    I hope you get well soon Major, You and your poppa been thru heck this last year,Damned criminals, Thank you Major and your Poppa for sacrificing to protect us, Get well soon so i can see you at your next bath! The Grooming staff here at Petco are rootin for you!

  14. Char V says:

    Don’t give up Major you have the very best Doctors and Staff taking care of you. I also agree with the body armor for the K-9 officers is there something set so people could donate for this if it is a money issue. Is this something WCCO could look in to and get info on the K-9 vest so the people can help. We also recently lost our golden after 8 years and it is so hard . Major will fight to live to be with his Handler/ best friend.

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