Inside The Box: Body Scanner Boycott?

The new full body scanners and pat downs being used in airports by the TSA are causing a backlash among passengers.

Some passengers are complaining about invasion of privacy thanks to scanner images and the follow-up pat downs.

Federal officials, led by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, are defending the procedures pointing to recent cargo bomb incidents and last year’s underwear bomber.

The new procedures are also causing long lines at airports.

What do you think?

Are these new scanners and pat down methods needed in order to keep us safe as we fly?

Have your say right here Inside the Box.

  • Denise

    Absolutely these scanners are needed! I understand it seems like an invasion of privacy as well as it can be a hassle for longer wait times at the airport but I believe the minute we loosen up on our security at the airports, we will see another event like 9/11 happen and lives will be taken. I would rather have security see a silhouette of my body (it’s a myth that the body scanner see you like xray vision) and have to wait a little longer in airport lines than to die or to see other lives taken.

    • Tom.

      while i’m all for the safety of our country it’s just not worth the touble, i’ll take the bus, train or drive.

    • Mulder

      No, it’s not a myth that the scanners can see your naked body in full detail; the images are already out there on the Internet. You’re obviously ill-informed on the facts.

      Fact: Whole Body Imagers do store and transmit these images; they were designed from the outset to do exactly that. Do you want those images of you or your children stored for an undetermined amount of time, to be used in the future for some as-yet-unknown purpose?

      Regardless of the method, strip searches without a probable cause warrant are a violation of the 4th Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure. The images of your children are considered child pornography under existing law, and the images of you can easily be considered peeping.

      So, do you want to be contributing to child pornography, or providing free adult pornography, since some of the sexual deviants who covet such images work for TSA?

      Fact: Radiation levels from these devices are much higher than admitted, and the effects are cumulative. That means people with defective gene repair systems, children, and the elderly are at great risk of developing skin cancers, cataracts, and other cancers from repeated exposure to these devices.

      Fact: “Enhanced Pat Down” is merely a euphemism for groping. Ask yourself if you want anyone groping yours or your child’s genitals. That’s a crime in every state.

      Fact: Whole Body Imaging is worthless. They are unable to detect all sorts of potentially explosive material, which is why the Israeli’s don’t even use them, and they have much tighter security than we do. It’s a huge waste of money; we’ve already spent nearly a trillion dollars on these useless machines, and we’re spending even more.

      Contrary to assertions by some other commenters the Israeli’s do not racially profile anyone; they profile behavior.

      Fact: Like it or not, living on planet Earth entails a risk, no matter you do or where you go. Walking outside your home every day is a risk, but you don’t cower in fear, do you? There have been aviation accidents and bombings before, and nobody overreacted, like we’ve been doing since 9/11. You’re never going to get absolute security or anything near it, so there’s no point in expecting it, giving up your civil liberties, or giving up your dignity in the false belief that you will be safer. It won’t happen.

      All the cowards need to get a spine and decide to accept the risk of flying, without acquiescing to this useless security theatre, and push back against it. Contact your congressional representatives and demand they dismantle TSA and DHS, and stop wasting your money.

      • Bob

        It is outrageous that these scanners and pat downs are allowed. It is indeed a violation of our constitutional rights. It was not Americans who were celebrating and dancing in the streets after 911. It was scum from other countries. Our counttry has allowed this type of slime to live in and to travel to our country. We need to start profiling and keep the scum out of our country and quit evading the issue by pretending to deal with the problem by harrassing decent Americans. Wake up America. Our ememies are planning other 911 type attacks on our country. Scanners and pat downs won’t stop them. We need to get them out of here and get rid of them. This is a real war. We need to aggressively go after these countries and people like we did in other wars to protect our freedom!!!

    • Michele

      II feel body scanners and pat downs are necessary, and anybody who thinks otherwise should remember 9/11. Secondly, I tell anybody that wants to view my body “it’s your nightmare” You have to keep a sense of humor about life, this is no different.

    • mark

      you are so out of touch. first, 9/11 was a calculated explosion by powers that are profiting from it. 95% of people outside the USA know this…look it up.

      second, your choice of letting someone touch your genitals or put you through a cancer and tumor causing death machine is not a choice, it is submission to a fascist control system.

  • rob

    Flying is a privlage not a right, like driving. If the police can stop you in your car and give you a breath test for alcohol than a body scan for bombs seems reasonable if you ask me. Don’t be angry at the screeners, bet angry at the ‘Extreme Muslims’ who created this mess.

  • Tom D.

    It is really very simple…if passengers refuse to do the screening and/or pat downs, they don’t fly. Give them their money back and point them to the car rentals or train station. Flying is not a right and neither is driving and the laws that are in place are there for EVERYONE’S safety.

  • Matt

    People that think the TSA are making flights safe are living in dreamland. The scanners are easy to circumvent, so are the pat downs. It is snake oil.

    Repeal the Patriot act now. Get rid of the TSA.

    Spend our money doing something useful, like figuring out how to get off foriegn oil.

  • richard

    Every person who has been caught with bombs or bomb making paraphanelia has been arab in appearance. Just scan those who look like terrorists! It maybe considered racist but can anyone name anyone who does this that doesn’t look like they would bomb a plane or shoot up Ft. Hood? If you say McVeigh your point is moot cause he didn’t hate America, just the government!

    • Mark from Minnetonka

      well said richard

  • scott

    So richard your stating that’s OK to be relaxed in security when someone’s anger is against the government?

    • richard

      I’m stating only to scan the obvious ones at the airport. It’s safe to say the majority of America hates the government we’ve had for the last 2 years!!

  • Rosie

    If you have nothing to hide the scanner should not be a problem for you. I don’t care what they see on the scanner. It is for my safety that they are doing this and I don’t mind.

  • janna

    I’m surprised that no one has questioned or commented on the amount of radiation passengers are receiving when having a full body scan.

  • Essme

    People are crazy if they think these are not needed. I would rather be embarresed, and have my privacy invaded, then take a chance some crazy nutcase is going to show up with a bomb in his underwear.

  • Fit

    I won’t be flying ever again thanks to all of this. I’ll drive, take trains, and catch boats if I can.

  • Yeah well...

    Eventually somebody will ge through all these new security measures with a bomb. Just wait. It WILL happen. And then what? What do you suppose is next?

  • Kayla

    I understand that they need to take security measures, but what about people that simply cannot tolerate it. I’m a victim of sexual abuse, and anything like the body scanner would only heighten my PTSD symptoms. As far as the “Ehanced Pat Down” goes, there is no way I would beable to tolerate that. I had an incident with SWAT around the same time I was assaulted, so I also suffer from a fear of police officers. What about us? Why should we have to be “grounded” because we simply cannot tolerate it? I don’t think that it’s fair.

  • Ruth

    Full body scanners are necessary. And, while we’re at it, how about FULL SECURITY MEASURES for all baggage, cargo, food and other service people, trucks, etc. that enter airport property? Just because passengers pass through security doesn’t mean others do.

  • Mary

    Don’t fly if you don’t want to follow the rules

  • Eric

    What a stupid protest! Put all the “protesters” on separate flights and let them take their chances. Once a terrorist strike happens, you’ll see all these clowns change their tune.

    • Anonymous

      Wow Eric, I guess you will be happiest TSA they have maneuverer around all of our personal rights and make us fly naked to be sure we are not hiding anything. Who will the clowns be then. Those that choose to fly or those who refuse because they have more self respect than that?

  • Melissa

    TSA is going too far with this. It is a clear violation of the 4th amendment.

  • jane


    Amazing how everyone wants to be safe, but does not want to be inconvienced. Leave a bit earlier for crying out loud….I want safety

  • Pam

    We have been telling the government that they don’t do enough to protect us and now that they are people are not happy with it. It really doesn’t make sense.

  • Chris

    In today’s society, these scanners are necessary to protect our nation and citizens against another attack similar to 9/11. Any precaution that can be taken to protect our safety is an important one.

  • Mark

    Fix the Cargo under the plan, when it is safe, then spend the money on all this technology. Seems like they are just a jobs program!

  • Mari

    If we’d had these scanners in place on September 11, 2001 2752 people would still be alive and the World Trade Center Towers would still be standing.

    How quickly we forget.

    • bridget

      Did any of the 9/11 guys carry bombs? I thought they used force and box cutters? In that day and age no one would have thought too much about a box cutter!

      • Matt

        Actually, they did have an issue with edged blades of certain length or type (like box cutters) back then, “if” they found them. I carried a swiss pocket knife, with a small blade, and they didn’t even blink at that. I did get other stuff flagged. Back then, you could just say “keep it” and go on without that particular tool. They refused to let me fly with a cordless drill in my carry on, but allowed me to have enough other tools that I could have easily been a credible threat. Searches were very inconsistent. My carry on would be searched thoroughly in one airport, and not in others. Of the 35 odd business trips I flew right before 9/11, I only had to check my bag once because of tools in my bag. The simplest method to avoiding any lenthy discovery process at the xray machine, when asked what was in “this” area of my bag, was simply to reply “My dirty underwear and socks”. That always ended the physical search of my bag, and got me on my way quickly. Probably won’t work now.

        I would agree that security was lax back then, but to over compensate to the TSA system we have now was an extreme reaction that does not add much in the way of added security.

  • Sam

    We need to be searched but for heavens sake why isn’t the cargo checked?! What an easy way to get a bomb on board!

  • Bob

    People need to remember that we have had people try to cause harm, and will continue to try to cause harm. So to look at this as an invasion we need to remember what a plan back in 2001 would have possibly saved in lives.

  • Lisa Erickson

    I understand promoting airline safety – but I question the health risks associated in having to use these machines. A full body Xray is not healthy – especially over time – that should be addressed BEFORE the idea that anyone can see through your clothes. I think this type of screening over time is very unhealthy for the human body – you do the math.

  • Christine Strop

    If the scanners can really find things like the little bag of explosive material that was sewn into the underwear of a passenger last year, then I say yes, use scanners. But, I’ve heard that the scanners wouldn’t have found that material in the waistband–what’s the truth?

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