Did you miss Monday night’s 10 p.m. news? Don Shelby was reunited with former co-anchor Pat Miles to read the headlines. Click here for the full report of their reunion.

But Pat wasn’t just here to reminisce. She was here to do the job she used to do all the time at WCCO: read the headlines of the day. Click below to watch the entire first section from last night’s show, as the two old teammates ran down the day’s news.

Later on in the newscast while going into the sports block, Pat got in a good zing at Mark Rosen’s expense.

Finally, Pat shared a few touching words from the heart in tribute of Don. And Mark. And … not so much Chris.

Join us again Tuesday night at 10, as Colleen Needles returns to the WCCO-TV news desk to join up with Don again! Here’s a preview:

Click here for a collection of some of Don’s favorite news stories, and click here to wish him well as he approaches retirement.

Comments (15)
  1. Kate says:

    Pat Miles,
    You are very much missed in the Twin Cities news shows. It was SO GOOD to see you again at the news desk. And by the way, you look FANTASTIC!

  2. carole says:

    Pat Miles,
    You are very missed it was so good to see you at the news desk. You look great!

  3. joyce mickelson says:

    The end of an era and what an era it has been. I am so proud I could enjoy the past 25 years with you & WCCO. Met you when Gretchen Carlson had just won her title and you came to C of C in Anoka where i was on the Board. I determined you had a great way with words (and those blue eyes). Followed your treks around the world and the wonderful Boundary Waters stories and was a loyal & faithful fan every night. Our love of the outdoors and the eagles has been a special thing we share and my life in the wilderness gave me the ability to understand your love of nature. Go with God and enjoy all phases of retirement..spoil the grandchildren, love Barbara dearly and seek solace in those wonderful hills out there. from the Sandhills of Nebraska Joyce & Dave

  4. David says:

    It was nice to listen to and see a newscast which had such chemistry. Not just between the newscasters, but with their audience as well. This team has been missed in the Twin Cities area for years, and has yet to be duplicated.

  5. Christopher says:

    A pleasure to view Don and Pat again after all the years have rolled by. Even way up here in Alaska, Minnesota is still the place to be. Don is all the good things about Minnesota: Twins baseball, Grain Belt and Red and White Daredevils!

  6. Jay says:

    It was GREAT to see Pat again.. I enjoyed her when she was on ‘CCO, and then later KARE-11. Glad that Pat and Don were able to do this together again!

    Thank you WCCO for doing this! Just brings back good old days memories.

  7. Sara says:

    Thank you for bringing back and reuniting the “old gang”. I grew up watching Pat and Don and then Don and Colleen. I found myself smiling through much of the newscast at the energy created by these duos on screen. Thank you for this great idea! And best wishes to you in retirement Don!

  8. CJA says:

    Pat Miles is still a class act! Loved seeing you on air again! You still got it, girl!

  9. Twincitiesgirl says:

    I LOVED seeing Pat and Don!!!! I t was great to see both of them again. I grew up watching these two do the broadcast and it was fun watching. Great idea to have Pat on. She looked great and it made my day . Thanks and best wishes to both of them!

  10. JDM says:

    Pat Miles…still amazing. There has never been a better duo in Twin City broadcasting than Pat & Don, and what Pat brought to the air was irreplaceable.
    Pat, what a pleasure to see you again, wishing you the best, and I hope you figure out a reason to do more things around the T.C. again.

  11. Neal De Jesus says:

    Don & Pat will teamed with Mark Rosen and Chris Shaffer on WCCO 4 NEWS at 10 pm.

  12. beryl says:

    Hello Pat. I am late discovering that you are no longer with WCCO. I remember with fondness the interview you gave me when my book, The Scent of God, came out in 2006. Are you still in broadcasting?

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