ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota Republicans are going to court over the state’s undecided governor’s race.

The GOP says they will file a petition with the state Supreme Court aimed at making sure voting precincts properly followed a process called reconciliation on election night.

The process requires officials to match up the number of ballots cast with the number of voters on sign-in logs. State GOP Chairman Tony Sutton says the party has about a dozen affidavits from election judges saying that didn’t happen in their precinct.

Republican Tom Emmer trails Democrat Mark Dayton by about 8,700 votes. Sutton says a problem with reconciliation could put thousands of votes in play.

The election is headed for a likely recount later this month.

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Comments (22)
  1. Stacy says:

    Let’s not do this again. How about we do the recount and see how that goes? If something obvious turns up during the recount address it and fix it. Once the recount is over accept it whether it goes your way or not.

    Minimal Drama, No Courts. If you loose do it with dignity.

  2. JustLilOleMe says:

    So if the count were to be reduced by 50%, so what? Dayton still wins. What do the Republicans expect to get other than more pouting because they didn’t everything?

  3. Annoyed says:

    Let me guess, there is only a problem in precincts Emmer lost?

  4. OMG says:

    Start the recount and move on to governing.

  5. worryfree says:

    THIS IS A BLATANT ATTEMPT TO DELAY THINGS SO IN JANUARY THE REPUB HOUSE AND SENATE CAN RUSH THROUGH A BUNCH OF BILLS FOR PWALENTY TO SIGN. BILLS THAT DAYTON WOULD NOT SIGN. Sutton says something is rotten. Tell me Tony then why did Ritchie and Swanson win by wide margins even though Repubs did so well in house and senate races?

  6. JustLilOleMe says:

    Doesn’t Tony Sutton make you think of Republicans as “fat” cats?

  7. jimmy says:

    Emmer you d-bag. Knock it off.

  8. Stacy says:

    The argument that because the Republicans won the house and senate that automatically means they should have won the governorship, and the fact that they didn’t “doesn’t smell right” is a ridiculous argument. All of these years we have had a democratically controlled legislature and a republican/independent governor it smelt right. If people want to say this election was a referendum on change then they have to accept the fact that change included which party won the governor’s race.

    Accept and move on people. That is what the people want. So for once please listen to us.

  9. Really?! says:

    I am shocked how many people like Dayton on this site… doesn’t anyone think that Dayton is drunk or on some type of drug. Listen to him talk? He is scary!! Not to mention, a quitter! Nobody seems to remember how Dayton stepped up to the plate after 9/11… oh wait, he didn’t, he walked!!! Exactly the type of person I want governing Minnesota. I would bet the people complaining on this site are the ones who voted for Franken too. THANKS A LOT!

    Whoever wins the race, it should be the person who was voted in… I am not sure there is a clear consensus on the accuracy of the votes. It wouldn’t be the first time someone got into office that shouldn’t have… need I bring up Franken again?

    1. Stacy says:

      If you want to talk about stolen elections you would have to include Bush V Gore in that. Where the court overroad the voters and appointed a president. (read athe finding).

      It is not that I like Dayton. I don’t particularly like him. I am sick of elections being dragged through the courts because people don’t like the outcome. That is what most of the comments on this site are about. They are about picking a winner and moving on. Whether after the recount that is Dayton or Emmer isn’t the point.

    2. Herb says:

      The clear consensus on the vote? Dayton won by 8700. Seems pretty clear to most of the folks posting here. Your party however does not recognize winners unless they are from your party. Your arrogance and sense of entitlement will not permit you to believe that one of “those people” could have more connection with the voters than your guy. The fact that you don’t use your real name on this blog speaks volumes about your character and just validates why Dayton not Emmer won .

  10. worryfree says:

    There would have to have been enormous mistakes to change the vote total by 8700 votes. The people of Minnesota gave more votes to Dayton than Emmer. Dayton is the next governor- like him or not.

  11. Kyle says:

    Emmer, just because the Fat Old Party won 2 out of 3 races, doesn’t automatically give you the win in the 3rd. You have personally brought politics to a new low and as Jimmy said are a d-bag. You lost, suck it up and take a lap

  12. Angst says:

    Talk about your terrorists. The republican party knows that they lost in the Minnesota governor’s race. Especially Palenty, now they want to delay and obstruct to take advantage of the minnesota taxpayer. Using money the state doesn’t have to push through their “conservative” agenda and redraw voting districts to their advantage, just as if they had won!

    The laws no longer protect the “will of the people”. When “impartial” appointed officials use political agendas to “place” their own party’s candidate, temporarily or otherwise in a position of power against the will of the majority . . . that is just wrong and in the past has resulted in a violent backlash against those who would subvert the will of the people.

    In an America filled with guns and drugs, logic and tolerance are stretched to the maximum. It is only a matter of time before the mass population realizes the new revolution is here and takes up arms against those who have subverted and corrupted the ideals of our founding fathers to enrich themselves.

  13. Joe says:

    It is not just the Governor’s race, but all four state offices with the GOP gaining the majority in the house and senate. Yeah nice try. I will say the AG race was won flat out by Swanson though. And not that many vote along different party lines, maybe a few here and there, but not enough to have that happen. Oh and FYI Emmer is not dragging this out, it is a mandated recount under a certain percentage. Some people are whining about Sutton well we don’t want another election stolen and on the DFL are one’s to criticize, their lawyers are all but saying Emmer should concede. The DFL and it’s supporters should take a look at themselves before they judge.

  14. Joe says:

    Oh and to the person who referred to Emmer as D-bag, that’s pretty tough talk at least Emmer doesn’t have mental issues like Dayton. And Emmer is a hell of a lot more qualified to run this state then Dayton would. I wonder if Dayton would quit before his term is up if he is elected. A hobby like being Governor might get boring for him. Maybe he might lock down his office cause the boogeyman may be after him.

  15. Kyle says:

    Joe, let’s do an immediate mandatory recount and move on. Let’s not sue to have entire precincts thrown out. Probably all that were won by Dayton. Just do the recount and see who comes out on top. Hopefully not Big Money Emmer, but that’s just my opinion.

  16. Joe says:

    Fair enough Kyle unforntunatley I don’t have the say on whether or not they sue though. If Emmer loses then he lost plain and simple. But I don’t think they want entire precincts thrown out either, but again thats my opinion as well.

  17. MAR says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$HAS ANYONE DONE A COUNT ON HOW MUCH IT COSTS FOR ANOTHER RECOUNT AND FUTURE LAWSUITS ?

  18. worryfree says:

    At least Dayton doesn’t get drunk and then drive as Emmer has done at least twice we know of…that is unforgiveable. And quitting the Governorship before the term is up is a Sarah Palin trick not a Dayton one.

  19. Joe says:

    Wow making an issue from something that happened 20 and 30 years ago, that’s the best ya got. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less. How do you know Dayton wouldn’t quit, to him running for Governor is just a hobby, he may get bored someday if he’s elected.

  20. Jar Head says:

    How do you explain the fact that more votes were cast than there were voters. Mark Ritche and the dumbocrats must have packed the box. how else do you explain the state going so strong for the repukelicains and then these two dumbocrats winning. smells fishy. Why not follow the law and reconcile the vote?

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