We went back in time again on Tuesday night’s 10 p.m. news. Don Shelby was reunited with former co-anchor Colleen Needles to reminisce. (Pat Miles was in on Monday evening. If you missed the show, here’s a recap.)

How did Don and Colleen click after more than a decade since they last read together? Click below to watch the entire first section from last night’s show, introductions, headlines and tosses to live shots all intact.

Later on in the broadcast, Colleen talked about how she had to fill Pat Miles’ shoes, and compared the experience to Don’s situation, taking the place of the venerable Dave Moore. She also remembered having to read some of the toughest headlines of the ’90s. Ultimately, she winded up with a special pitch to Don.

Don couldn’t resist getting an early shot in at Wednesday’s special guest, meteorologist Paul Douglas. The knives are sharpened, and we’re all ready for a few great jibes between friends tonight.

Later, Mark Rosen started right in, accusing Colleen of drinking from the fountain of youth. Backhanded compliment or the world’s nicest insult? You decide.

At the end of the show, Colleen was overcome by respect for her former colleague, and shared a few final thoughts for Don as he gets ready to embark on the next chapter.

As we mentioned above, join us again Wednesday night at 10. Meteorologist Paul Douglas will be returning to the WCCO-TV news desk to trade barbs with Don once again! Here’s a full preview:

By the way, you can click here for a collection of some of Don’s favorite news stories, and here to wish him well as he approaches retirement.

Comments (8)
  1. Duane Davis says:

    Lots of Boat Shows and times at Armstrong Ranch. You won’t recognise my name you know my face. Heck I’am as old as you. Enjoy and we will not forget.
    Duane Davis

  2. Robrt L. Huffman says:

    As a military retiree, I’ve travelled the world and met many people and was stationed in many states across the U.S., and one of my favorite anchors was:
    Walter Cronkite, and I must say that Don Shelby reminds me of Mr. Walter Cronkite in so many ways! Best Wishes to Don in whatever edeavor he undertakes or just simply retire and move to a warmer climate for the winter and return and play golf! Best Wishes, and God Bless you Don Shelby.

  3. keasha says:

    im so excited for tonights news! i have grown up with them since i was 4, i am 23 now. i really hope to meet don shelby some day and shake his hand. im 23 now, and all i can remember as a child was sitting in a recliner w/my grandpa drinking out of his coffee cup with a spoon watching ‘cco news. good luck mr. shelby!

  4. J Harris says:

    where is Paul Douglas today

  5. Scott Curtis says:

    Dr Don,

    Thanks again for you passion and the large heart you shared with us Minnesotans.
    Hope to meet you someday. Didn’t get around to see you at the State Fair, and I admit I really wanted to dunk you for a good rememberance of you and a good chuckle. Maybe we can heat it up on the basketball court.

    Good Luck to your endeavers,
    Scott J Curtis

  6. Sandy Thielke says:

    Thank you Don Shelby, We will miss you, We just go from one handsome man to another! Best wishes Don and God bless!

  7. Neal De Jesus says:

    Don Shelby & Colleen Needles teamed with Mark Rosen & Chris Shaffer on Tuesday for WCCO 4 NEWS at 10 pm.

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