By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A Concordia University freshman says she lives in fear after being bullied and beaten by her roommate. Ellen Harrison says the university is doing very little to protect her from her abuser.

“She ripped my glasses off and like punched me in my face and like broke my nose and I had a black eye,” said Harrison

She said she has the photos to prove her roommate beat her up. Harrison said the assault was the end result of weeks of being bullied.

“Me and my roommate weren’t getting along in the beginning and she came in with like 12 of her friends after I told her to take her food out of my fridge,” she said.

Harrison said her roommate then trashed her computer and fought with her older sister before turning on her. She called campus security and St. Paul Police.

Police say the roommate was booked into the jail and released. Harrison said she was afraid to go back to her room.

“She was bullied before she got attacked and she didn’t feel safe in the room. She didn’t want to stay. She would sleep over at her sister’s apartment so we’re paying for a dorm room that she can’t use because she was being intimidated,” said Lorrie Adams, Harrison’s mother.

Harrison’s roommate was eventually moved to a dorm right next door.

“I carry pepper spray and I don’t walk alone especially when it is dark outside. I’m always with somebody and I’ve gotten escorts from campus security,” she said.

Harrison hired an attorney and filed an order for protection against her now former roommate. Her roommate then filed to have it rescinded so she could stay on campus.

“I think this really is Ellen being bullied and the school not taking responsibility for making sure that the students are safe,” said Harrison’s attorney Mary Drummer.

Concordia University says it is working with law enforcement and legal authorities to protect the safety and security of the campus community.

The restraining order says Harrison’s attacker must stay at least one block away from her. That will be hard to do on campus since it is only one block long.

Harrison returns to court next week to see if a judge will allow her former roommate to stay on campus or be forced to live off-campus.

Comments (7)
  1. l says:

    this is awful, the school is very irresponsible…. if my child wanted to stay there , i would demand free tuition

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are all lies, the full story is not being given

    1. Lorrie Adams says:

      The police have a report on file from the assault, the attacker was arrested (not the victim), the judge issued a restraining order, the university is allowing the attacker to live on campus. What part of the story do you say is not being given? The reporter investigated the story, spoke to police, the victim, the university and the attorney.

  3. Parent says:

    It is a student’s right to feel safe and secure at ANY college. The college is responsible for providing and ensuring that environment. Perhaps this is the downfall of having dorm room mates picked by the college rather than the student.

  4. Annonymous says:

    I agree that not all of the story has been told. What about the “victim’s” sister? Was it really 12 people? Did you really speak with the college? What about the fact that the student who is accused had had no trouble at the college? What about the physical damages to the roommate? Why is that not reported? What kind of students are they? Is Harrison only afraid in the dark, but not during the day or in class? This feels like part of a story to me; one deliberately staged to garner sympathy for Harrison

  5. victim's sister says:

    First of all what kind of credibilty does “Anonymous” hold any how…but here are the answers to your questions:

    What about the victim’s sister would you like to know…how she was ran up on from behind when she wasn’t even looking…12 people=definately…yes, college was really spoken too (plenty of times)…what about a juvenile record (pretty sure the attacker has one)…physical damages to the roommate (you mean a scratch on the forehead) compared to the broken nose and black eye on the victim…and the scratch on the attackers head was in the police report…they are great students if you must know that…Harrison shouldn’t have to be scared in the dark or in class…NOONE is asking for sympathy..only justice…

    Thanks Though…

  6. Annonymous says:

    I just wonder how 12 people could fit in that dorm room (along with the two roommates and the sister. Seems as if it could be an exaggeration to me. And “pretty sure” the attacker has a record? Why? Again, seems inflated. College was spoken to “plenty of times.” Again, this seems rather vague and inflated. I never said that ANY student should be afraid. It just seemed odd to me that someone who says there was an altercation in their room is only afraid in the dark;
    Welcome, Though

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