DeBlog: Why Is Restaurant Steak So Expensive?

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Tonight’s Good Question is something everyone who’s ever gone out to eat has wondered about. Why is restaurant steak so expensive?

At Byerly’s in Maple Grove, you can get a dry-aged choice New York Strip Steak for $19.99.  Not bad.  You can get the bone-in, non-dry aged on sale right now for $7/lb.

But check some restaurant prices for New York Strip Steak:

Manny’s                         $48.99
Murray’s                         $43.50
Capital Grille                   $40
Pittsburgh Blue               $38
Strip Club Meat & Fish    $32

So what’s the deal? What do you think about restaurant steak prices? Do you pay it? Is it worth it?  The nice people at Manny’s are going to talk with us, and we’ll be live tonight at 10.

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