By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

Monday night is Don Shelby’s last night on WCCO news. We need you to be a part of it.

Monday, I’ll be putting together a story with viewer memories and messages to Don. I’d love it this weekend if you’d look into your webcam or your cell phone camera and record a short message to Don.

You can e-mail me the video, or upload it to YouTube or Facebook and then just send me the link.

I need these videos by Monday, so I can put them in the 10pm news. We’d love to hear what Don’s meant to you, what you’ll miss about him, or if you’ve had a funny Don interaction in the “real world.”

So record, and be a part of Don’s final newscast!

Comments (15)
  1. Cliff Borgerding says:

    Don … thanks for the many years of reporting the news for us here in Minnesota. I have listened to you on ‘CCO for many years and it just not going to be the same without you doing the news even though Frank and Amelia will do a fine job it just won’t be the same… I will expecially miss the antics the you always seemed to add the the newscast. It really made you and the rest of the ‘CCO team more real to the viewers.

    I met you a long time ago at an event at the Benedicta Arts Center at the college of St Benedict in St Joseph MN … it may have been related to an event concerning Jacob Wetterling’s abduction. Patty and Jerry are old friends of ours from our days as members of hte Jaycees in St Joseph.

    I also enjoyed your radio show on ‘CCO radio. I was a long time Steve Cannon listener and you did a fine job replacing Steve. It kept me listening to the radio to find out what you would be talking about tomorrow.

    Good luck in your “retirement” … I don’t really see you as someone who is going to be able sit at home on the porch in your rocking chair! I will be looking forward to seeing what you do next … Good luck and thanks for the memories! Cliff
    Avon MN …. the heart of Lake Wobegon!

  2. Louise says:

    Don we wish you the best on your retirement. You have been a part of our family since the beginning and will be missed. Enjoy every moment. Will be looking for your specials in the future, I know there will be some. God Bless you and your family. To the rest of the WCCO team I am still a number one fan.

  3. Craig Chamberlain says:

    My favorite moment has little to do with the news although it did take place in the newsroom. Many years ago when the new facility was being built, we would often have to cease work while the broadcast lights came on. On one occasion the coversation at the newsdesk centered on break dancing. When the light went out you shocked and amused all of us by coming down on the floor in front of the desk and proceeded to spin around on your shoulders. I have relayed this story atleast a hundred times and now it has come full circle getting to share it with you.
    I will miss you on the newscasts much as I have missed the late great Dave Moore. You have been an itelligent newsman a rarity today.

  4. Diana Scoville says:

    Don, I’m really going to miss you on the news. You’ve got such a wonderful smile and your laugh is just great. Have so enjoyed all that you’ve done for WCCO. Wishing you all the best in whatever you choose to do when you retire. Stay well and safe. Hugs, Diana

  5. Michael says:

    Don, in August of 1978 I was just a 22 year old newlywed who chose to escape Iowa for 2 1/2 weeks with my wife for our honeymoon, I do not know why I remember you on the news then but I do. In 1980 we moved to SE Minnesota and for 8 months lived in Millvillle, an antenna on the northern hill our best TV reception was WCCO, channel 9 and chanlel 11, You have been a joy to watch over the years, I just wish I would have had the chance to meet you in person. Best wishes on your retirement.

  6. gerri Neumann says:

    Don you and pat miles had a quit smoking program back in 1987 or 86 and you are the reason I quit smoking, I made it and you and pat were the first thing I turned on everyday and the last. My husband retired in 1990 and we went to Az and no wcco , missed you guys the most. Have to tell you , my dr. retired, my dentist, my barber, now my news caster and here I am plugging along at 82. Luv You don and I feel happy for you but boy am I gonna miss you and that smile and news . Gerri Neumann

  7. Karen Purintun says:

    Don Have watched you on the newa for several years. You will be greatly missed. Your humor and also your reporting with the MN troops abd other places you visited.. Even tho I live is Western
    WI you are the news to watch. Hope your retirement is enjoyable and alsi whatever endeavors you undertake. I REMEMBER YOU WITH dAVE mOORE AND YOU WERE GREAT THEN TOO.

  8. Arlene Kuehl says:

    Don, you will be missed for sure, as you had your own technique of giving us the news. You were great at getting into the thick of the story and even getting your hands dirty if you had to… I do have to comment on my “Pet Peeve” of mine, that was confirmed when you did the news on Monday night with Pat MIles, and that is “You always stole the “thunder of your Co-Anchors, and your Weather man” far too much than you should have. You had the status that you didn’t need to spoil their fun of telling their heat lines or funny stories to us listeners before they got a chance to tell us..

  9. Tracey Couch says:

    hey don your going to be m issed alot and enjoy retirment now and i will miss your shows alot it wont be the same without you and im thinking all the media stations will miss you alot since you braught them into the news anchor world good luck

  10. Nicole says:

    Don~ I will truly miss seeing you on the 10:00 news every night! You have done an outstanding job and I wish you well in your retirement! Best Wishes!

  11. Scott Curtis says:

    Dear Don,

    It’ll never be the same without you and the legacy is over. The DON SHELBY ERA is over, and seeing you for 32 years was the most heart worthy and brain indulgng moment of my life. Because Don’s stories were so down to earth and fulfilling.
    ‘because he gave us what we needed to know and wanted to know.
    He mastered “the story”, and dug so deep and just dug his teeth into all of it.
    “The hardest working guy” I’ll get you at your boards in the NCAA toourneys.
    Been challenging you unkowly for a few years. Thanks for the masterful run….

    Big fan and “cco” viewer.

    Scott J Curtis

  12. joni streeter says:

    Don, I listened to you on the radio for so many years, my late husband started listening to WCCO when we moved to Mpls in 1963 and all eight of my kids remember waking up to WCCO every day. They all watched you on TV, you are such a wonderful person and a great journalist. May you enjoy your retirement and the best to your family

  13. Joan Daniels says:

    Don, you go down in history with the best…WCCO Radio and TV…Cedric Adams, that Card guy, Boone & Erickson, Howard Viken,Maynard Speece, just to name a few. Being in Florida, we will miss your last night on TV, but will check it out on the internet. God bless you and your family in retirement, I have an idea you will still keep very busy! We will miss you!

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