2 Suspects Arrested In ‘Horrific’ Motel Homicide

ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — The Police Chief in St. Louis Park described a homicide scene at a local motel as “horrific” and “bloody.”

Officers said the body of a woman in her mid-30s was found in a motel room at the Lakeland Inn on County Road 25 Thursday evening.

Police got the call around 7 p.m., although some people in the motel heard an altercation going on in the room at about 1:30 Thursday afternoon.

St. Louis Park Police Chief John Luse Addresses The Timeline

Investigators have not said exactly how the woman died, but revealed that she had received multiple cuts to her body, and lost a significant amount of blood. According to St. Louis Park Police Chief John Luse, the room was trashed and there was a lot of physical evidence.

At 2 a.m., police pulled over a vehicle in Minneapolis in connection to the homicide. WCCO-TV cameras caught officers escorting people in handcuffs to their police cruisers.

Police said have two suspects in custody, and they hope to talk with one or two more persons of interest who they believe knew the victim. It appears that the victim knew her attackers.

“It won’t surprise me if there’s a drug and alcohol component to this,” said Luse.

  • Sheila

    The Lakeland Inn is on County Road 25, not Hwy 25. Hwy 25 does not run through St. Louis Park.

    • Nancie

      Actually it DOES say County Road 25

  • pablo kickasso


  • Peaceful up North

    What difference did it make. It doesn’t make it any less horrible on what road it happened on.

  • Chris r

    Lakeland Inn need to be torn down. What the heck is going on there? Its the shadiest place around.

  • Dee Dee

    wow… what is with this racist crap going on? white man’s land??? really??? Man ignorance is not bliss. Ya’ll need to grow the hell up and leave the hatefulness alone. who cares about the race… one person is murdered which probably shouldn’t have happened but some criminals are off the streets. Would I be hearing all this evil talk if the perps had been white? A few more people have just made it to the top of my prayer list.

  • Romericus J Sims

    i dont see the racism part miss dee dee and i am black…help me out plz.

  • paab

    I am betting these men have been in big time trouble before, but have been put back out on the streets and now a woman has lost her life and judging from the report in an agonizing way. I know it isn’t a popular stance, but we simply need to build more prisons and keep violent people off the streets.

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