Minn. To Compare Small Biz Climate With Neighbors

ST. PAUL (AP) — The Minnesota Legislature is commissioning a study to compare the climate for small business startups in Minnesota and four neighboring states.

The $65,000 study will look at the cost and delay of state regulations for new small businesses in the services, retail and manufacturing industries.

It will compare regulations and taxes in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Minnesota’s Legislative Coordinating Commission is currently soliciting bids to conduct the study, which has a due date of December 2011.

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  • john swanson

    So,,,,we need to spend more bucks on a study? This will probably be a commission made up from the the U of M.

    I’ve given up trying to open up a Wine dist. business in that state and went to SD, and CO. where they love small businesses.

    The taxes, govt. regulations, oversight, and just plain govt. nonsense, is overwhelming.

  • Tim Salo

    Perhaps, the most useful thing the State could do would be to ensure that it purchases goods and services from small businesses. ALL small businesses, not just really, really small businesses or disadvantaged businesses.

    And, taxes aren’t really an issue for most small businesses, because most small businesses don’t make enough money to pay much in taxes anyway.

  • Matt Munson

    The study has been done – All they need to do is search it out a bit.


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