Brett Favre snapped at his offensive coordinator after throwing an interception.

Ray Edwards and Chris Cook jawed at each other on the bench.

Visanthe Shiancoe barked at everyone within earshot.

From helmet-throwing, to arm-crossing and now the firing of head coach Brad Childress, a season’s worth of losing and underachieving finally bubbled to the surface in the Minnesota Vikings’ 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

So now that Childress is out, what should the team do about Favre? Bench him or wait until the offseason and start from scratch? Step inside the box.

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  1. karma says:

    Fire Chilly, put Favre in a box, and sell the team to the highest bidder so they are reincarnated like the Lakers and North Stars.

    1. Dick says:

      I am personally disappointed with the firing of Chilly. If the Wilf family needed to make a change, it should have impacted the entire coaching staff. There are players, even though professional, that if in a normal corporate workplace would have been terminated for insubordination. The word “professional” should mean more than receiving millions in salary. They need to uphold their contract, play at the top of their ability every single game. As far as Brett is concerned, let him be the QB, maybe there’ll be some offensive support?

  2. It's over says:

    Favre is done..they won with him last year, they’re going down in flames with him this year! 17 int’s …fumbles galore…jeez I wonder how much Sterger is affecting his play?

  3. Ron says:


    1. Drew says:

      Give all your money to the poor, Ron….All 35 dollars of it….

  4. Steph says:

    I don’t think the team should be sold. However, Chilly and Favre need to go and anyone else that isn’t performing. Seriously, these folks make millions MILLIONS and the PATETHIC way they play should be embrassing to them and to the state of MN. Anyone that isn’t EARNING their money should be FIRED. That is how it works in the REAL WORLD.
    If you watch the way they play in the 1st quarter it is interesting… they only hurt themselves and if you don’t show up on the field you cannot expect to win.

  5. Roger Wilson says:

    The solution is simple.
    Close the doors turn off the lights, cancel the contracts for the rest of the season for all of the vikings players and coaches.

    Mayby this would send a message to the players and coaches what the rewards are for non performance

    Start fresh next year.

  6. Dave L says:

    Release Childress Immediately. He has lost total control of the team. Also, forget about this year, and make every effort to rebuild the team now. Develop Joe Webb, he is our best chance for the future. We have all seen Tavaris Jackson, and we have seen enough. Get rid of Loadholt, one of the biggest dissapointments. Jared Allen needs to spend less time on radio shows, and sticks with what works a single life and a mullet. I have seen High School football teams with a better secondary than the Vikings have right now. As far as the Stadium, yes, build it. Nobody ever thinks about Long term value. People in this State and surrounding states Love the Vikings, so lets get this done. We need to be competititve in 2-3 years, so lets start now with a new head coach.

  7. rj says:

    Favre, You’ve got to know when to hold ’em
    Know when to fold ’em
    Know when to walk away
    Know when to run. You never
    check your phone while
    playing on the field, there be
    time enough for sexting when the
    season done..

    1. Murph says:

      HOW RUDE-were you there ? Did YOU take part-the only info you have is what the press reported and we KNOW they are not always 100% – so enough with the BAD poetry…already…and don’t quit your day job-you won’t make it as a poet!

  8. madjak says:

    Favre do us all a Faver and retire now and forever. You just got paid $20 mil for doing a bad job. I get $15 per hour for doing a good job. Start Joe Webb next week with a new coach and we could end up at 9-7. Ziggy do your job and get rid of your bad employees.

  9. SCOTT says:


    1. Burt says:

      I love people who use upper case allthe way through their comment. NOT!

  10. Mary says:

    Fire Childress and get a new interim coach. I don’t believe that we should be signing contracts (players or coaches) for more than one year, until they prove their worth. People in the worplace have to prove their worth before getting raises, benefits etc. the NFL needs to change some contract rules to meet the same criteria..

  11. Marlys says:

    Why fire just childress – the whole team should be dired. I know of a boys football team that c an show them how to play the game

  12. bigup says:

    Two words: JOE WEBB. Sorry Tavaris. QB’s with simple names are where it’s at. Brett, Jon, Tom, Aaron.

  13. Jerry says:

    When a team is down as far as Vikings were yesterday and you have players smiling, and laughing on the sidelines somethings rotten in Minnesota. It was clear the Vikings players never accepted Childress from day one. This isn’t football, it’s a popularity contest.

  14. scott anderson says:

    well i say what about farve he is the one throwing the ball and giving up with the team i think we should have keep farve and fired farve t.j i think would do a better job what ever happien to think then ack

  15. bridget says:

    This should have been done a long time ago. Anyone who does their job this badly doesn’t deserve to keep it!! Favre should go too!!

  16. Joe says:

    Hire Favre as a qarterback coach for the Vilings next year.

  17. Dean Lichty says:

    Bench Farve, play Webb, build stadium, start over . . . .

  18. Murph says:

    To all of you naysayers…regarding Brett-he has more football knowledge in his little finger than all of you armchair coaches and players combined. But the bunch of know-iit all’s wouldn’t let him run the game as he has done in the past. BRETT is a player that plays for the love of the game first and money somewhere down on the list. It has never been about the money he has enough..and donates it to many charities.and…he has EARNED every nickle he has made-unlike some other players– (does the name MOSS ring a bell??)what was he supposed to do yesterday?? Appeared that the defensive and offensive lines just rolled over and played dead…the same bunch that went so far last season…ask what was that all about?? He should be allowed to finish his season with dignity and allowed to retire….and the press…free speech or not withstanding…LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. packfan says:

      Make Favre a player-coach & start working on a qb for the future. Childress’s worst mistake is not developing a solution to the QB problem. Favre pulled one out of his backside last year; to expect that to happen again was delusional.

    2. Jenna J says:

      I agree. Brett was a great player. He has done a lot for football. He just needs to be done. He has played too long though. He did a lot for us last year and unfortunately he came back to a team that just cant get it done. So, good luck to Brett. I think all the negative comments should stop about him too. Let’s not forget that the Vikings pretty much begged him to come back too. They went down to his home and pretty much guilt tripped him. He didn’t want to come back!

  19. Don Bodine says:

    fire them all start withh players that are going to come to play

  20. Duane, Shoreview says:

    OK, so they let Childress go, so that’s done. Let Farve play out the season as QB. Then, for the love of the game, hire him back as the head coach! He probably has more practical experience than anyone else out there.

  21. Mikanuk "Larry" says:

    With Childress gone, let’s see if the Vikings’ faithful were right! I highly doubt it. Hopefully, Frazier will be able to put it together, with Favre or Jackson.

  22. Kelsey says:

    Glad Childress is GONE should of happened a LONG time ago. As for Favre its his choice to stay or not. If he does not want him to play put him as the coach. He knows the team and the team respects him it would be Great if Brett was coach.

  23. Bruce says:

    It would have been the right call – weeks ago!

  24. josh says:

    I’m glad brad childress is gone he was not right for this franchise and we will be better off without him, now fire favre.

  25. Gayle Tangen says:

    Farve should be allowed to finish out the season since it is his last year. We pursued him and pulled on him to return. A lot of what happened this year is not his fault, but the result of poor playing by both defensive players & offensive players. Receivers not catching the ball when it was right on the numbers. What can you expect. He deserves our respect and admiration for his entire career, not just one year.

  26. Vicki says:

    I love the Vikings football. Yes, Childress needed to be fired. It is time for Childress to retire & enjoy his six million. Favre loves to play football. I want to see him play. The Viking can & will recover from all the drama. Hopefully, in my life time : we will see the Vikings win the superbowl. Yes, we need a new staduim. The twins have one; so should the Vikings. Let’s give the Vikings the same deal we gave the Twins. Be thankful for the Vikings. I love the Vikings whether playing poor or winning the game. They are family. Happy Thanksgiving.:)

  27. ruth says:

    Ticket holders bought tickets to watch Favre play. Watching the team win with Favre is best but any game with Favre is what gives them “bragging rights” over time. He IS one of the most outstanding QBs of all times. The Team has to act like a Team to win games. It’s not all on Favre.

  28. Pete says:

    Now that chilly is gone they should hire Farve to be offensive coach{even head coach) and play QB. He has more experience then anyone in the nfl and would be an awesome asset even after he doesn’t play QB anymore. Farve 4 Coach

  29. Lisa Maplewood says:

    About time on Childress, he should have been gone years ago! As far as Farve goes, well he is who he is! All the drama aside, he is still a great QB, and I can’t imagine any reason to bench him. Hey with Frazier at the helm maybe they can actually put a winning game plan together!

  30. shawncoHugo says:

    What about Favre? How about the same treatment as Moss: Cut, unconditional release. You know it’s over for favre when a goof like Jackson looks like the better option. While they’re at it, get rid of McKinney and Loadholt too…get somebody who can block for Peterson, and protect the QB.

  31. John says:

    I’m Glad Chilly is gone! But I think if you leave Farve in and let him call the play’s on the field, Then we can see whether or not to keep him… I think Farve can still get things done if he is the play caller, instead of being stuck following dumb calls called in from the sidelines. He has been around for years, and he knows the defense he’s facing. If he show’s signs of struggling, bench him and put in Webb.

  32. Michael Borgie says:

    Make him the offensive play caller and release (bo jackson). i.e. trivaeryis jackson

  33. Tom says:

    I think its the best thing the Vikings could have done, I wish they would have done it sooner then they did. I think its time to bench Farve and give T. Jackson a chance to start at QB and see what the kid can do for us.

  34. Pat says:

    Frazier should bench Favre and promote Webb as the starting QB for the rest of the season. TJ isn’t the answer and Favre has had his worse season ever stat wise. So why not see what this kid has and since the season is practically over why not see what he can do out there on the field and hey maybe between the new coach and Webb maybe we can end the season over .500. But its about time Wilf got rid of Childress its been long over due.

  35. Sue says:

    Brad Childress should have been fired a long time ago. Bret Farve should be made the coach. That way MN Vikings would have a chance to make it to a Super Bowl game.

  36. Packer Fan says:

    Please re-hire Chilly and give BF a contract extension.
    Thanks for a wonderful Holiday present.

    1. richard says:

      That’s the only way your team has a chance is if the other team self destructs!!!

      1. Packer Fan says:

        I forgot what was the score again on Sunday??? ……………..

      2. richard says:

        He He He He!!! I forgot? Who won today? Packers fold under pressure! No playoff team there~

  37. Cheryl says:

    Fire Childress and hire Bret Favre as Coach. They played a good game a few games ago. It didn”t look like Childress was there anyways. The team worked as a team then WON the game without Childress. Now that was exciting!

  38. Pam says:

    Childress needs to take with him EVERY player who isn’t playing to their potential which is most of the team.

  39. Barb says:

    Brett Farve never should have come back. Who’s team was this…..I believe he purposely threw the games. In the games we did win it was all about how he won never the team. He made much turmoil in the team it was his way or no win. Chilly had no control over the team not his fault. Chilly take the money and enjoy your life.

  40. Happy CheeseHead says:

    Does anybody know where I can get a jersey like BFRs wife Deanna had at the Dump last year when the Pack played there, it said THANKSTED.
    p.s. you are right on Barb, all Packer Fans knew it would happen.

    1. richard says:

      Oh happy day!!!

  41. Ellie says:

    Firing Childress because the team is performing poorly is like firing the Anchor because the news is bad.

  42. jomama says:

    dont forget about all those stupid penalties by the offensive line that put Favre in a 3rd and 30 to get the first down. Favre is a great QB and has proven it but the offensive line gives him no protection or time to get things going and when he does, the offensive line always gets a penalty to bring the play back.

  43. Kim Molloy says:

    Now we need to move forward. The smartest thing we can do is to offer him the Head Coach position. He would be an excellent choice, and is a wealth of knowledge, so for us not to capitalize on that would be insane!!!

    Kim, Coon Rapids

  44. Dave says:

    Childress is gone, Farve is out at the end of the season, and the Vikings will move to Los Angeles when the state doesn’t give them a new stadium deal. We will no longer have to put up with losers and whiners. GO TWINS!!!

  45. Patti/New Hope says:

    I agree w/Duane in Shoreview!!! I followed the Packers for 20 plus yrs. & He was Always BESIDE the Coach making decisions & how many rings did they get w/Favre?!?! Now I,m a Viking fan only because of Favre, I know His Abilities & Love for the GAME!!!! Very happy about Childress this should have happened a long time ago!!!! “Coach Favre & the Vikings finally get a RING!!!!!! or Can You say Los Angeles Vikings?!?!?!”

  46. keith gilbert says:

    Put Joe Webb at QB, We all know if Tjack was good enough Favre would not be here

  47. Charles says:

    Let’s face it… you could put any QB in for the vikings and they still are going to have trouble advancing the ball with the worse ever offensive line in football. These guys are way too old and slow. Just think how much chilly screwed-up by not rebuliding last winter/summer. All and all I think that Brett Farve would have done better than last year if he had good blocking. Just look at what happen in New England. I have been ticked-off at the viks since the Kansas city super bowl – but Lets start over again but do it right this time (Pay for a good coach – not a sub-standard person that does not know how to lead).

  48. Joe says:

    Please – Let Favre go back to Mississippi.. He was great last year but he needs to go rest. A little nervous about Jackson, but not sure it could be any worse.

  49. Monica says:

    Maybe Favre and the rest of the team will improve now that Chilly is FINALLY gone. They had no love for him or the way he coached…but they do respect Frazier. Let’s see how the next game goes before we demand Favre be benched. He has a lot of wisdom.

  50. Bud says:

    Go Vikings!
    and take the Twins with you.

    I’ve heard enough of this b.s.

    1. Drew says:

      Hey Bud…Please take your meds…If you shoot your TV again you’re to broke buy another one…Then all you’ll hear is the voices….

  51. TG says:

    Even God couldn’t coach this collection of mutts to a Super Bowl, especially Mutt #4.

  52. JohnC says:

    Get rid of Favre. Start giving Webb some play time as the rest of the season won’t count. KEEP Frazier. Does anyone remember letting Tony Dungy go? Think what head coaches we ended up with instead…

  53. JC says:

    Firing Childress is a step in the right direction, getting rid of Favre is another step in the right direction. No future with Favre so ax the oldman and get to finding a replacment.

  54. Jo, Eden Prairie says:

    Football is a team sport. The offensive line who did so great last year isn’t playing so great this year. Favre is getting hit too much and is rushed to get rid of the ball resulting in 17 interceptions compared with only 7 last year. The defensive coach whose players gave up 31 pts to the Pack yesterday is now our head coach? They all make too much money to care about the team or the fans. NFL should lower base salaries as a whole and pay incentives according to reaching team goals.

  55. Sheila says:

    If the COACh was the problem then we should WIN the remaining games….Very doubtful…..I think it was a HUGE mistake Ziggy….hope your ready to move the team to California…

  56. Jan M says:

    YES-YES Farve would be the best choice by far……..He knows the game better than any other you could pick.

    This noon on the news there were two comments from WOMEN who spoke of Don Shelby’s naughty jokes…! HOW distasteful could they get? This man is highly respected and loved by millions and to put him down like that breaks my heart.(what Mr.Shelby tell to ayone off the air is not to be broadcast on the news)VERY VERY awful,simply awful!!!

  57. .Mike Dwyer says:

    Congrats, Vikes. Just went from one loser to another. What makes me say this you ask. Has anyone in the Twin Cities watched this pathetic Defense attempt to stop anything all year? Leslie Frazier isn’t a solution to anything, he’s the main problem. If he truely had any sense of pride, he’d follow Childress out the door, along with Bevell. After fifty years of this crap, isn’t it time for a real change. Let me ask one more time. Has anyone ever heard if BILL COWHER? If not him how about John Gruden? We’re so lucky we beat the Packers to Childress, let’s try that again with some reject.

  58. Kristi says:

    I know we are having a horrible season and Farve should have stayed retired after last season. However, all of you were begging him to come back for one more year and were excited when he did…and now listening to all of you rip on him is really wondering what kind of people you are. Would you turn on your friends like this? Think of how horrible he must be feeling. It takes a team to win and a team to lose.

  59. Jean says:

    Brett Favre always said he wouldn’t play unless he could play up to his scale of playing. So was wondering with all his interceptions and his attitude lately, how does Childress have anything with how Favre throws the ball . He doesn’t make his arm move. Think people better wake up and realize it is Favre that is the problem , starting with not going to training camp and being begged to come in the first place this year.

  60. Eric Lovgren says:

    I dont think chilly was the one throwing the interceptions!!!

  61. Katie says:

    The entire team needs to be disbanded. The money that is being spent for it all is shameful when there are hungry, homeless people only a couple of blocks away from where the professional teams in the twin cities play…. Sad and disgusting. It’s gotten WAY out of hand and it needs to stop.

    1. Drew says:

      You telling people what to do is shameful…If you want to give money to the poor then do it…Others are free not to…

  62. Nancy up North says:

    Good bye Childress, Take Farve by the hand and take him with you.
    That was funny rj.
    Favre’s wife said that text message and picture was meant for her, but of course, it was intercepted

  63. Pam says:

    They should have gotten rid of Farve instead of Childress. I don’t think they are going to do any better with a new coach. Farve needs to grow up. I am sick and tired of these male athletes thinking the world revolvesf around them. Get rid of the mens teams and concentrate on helping the womens teams. Women focus on their game rather than sexually harrassing people. Pam

  64. Nancy up North says:


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