By John Lauritsen

By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis police say a 45-year-old mother was sexually assaulted in front of her two children Wednesday night, and then her attackers sexually assaulted two more people at another location.

The suspects are a group of teenage boys.

On Wednesday night, the mother, along with her 13-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son, decided to go cross country skiing at Powderhorn Park.

While there, they were approached by five teenage boys, one of them had a gun. They ordered the family to get down in the snow so they could rob them, but the robbery took a disturbing turn. Two of the teenagers sexually assaulted the mother and threatened to assault her daughter, before she intervened and the boys ran off into a nearby neighborhood. But their crime spree didn’t stop.

“I didn’t hear no yelling or screaming because, if I did, I would have ran out and helped,” said Autumn White.

White’s garage became the crime scene for two more sexual assaults. While running from Powderhorn Park, the boys ran into a 16-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman and ordered them into White’s garage near 33rd Street and Bloomington Avenue.

Authorities say they took turns raping them before police arrived and arrested three of the teenagers. A 14, 15, and 16-year-old now face numerous charges.

White says she feels guilty this happened in her backyard. She tried talking to the victims after police arrived.

“I looked at them and said, what happened? Can I help you? They said we were just raped,” said White. “They were just hysterical and I was just in shock. We have been living here for five years and I have never had anything like this happen. They were crying and bawling in each other’s arms and when I asked them what happened, they just snapped at me. I didn’t take offense because I know what they just went through.”

The three teenagers that were arrested face charges of false imprisonment, criminal sexual conduct and aggravated robbery.

Police are looking for two more teenage boys that they believe are involved in these assaults.

Comments (57)
  1. Thomas says:

    And these guys will be out in a year or two because they are not 18 years of age and will continue to RAPE and ROB peole when they get out of Juv hall.

    1. damian papenfuss says:

      i think what they should do is charge them to the full amount of the law, and send them to big boy jail. sinse they is all big and bad doing what they did, they should see how it really is in pirson. you know that saying what comes around goes around. the teenagers rapped the girls, will those teenagers will get their own taste of action in prison, by big bob!!

  2. stacy says:

    can we please charge th se idiots as adults. they KNEW exactly what they where doing!!we need to remember as people that we do make mistakes but at 14 15 + 16 they knew this was SOOOO wrong but did it any ways.throw they book at them!

  3. P.T. says:

    Right, Thomas. And afraid of offending any “community of color,” neither WCCO or NPR mentioned the race of the perps. But I’d bet all my Christmas gifts that they are thugs of color, disadvantaged, deprived, and undereducated–for whom we haven’t yet spent enough money to erase gaps in education, employment, and opportunity. And likely sons of single “mothers of color.” And we, the law-abiding, will be made to feel more guilty for not having contributed more of our hard-earned money to prevent their crimes, than they will made guilty for having committed them. The judicial system, especially the Juvenile IN-Justice System, is enabling such atrocities, and we are forced to pay. Don’t send them away to useless tax-funded treatment. Remove the means for them to rape again. And make them pay their victims. Oh pardon me, I am so insensitive.

    1. mj says:

      sorry p.t. you are so wrong on all counts and thats all i have to say about the subject, with the exception, dont assume you know what they say when you assume

    2. damian papenfuss says:

      so your judgement is that people of color are the reason of this crime. wow! real smart. your opinion on this seems to be a event that you must of gone through, and your blameing the color for the crime. MATTER OF FACT WHO CARES IF ITS BLACK, MEXICAN, OR WHITE, AND IT SEEMS THAT “P.T.” HAS A PERSONAL PROBLEM WITH OTHER COLORS.

  4. Repairman says:

    We need to just execute them now – they were caught red handed. It will save many many many people some trouble these punks would otherwise cause later on. In fact, execute their parents as well for not doing their job. The message needs to get out that if you do not contribute to our society in a positive way – we won’t have you.

  5. Ally says:

    I 100% agree with PT and Repairman. They have likely been wasting our tax dollar on learning to cheat and lie their way to the criminal lifestyle. Let’s get real that isnt the first time they’ve used that handgun to their advantage. Get rid of them.

    1. damian papenfuss says:

      hey ALLY, please focus on the real issue and finding the 2 other teenagers. i dont think blameing race will solve anything, and what is going to do huh! nonthen? the outlook will be that your just races to other colors. here’s a good one for ally and p.t. stop blameing colors for crimes and start to help the matter of perventing it from happening. dont forget to grow-up!! 🙂

  6. paab says:

    Save the fake court hassle and just let them go, they will be dead in a couple of years anyway. You know when they start out this strong using a gun that is how it will end. Live by the sword, die by the sword. I know it is a cop out to blame the system, i.e. society and schools, but we/they bear some resposibility. We have created a welfare state that encourages unwed, young mothers and drug addicted sperm donors, a school system that refuses to educate, and a society that won’t allow God and morality to be taught. We are now reaping what we have sown.

    1. damian papenfuss says:

      ijji your mistaken on all levels, look at the picture those people that have been afftected don’t car about the race

  7. Susanna says:

    P.T, I sooooo agree with you ! ! I, too will bet all the Christmas gifts in the world on the fact that these monsters are “people of color”. I’m so sick ot the media gleefully reporting the race of perpetrators if they’re white but, God forbid, if they are “minorities”, or a “protected class” of perps, no way will the media mention race. Media protection of minority criminals is so bad that, in my family we know that it’s a minority if media doesn’t mention the race. 10/10 times…guaranteed. Shame on WCCO ! ! !

    1. damian papenfuss says:

      Really susanna! you think race is the biggest topic right now. those girls have been sexualy assulted, and the family that where skiiing have been affected by the tragic event, and that means its more important to help them with the problem. AND YOU SAY THE KIDS MUST LACK EDUCATION, HUH! LOOK WHO’S REALLY TALKEN. grow-up and stop blameing race for the issues.

  8. Herb says:

    The parents of these delinquents either are criminals themselves or allowed and encouraged this kind of “right by might” thinking. No social responsibility or respect for others. These kinds of inbred and long term environmentally conditioned responses are not correctable as long as the source exists (parents, friends, relatives engaging in similar attitudes and activities).

    The solution is “no exception” felony trial as an adult for any crime committed using a weapon. The reason these miscreants tried this is because some one told them because they were juvis they could get away with it! Manditory castration for sexually based crimes committed with a weapon or against non- adult victims.

  9. Joie says:

    Wow some of the comments are crazy. I know for a fact that one has a rap sheet longer then my arm and his crimes have continued to get more violent. they should not be let go and should be tried as an adult. The sad part is the justice system has failed the woman who were assulted. I think that they should have not been out of jail for there prior crimes and its the judges fault for letting them free. At the end of the day I think judges would look at it differently if it was there wife or daughter.

  10. Joie says:

    By the way PT they are black men but you cant blame color on it blame it on the parents for not teaching them right or wrong and the justice system. Black white or so on doesnt matter I mean for pete sake look at the white guy that murdered the 2 cashiers in Iowa!!

    1. damian papenfuss says:

      THANK YOU, who cares about the color of their skin.

      1. The Truth says:

        Because, though blacks make up less than 10% of the cities population, they account for over 70% of street crimes. It maters because it’s the truth, as unpalatable as you, or anyone, may find it. It’s a piece of information that needs to be dealt with.

  11. Dave Seavy says:

    I don’t agree with the blame the parents mantra. The kid who murdered the two in Iowa had parents who were doing everything they could to get the kid straightened out. Teenagers don’t live in a vacuum; they know right from wrong and sooner or later, it’s time to put the responsibility on their shoulders – where it belongs. Being white, I could try to start guessing races of these thugs, but it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they are put away for a very VERY long time, so they can’t victimize anybody else.

  12. Disgusted says:

    These comments are pathetic. Stop focusing on color. Let it be about the crimes. Let it be about the victims. But when you make it about the color, you lose every appearance of credibility.
    Furthermore, stop complaining about what you feel are gaps in our justice system. DO something! But as long as you are occupied with your negative and uneducated thoughts, you are just as responsible for perpetuating the cycle of hatred, mis-education, and ignorancy. Here’s an idea for you, P.T.; why not spend your time giving back to your neighbors, your city, your state, and your country instead of spreading hatred, racism, and bigotry.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. damian papenfuss says:

      iiiiiii agrey with everything,, in my eye’s they need to grow up.

    2. The Truth says:

      Ignorancy? You mean ignorance, no?There are many reasons to focus on the ethnicity of the perpetrators, which helps identify a chronic source of trouble, which then allows ideas and resources to address such source. Being willingly blind to the truth and facts is not only dishonest, it also disallows for a concentration of resources to where the problem has its roots. It’s not about racism or bigotry, but about having the truth and thus the ability to address the problem adequately

  13. Voice of Reason says:

    This is undoubtedly a horrendous crime. However, it is horribly unfortunate that it has allowed a stream of racist rants to propagate. I seem to remember that John Wayne Gacey, Jeffery Dahmer, and countless other psychopaths have not been of color. Perhaps we should focus on the fact that there are not sufficient flagging systems for the criminally insane. Perhaps there is an explanation far deeper then what many of you have applied your ignorant and superficial diagnostics. Consider the milieu of our youth. Consider the horribly violent and degrading pornography that these undoubtedly access. Yes, stricter and harsher punishments need to be issued in situations such as this. However, let us not be complete idiots and vent prejudices that have no place within the classification of violent people.

    1. bill m says:

      but they were black DA< they commit 80% of the crime in the cities

    2. MarkH says:

      Ah, the obnoxious voice of cultural relativism seeks once again to rationalize, intellectualize, and minimize the obvious trend that black youth have a disproportionately higher rate of committing a violent crime than do their caucasian counterparts. Blacks are a minority in the US, yet they comprise nearly 70% of all federal inmates in our prisons. These are the facts, and they are undisputed. We can ignore them or we can acknowledge the elephant in the room, and in the process, hope to make a substantive change within the black community.

  14. damian papenfuss says:

    i have been living by powder horn for over 15 years, and i have seen and heard of different types of crimes in the neighborhood. but never this type of crime. in my eyes people shouldnt blame race or anytype of culture for their action. you cant blame an-intire race on a couple of bad choices that other people have done. people just need to think more clearly on the choices of words they tend to use or say, and their actions. only problem now is to find the other 2 kids and charge them all to the fullest amount that can be given out in the justice system. when you see what P.T. AND ALLY wrote, it shows negativity. and please GROW-UP you two!! just scroll down to see their comments on the issue.

  15. greg says:

    hang them from the a park light for all to see sending the message that this will no longer be tolerated. Wake up people, enough of being political correct. white ,black, brown ,pink or what ever color they need to be terminated like rabid dogs. You will never change these kids to become productive people.

    1. Sissy says:

      I think greg has the best idea yet. Hang them up, then do away with them. Running around like rabid dogs, put them down like rabid dogs!!!

  16. Stormchylde says:

    I grew up in the Powderhorn area. To assume that color is the isssue is to be blind. The crime is the crime and someone has been victimized. The asailants need to be tried as adults or held over until they’re 18 and then converted to an adult facility. I am a man of color and I also work in law enforcement. Those of you who think that we should just put all the color behind bars now should wake up. You are losing sight of the real issues. Do I agree with the system? Not always and it does get tiring and frustrating to feel like I’m operating a revolving door. Somedays the most I can content myself with is that they are off the street for a few weeks, months. But I got into the system knowing it needed to change but that change won’t come from the outside trust me. It won’t come from pontificating about race, government and a distorted american way. It comes from rolling up your sleeves and standing for something.

    P.T, Ally and Repairman. Those young people made a choice, the guys in Iowa made a choice, color is only part of it not the whole thing. As soon as I take off the uniform or step outside my jurisdiction, it’s people like you who follow me through stores or clutch their purse or lock their doors when I go by. Is it insulting? Oh yeah, cause I haven’t done anything and would be the first to jump in to save you, even though I don’t agree with your bigotry. You’re human, I signed on to save lives. Every race, creed and color has knuckleheads, you’re going to have to accept that. If not for that revelation I’d be as prejudiced as you.

    It’s a choice, when you stare at me or my sons. When you label us and don’t even know us, we hold to one thing. The only thing that makes us a “N” is how we respond or don’t respond to you. We’re educated, we contribute to society and we’re men of color. We don’t rob or rape, pillage or plunder. We’ve never been to jail and we are equally as articulate as you. But you’ll never know it because you’ve already judged us.

    1. St Paul girl says:

      I got ya beat. I’m a woman and we get “targeted” no matter where we are. A Hate crime is a hate crime…

    2. LSO says:

      Finally an intelligent comment.

  17. Anita Newhouse says:

    Wow! P.T.-is that a way to NOT disclose your identity? Man up and take credit as a real person for all of the hatred you spew. Or, of course, you know it’s not okay to say the things you say outloud, in person, to just anyone. So HIDE behind the internet. OR BETTER YET: show up and DO SOMETHING! Those of us who have the guts to show up and actually commit our time and resources to authentically engaging problems in the community could really use the help. And frankly, it’s all of the anonymous and cowardly people who pass judgements from behind the comfort and safety of an internet identity that make it that much harder to win hearts and minds and make a difference.

  18. a potential victim says:

    This sounds like a hate crime ; it should be tired as under the fullest extent of the law. Why are crimes against women never prosecuted as hate crimes? We are targeted and cannot even be out with our families without being attacked.

  19. Proofread people! says:

    After reading through these comments it makes me realize that most people have horrible grammer and/or can’t spell!!!

    1. The Truth says:

      It’s grammar, not grammer! Jeez.

  20. Sissy says:

    I don’t want to hear ONE thing about their color or how they, the rapists, are victims themselves. The bottom line is they committed a horrible crime and were caught red handed. Doesn’t matter if they were white, red, black or brown. They’re criminals who have ruined lives by acting like animals. I hope they are prosecuted as adults and don’t see freedom again for the rest of their miserable lives. My blood is boiling over the filth that’s allowed to roam free. It’s times like this when I wish Minnesota killed criminals. They don’t deserve any better.

  21. AJ says:

    I have another idea, put these guys on eBay as teens available for anything you want to do with them. The money collected from this should be given out to charity or assault victims

  22. JC says:

    I totally agree. What does it matter what color their skin is? They committed horrendous, unprovoked crimes against innocents. They want to act like adults, then they can be punished as such. If crime is going to be curbed the gloves need to come off and the fear of the death penalty used as a deterrent, including for rape. Or perhaps castration with a rusty knife, dipped in sulfuric acid

    1. bill m says:

      because they were BLACK a$$hole

  23. Repairman says:

    I never said anything about race, and in this case I was not aware that the perpetrators race had been disclosed. I do not care what race they are, in fact, I said the exact same thing about the guy who killed the Iowa store clerks. Execute them, make it public, and let the criminals of the world know that we will not tolerate them any longer. Executing their parents would encourage other parents to be responsible for the upbringing of their children – or lack thereof.

  24. rripror says:

    …what if, just what if the women were picked out because they were white? Then what do you call it?

    …people with a hearts of gold and .10 cent heads are dangerous.

    1. erin says:

      rripror – I’m curious how you know the victims are white? Yeah, obviously not many black people are into skiing, so I’ll give you the mother on probability. But, what makes you think the two girls were white? The better question is, if they happened to be black, would you be so outraged???

  25. bill m says:

    Typical Black a$$holes, they will never learn. Well at least NAACP will run to help them

  26. bill m says:

    these blacks in Mpls are getting to uppity!

  27. P.T. says:

    Hey Damian, what do you mean??
    I go out of my way to see that my children are exposed to people of other races and backgrounds, in a positive way, and when people start to tell jokes using the “N” word or other racial epithets, I tell them I’m not listening to the rest of it and walk away.

    I was criticizing the media for being so hypersensitive to crimes committed by minorities. With two of the suspects in this crime still on the loose when the story was first written (one has since been apprehended), don’t you think it would be nice for the females in the ‘hood to know if they need to watch out for a white thug, or a black thug, or an Asian thug, or a Mexican thug who might want to rape them?

    When the news media and law enforcement are so sensitive to offending the “communities of color,” in the end it hurts minorities the most, because in most cases the victims of crimes are minorities too, and black-on-black is the most common type of crime.

    But the black thugs are branching out, realizing there is a whole bunch of naive whites out there to exploit. (I’m not implying this applies to the skier, who I bet is white, because x-c is not exactly a popular African-American sport). But if it were white boys that raped a black woman, I bet the local Al Sharptons would be screaming.

    Joie, who says that the perps are, indeed, black, also said:
    “I know for a fact that one has a rap sheet longer then my arm and his crimes have continued to get more violent.” and “The sad part is the justice system has failed the woman who were assaulted.”

    Bingo. As long as we keep giving juvenile criminals “freebies,” and don’t allow the publishing of their names, so you don’t know who to watch out for in your neighborhood, and give most of them a clean slate when they hit 18, they are, as Joie said, only going to “get more violent.” This happens with hooligans of ALL colors.

    The thugs had a gun. Is it time for skiers to pack “heat” with the ski wax? I can just tell you, I’m going to keep my ski poles sharp. Very sharp.

    [note to Proofread people! It’s spelled GRAMMAR.]

  28. Joe says:

    How interesting that these thugs were imitating the TSA goons at the airport this past weekend, except WITH guns and WITHOUT scanners.

  29. pete123 says:

    Well first off, I could really care less what the color of their skin is, crime is crime and if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Now maybe if these women who were assaulted had been packing some heat they may of been able to level the playing field against these rapist. It is so true, “God made man, Sam Colt made us all equal”

    Now here’s something to ponder, P.T. brought up a point about the juvenile justice system. It doesn’t work for these types of criminals and frankly they should be charged as adults and made to pay the adult penalty. There’s also nothing in either the state or U.S. Constitution in regards to juvenile crime and punishment.

    I’ve also heard that some of our fellow Minnesotans think the idea of “Restorative Justice” is the way to go. What a bunch of baloney, That may work if some kid has stolen your kids bike, but with a rapist? Come on….Really?

  30. Gretchen Chandler says:

    Plan a “peace vigil?” Grow up and smell the reality. Promote carrying handguns. If another human being tried to sexually assault me in Powderhorn Park, I would shoot him right between the eyes, without any hesitation. In fact, it would be muscle-memory instinct. This is called self-defense, common sense, and most importantly, it’s called “deterrence.” If this mother had defended herself and her daughters in this mannner, how many more thugs would think twice about preying on women in Powerderhorn Park? You already know the answer: zero. It’s called “deterrence.” Spread it around and fire it up. It’s the only way to return this utopian winter wonderland back to how it was meant to be.

  31. Kevin says:

    I will pull the switch…..

  32. lib says:

    When children commit adult crimes they should be tried as adults. We have too liberal and antiquated criminal justice system in this state. It is time to change the laws, how much worse can this be, murder? That may have been their next step, if they are put in prison rather than some detention center, they would find out what rape is really like.

  33. Minnesota going to crap! says:

    If I were the husband to either of these victims you better believe I’m hunting them down and ending their miserable existence on earth. Jail time will never repay the amount of damage done and they need to be punished severely. They have no appreciation for life so why should I for theirs?

  34. Capital punishment says:

    Bring back public hangings…

  35. Black Native says:

    Disobedience comes in all shapes and sizes and culture. This ain’t a black thing or white thing its a human thing. We are born into sin and this is the devils world but Gods creation. Lets stop the blame game and reach out to these young thugs and try to make a difference.

    1. White Native says:

      Dear Black….I would love to reach out to these “young thugs” and make a difference……I truly believe that “God” created laser sights for a reason…..I also belive that “God” created baseball bats for a reason….

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