Willmar Man Faces 5th Charge Of Molesting Kids

WILLMAR, Minn. (AP) — A rural Willmar man accused of sexually assaulting young girls in his wife’s daycare now faces another felony.

A fifth charge of criminal sexual conduct has been added to the case against 60-year-old Larry Alan Stoeser, of Willmar.

According to a criminal complaint, a 6-year-old told a caregiver that Stoeser had touched her during nap time at the daycare. Her story was similar to those reported by four other girls.

The complaint said she told the caregiver about it after hearing Stoeser was in trouble for touching a child.

The West Central Tribune reports that he was charged with the first four felonies of criminal sexual conduct in September.

According to the state Department of Human Services website, the daycare’s license is listed as being under “immediate temporary suspension.”

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  • Randy

    Are you kidding me…….Why is he running free? Why isn’t the proper authorities following this situation for the safety of the children? His fifth felony? Wow! Someone is seriously dropping the ball here!

  • Regina

    YOu can report these thing to the police but that doesnt mean they will do anything about it!! It all depends on the police in that county!!

  • dean

    wow jus goes to show how the justice system works,now i bet they jus give him a fine and probation or somethin,F$#k that put a bullet in his head there is no correction for these sex offendeers,they all should get death penalty

  • jeff willprecht

    what a joke he shoild of been hung on first offence

  • Larissa

    While I agree that this guy is a disgusting pig, if you people had read the article, you would have understood that this 5th charge is a part of the same case against Stoeser. He has not been previously convicted of four other felony molestation charges. Instead of accusing the authorities of negligence (of which there is not yet evidence), please read and attempt to understand what you’ve read. Your inflammatory comments only prove your ignorance (as does your lack of grammar and punctuation).

    • Ms. Olson

      Ugh thank you! could not have said it better myself!

  • Dvae Seavy

    I would wait to call him a disgusting pig until he’s been convicted of the charges. If the charges are true (and they probably are) then he’s the lowest of the low. But nothing has been proven yet, so I don’t know why everyone is ready to burn him at the stake. Wait until he’s convicted – then have at it.

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