MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The woman assaulted at Powderhorn Park while out cross-country skiing with her children released a statement saying she is healing from the attack thanks to family and friends.

Police say Wednesday night a group of teens attacked the woman. In an online blog, the woman said she was sexually assaulted but not raped.

She also said two other girls who were attacked after her were able to fight off the four teenagers. Click here to read the entire statement from the woman.

Police have two 14-year-olds, a 15- and 16-year-old in custody in connection with the crimes.

There is a “Peace in Powderhorn” vigil scheduled for Wednesday night at 7:30 at 32nd Street and 14th Avenue South, exactly one week after the attacks.

The Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association also plans to meet Thursday at 6:30pm for a Safety Brainstorming Gathering, to discuss how to make the neighborhood a safer place. Click here for more information on both events.

Comments (12)
  1. tommy says:

    I hope they get jail time and be registered as a sex offender as a “scarlet letter” for there heartless deeds!

  2. Rogelio says:

    So another vigil for peace and healing…humm that should help. Maybe our city council should spend more time figuring out how to finance police and public safety rather than figuring ways to tax and police our pets.

  3. City Girl says:

    Maybe someone who knows “the system” can answer this. Can teenagers be required to register as sex offenders? And what is the likely punishment for offenders as young as they are? I am hoping they will get some real jail/prison time for what they did. Hoping.

  4. Dee Dee says:

    Good question, City Girl. I think they chouold have to register as sex offenders. Yes it may mess up their lives before it starts but obviously their lives are already messed up if they are doing these type of “adult” crimes( if there is such a term) at their ages. With all the garbage that is in the media, video games and real life, who knows where these boys got this behavior from. All I know is that it has to stop.

  5. laupforod says:


  6. P reasoner says:

    I agree City Girl. I hope it does mess up their lives. Forever. These losers need to have their lives messed up

  7. Ted says:

    I think they should all die. They’re not human – they’re animals!

  8. Ellie says:

    The real question is not punishment for these kids, but what can society do to make sure these kids don’t do this again (or do something worse). It seems we keep getting kids committing awful crimes and nothing gets done until they kill someone or someone kills them. This is not the most effective way of dealing with crime. It isn’t the best solution for the community.

  9. City Girl says:

    Ellie, I understand what you mean but I am really wondering if there is any kind of rehab for this crime. I think punishment rather than rehab is the answer. I just hope the kid’s families aren’t going to show up in the media saying what “good boys” these teens are and how they just made a “mistake”.

  10. Neighbor says:

    If you haven’t already read the statement from the woman assaulted in the park (linked to in this article) it’s worth your time. If the victim of the crime can have this sort of perspective – so can I (at least try). We are all responsible for creating a world where young people see violence as an option. Policing? Try mentoring.

  11. City Girl says:

    I am all for trying mentoring. But Neighbor, when somone gets assualted or raped, mentoring time is over. There need to be consequences.

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