BAGLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — A Breezy Point, Minn. man has been charged after a hunter died last week. According to the charges, the hunter died of injuries sustained during a fight over a deer stand earlier this month.

Fifty-one-year-old Kevin McCormick has been charged with first-degree assault and hunter harassment.

Investigators said McCormick pulled on a deer stand that Jerry Benedict was in and caused him to fall about 12 feet to the ground on November 6. Emergency workers found him hurt the next morning.

According to the charges, Benedict fell following a fight between the two, with McCormick claiming Benedict had set up the stand on his property. Benedict claimed he was on tribal land and, therefore, had permission to hunt there.

McCormick claims the tree stand tipped as he was grabbing the top rung to hand Benedict his business card.

The charges state that, according to the Assessor’s Office, McCormick does not own property in Clearwater County.

Benedict suffered multiple injuries, including several broken vertebrae in his back and internal bleeding in his abdomen and lungs. He died about two weeks later.

The charges McCormick now faces may be updated. The Clearwater County Attorney is waiting for medical reports to see if they should be updated.

Comments (7)
  1. Bruce says:

    First read you wonder what the hell is going on. Then I read it agian and there isn’t much that makes sence here. I think the press has left some important things out…. Leaving someone on the ground till the next morning…. ? Really. Usually the full story in the end is far from what we first read about. My bet is he owned the land and there was tresspass. . Who did own the land if he didn’t? I want to know more….. BL

  2. Nancy up North says:

    McCormick doesn’t own land up there, that’s easy to find out. Also a map of tribal land will clear it up. Mc Cormick was itchin for a deerstand and figured he’d make claims of ownership and no one would question it. When Benedict stood firm, he tryed pulling him out of the stand. McCormick is darned lucky that Benedict’s gun didn’t go off during the tussle.

  3. john says:

    I agree with Bruce. The whole story has not yet been told. Why did McCormick leave him on the ground? What about the other members of Benedicts hunting party (at least one other member was in his party) ? And who is the land owner? Need lots more information on this story


  4. Brad says:

    Interesting read. When I am looking into who is the current owner of a parcel of land, the place I go and look is the Recorders Office, as they have the current information on hand, afterall, it is where you record land transactions with the county. The Assessor’s Office is for taxation purposes, and only needs to have information updated every 6 months or so. I agree with Bruce, there is some missing information in this article, as what happened in the 2 weeks inbetween the alleged altercation and his death. Those injuries don’t seem to be life threatening 2 weeks after the altercation. We need more information…

  5. Paula says:

    I know the individual who died and some of the facts are incorrect. There was an altercation after McCormick told Benedict he owned the land and told him to get off his land. Benedict knew it was not his and he had permission – McCormick pulled down his tree stand and he fell 12 feet. He got up onto his ATV and drove back to where he was staying with his party and after a couple hours they drove him to the hospital and he was admitted and within 2 days was airlifted to ND when it was determined his injuries were life threatening – it was not 2 weeks – more like 6 days.

    1. Harry says:

      He had life threatening injuries but got in his atv & drove ?? He stayed 2 hrs before they drove him to hospital? Other story says 24 hrs after altercation 911 call was made?? So many inconsistencies … Maybe hospital made errors….????

  6. Bill says:

    McCormick should be charged with manslaughter . He is why I do not hunt anymore. I can not believe the dumb and dumber comments

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