In the next 30-60 days, the Vikings are promising to unveil a stadium proposal that will include these four things:

  1. A preferred site
  2. The cost
  3. A local partner
  4. Funding options

We’re told the Vikings are looking at 4 different sites – 3 in Minneapolis and another in the suburbs.

So what do you think – do the Vikings need a new stadium? Would you be willing to chip in to help pay for it?

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  1. Wayne says:

    Of course they need a new stadium. The Twins got one and the dome was a better baseball field than football stadium! If they incorporate user taxes, ownership funding and some tax money I would be for it!

    1. Jared says:

      How was the dome a better baseball stadium? For starters, most the seats pointed toward nothing for baseball. The dome is a football stadium that tried to fit a baseball stadium into it.

      1. "No Stadium" says:

        I have the same question as Jared.

      2. Tyler D Erickson says:

        THE DOME WAS BULT FOR THE VIKES IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET YOUR HISTORY ABOUT THE DOME FIRST BEFORE MAKING STUPID COMMENTS THE DOME HAS OUT LIVED IT’S USE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Steve says:

      If the vikings leave, could the rest of you die hard fans leave with them? Your team, your taxes, your stadium, and you are neither wanted or needed here. GTFO.

      1. Sandy says:

        Wow, sounds like you are the one that needs to get out, this is Vikings land.

      2. Matt Metheny says:

        Steve your face must look like a big FUPA. Why don’t you do us a favor and move to Wisc. One the dome is old and lame. Anyone ever went to use the bathroom with the big lines. Or seen the consession floor flood because the toilets jam. Yummy makes ya want a dome dog then…. second in a bad economy it will build jobs and create more revenue where it is placed. Third they are apart of MN history, not to mention the 50 great yrs of the team when we lost the North Stars it took allmost 2 decades to get hockey back. I feel the communitys should take it as a lesson earned. I cannot believe the Gophers got a new stadium and they only play 6-7 games a yr there. WHERES THE LOVE……

    3. bridget says:

      There will for sure be a new stadium now. To all those who said the dome was good enough? How bad would it have been if the roof collapsed during a game? Dayton wants a new stadium. MN residents will be paying for a new stadium so get used to it!!! Elections have consequences!!!

  2. Eric Schrader says:

    Not only do they need a new stadium, but all the 1000’s of spinoff jobs and income that comes with it make it imperative that our leaders find a way to make this happen. The Vikings are a very important generator of income for our state.

    1. Adam Barton says:

      How do you figure. The Vikings have 10 home events a year. That generates revenue 10 days a year. Not worth 1 billion dollars of tax payer dollars.

  3. ook says:

    Pay for it yourself Vikings, along with your fans but no tax-payer supported stadium. No. No. Never.

  4. Nate Tierney says:

    They take my money anyway. Why not put it twards a new stadium? Just look at Target field!

  5. Al Q says:

    Yes! The Vikings need a new stadium. It should be funded with a new sin tax. Cigarette, Drink tax. A state Viking Lottery or Slot machine gambling tax.

  6. Mee says:

    For all I care they can leave. The Vikings are just a bunch of crybaby’s along with Ziggy and Co.. So long and have a nice year as I will do my best to avoid anything that has to do with the Vikings.

  7. Tam says:

    Why a new stadium for the Vikes, they don’t deserve anything more but the dome. The Vikes are terrible tteam in the NFL hey never bring home the Super Bowl or what so ever. Why spend on something you already got duh?

    1. lindsey says:

      i like your comment!!! they suck and dont deserve it!!!

  8. ColdMN says:

    No way…it would be a waste of money. The team is absolutely horrible and would be better if they were sold to an investor in Los Angeles. Let them play in that dump of a stadium now called MOA Field. What a joke, just like the team.

  9. Thomas says:

    I am not in favor of paying for a new stadium for the Vikings. I dont even like the Vikings. I dont know why they need one or why they deserve one. I say no

  10. wayne says:

    Everything is getting cut. School budgets, fire department budgets, police budgets.
    In light of this, how can anyone even think of using taxpayer dollars for this?
    Let the owners. players, and fans be the only ones that pay for it.

  11. Vikings suck! says:

    A stadium are you kidding me…move the team YESTERDAY! Fans have jumped ship as well as the players! 50 YEARS OF LOSING SAYS ITS ALL!

    1. Sue says:

      If the Vikings want a stadium, they need to pay for it themselves. It is really sick to think about building a stadium when so many people are out of work and our state and nation’s economy is down in the toilet. Ship the Vikings out of here.

  12. Cash says:

    Losing the Vikings would be a guaranteed first class ticket for Minneapolis to become a second class city.

  13. FreddieBaby says:

    The Vikings will move to a city that will make it worth their while if we do not figure out a way to finance a new stadium for them. So it is important that the legislature determine how to move forward on this issue. Building a new stadium will provide many construction jobs that are needed right now. It will also guarantee that the Vikings will continue to play here well into the future. I guarantee you that if we lose the Vikings, Minnesota, and particularly the Metro area, will be viewed as an also-ran. It is important that we do everything in our power to retain them so we continue to be looked at as an important geographic area.

    1. "No Stadium" says:

      Los Angeles lost the Rams years ago. Losing the Rams did not affect their geographical importance.

  14. Adam Barton says:

    There is no way any tax payer dollars should go to this. The Twins at least have 81 home events a year and provide life downtown 81 times a year. The Vikings have 10 events a year, and the two preseason games draw little fan attention. There is no way we should put any tax dollars in a new stadium that only generates revenue 10 days a year.

  15. Roach says:

    Yes, they may need a new stadium…. but has anyone considered these questions?

    1) Will it help the Vikings play any better? (Dallas just built one, it didn’t help the Cowboys this year, did it? so far 3 wins 8 losses)

    2) Wilf and ownership is not losing money, why not ask them for some (if not all) of the money needed? Public funds should not be used!!! Taxpayers shouldnt be burdened with this as Owners get richer…

    3) We all know that a “Lockout” is coming next year in the NFL, what will that do to attendance the next couple of years? Can anyone remember back to the MLB or NHL strikes a few years ago??? It wasn’t pretty and cost both for several years after it was resolved.

    Perhaps it best if we ask more questions before just diving right in to build a stadium (which is not an instant fix).

  16. Felipe says:

    Sure theViikngs need a new stadium. The fans that watch and want the Vikings to stay should support the Vikings. How can me and my family help to keep the Vikings in Minnesota and get that new stasium?

  17. Stasino says:

    Build a Government owned/operated Casino near the new Viking Stadium site (hopefully near Target Field too). Use the profits to pay for the new Stadium and other causes once the Stadium is paid for. This would creat new jobs too!

  18. RH says:

    Regardless if they are good or not, people go to the games, building a new stadium puts money into the economy by creating jobs. If built in the right location, it can have a great impact on the neighboring businesses. Income tax from players, it adds up! Right now is a difficult time financially for the millions to build the stadium, but losing the vikings and the money generated from the organization directly and indirectly would hurt the state a lot more in the long run!

  19. MNCrooks says:

    Let the estates of Petters and Hecker pay for it. Maybe they could have a few more of those sales where they sell their old golf clubs, watches, houses, cars, etc…that might be able to pay for about .025% of a worthless new stadium.

  20. Bears123 says:

    Just a quick question…who will all the Vikings fans support once they are sold? The Packers or The Bears??? Oh wait, hopefully neither, because Packers and Bears fans are loyal…we don’t have any room for fairweather fans…

  21. bridget says:

    Dayton has already said he is all for a new stadium. He becomes govenor, it’s a done deal!!!

  22. Stasino says:

    Government Casino to pay for the Stadium!
    New jobs to build it.
    New jobs to staff it.
    Taxes collected from the new pay checks too.!
    Help pay for other causes once the Stadium is paid for.
    Competiton for the Native Casinos and competition is good!


  23. Stop Crying says:

    You people need to wake up…. The Vikings generate millions of dollars in taxes from sales and merchandise. They also pay milions in taxes to this state, from every player and coach.. How businesses go to Mexico or Asia so they can get cheap labor and make billions. Nobody cries about that. User taxes are fine to found it , but a state run casino makes the most sense. The Tribes have been getting fat long enough, a casino would generate money for schools, roads, and what ever else we need. These are businesses that are never gonna leave to another country to avoid taxes or to find the lowest labor rate. I’m so sick of haters, if you don’t like football or sports don’t watch. I don’t use everything that our tax money goes to but I don’t cry about it.

  24. Jaquelyn Mack says:

    Wow, there are no new jobs, my property taxes are going up, my income is not going up. Why do I have to pay for these millionairs to have a new stadium? Will they pay my bills?

    1. lindsey says:

      i love your comment!!! i agree that they should pay for it if they want it, not us!!!

      1. Melissa T. says:

        I agree too. I mean, come on! They’re just looking short-term perspective on a new stadium. The new stadium would be a waste anyway if we got it because if the Vikes don’t end up getting their act together on the field, their gonna get sold.

  25. Ruth says:

    There is nothing wrong with the Dome and the Vikings should be happy with that. NO public money should be spent on any kind of sports venue, but if the Vikings are willing to pay for it, go right ahead.

  26. I think the only chance they have a new stadium is if more people realize the threat of them leaving to Los Angeles. They then would have to decide how much a new stadium is really worth it.

  27. Rick says:

    If we dont build a new stadium and the Viking leave we the tax payers cannot even begin to make up the lost revinue the state would loose. How high would our taxes be then

  28. derek says:

    I have been a season ticket holder for 7 years and the Dome is not ideal. The concourses are crowded, the atmosphere gets stale. The Vikings and Twins both got stadiums. I don’t see how it would be fair to tell the Vikings no. That’s a legislative pick and choose. I’m willing to pay for it.

  29. Connie says:

    I think the Vikings and their fans should be the only ones to pay for the stadium. It should not be a responsibility of the taxpayers. The money would be better spent on education and necessary public services instead. Get real Vikings!

  30. DR says:

    my home is over 125 years old, when the viks are willing to help me pay for my new home, I will be willing to help them pay for theirs.

  31. Dan says:

    The vikes need a new stadium which can act as a venue to hold numerous sporting events like the final four, NCAA national football championship, and even the superbowl. User tax payer money to fund a minnesota based team is ok with me.

  32. Cindy Lou Holt says:

    I LOVE my VIKINGS. I would try to do anything I could to help them with whatever, they can never leave MINNESOTA, I’m a HUGE FAN AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!

  33. Mrs, S says:

    NO NO NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO. No public money for stadium. The state is broke and you want to spend $ for a stadium? Are you nuts?
    Pay down the deficient then we will talk about funding!
    No $ for stadiums!

  34. Heather Lieser says:

    I love watching the Vikings but there is nothing wrong with the dome. Even though it may bring more jobs, I wouldn’t like to contribute to the uncessesary need for a new dome. If the team wants to pay for it, they may do so.

  35. mike says:

    The vikings should not get a new stadium. There is nothing wrong with the Mall of America field. It’ not worth raising taxes to pay for it with our current economy.

  36. Steve says:

    I do enjoy gambling and like most I leave my money behind at the present casinos. I think state run gambling is a great idea to fund the new stadium and other Minnesota needs. I would rather throw my money where it benifits more. Gambling is not going to stop, why not have the state reap some of the money put out annually.

  37. Vigilance says:

    Unemployment exceeding 10%, people are struggling to put food on their table, gas in their cars, and we still hear talk about subsidizing multi-million dollar business owners by building them a new stadium with taxpayer money! What in hell is wrong with em??

  38. Wayne says:

    My anus is still bleeding from the way the Twins manhandled me on their stadium. Yes, it is tremendously successful apparently. Which prompts me to ask, ” Why couldn’t have they done it straight up without a taxpayer subsidy?” Now I have to pay for the playground of the rich every day for the rest of my life. But as long as are gutless politicians are willing to play the extortion game with the sports mafia, we will see more corporate welfare.

  39. Randy` says:

    How much money will the state lose from player taxes, jobs. Build a casino, this will help with state revenue.

  40. betty mcneese says:

    No I am not willing to build a stadium. It won’t be put up for the public to vote on it because it would never pass. Of course WCCO will report about the people that are for it. There probably was a lot of people told to reply in favor.

  41. TK says:

    I am absolutely against tax payers paying for a place for multi-millionaires to play.
    Let the over payed, millionaire players kick in if they want a different place to play.

  42. Amy says:

    I do not think the Vikings should get a new stadium. . . unless the players and Vikings organization want to pay for it. They only play about 10 games per year at home so I doubt the money generated is that much.

    Everything is getting cut and if there is no money to support public education for our children or other valuable public services, I do not think taxpayer money should go to building a new stadium when the Mall of America field works just fine.

    People choosing to put money forth for a new stadium and not valuable programs, well, just speaks to misplaced priorities.

  43. scott says:

    YES YES YES the Vikings need a new stadium. It needs to built right with a retractable roof as well.


  44. lindsey says:

    the vikings dont need a new dome!!!! they just want a new dome cause the twins got a new stadium and they had a reason for it, the vikings dont. theres nothing wrong with the dome. if they want a new one, they should pay for it, they have millions of dollars, us fans dont. so if they’ll pay for it go right ahead! and if they get the open dome.

    i dont think they’ll have too many fans come and sit in 10-20 degree weather.

  45. K Williams says:

    Let the Vikings go to the west coast they love failures out there.

    1. C. Green says:

      Why don’t you follow them? Maybe someone in CA will teach you proper english!!!

  46. "No Stadium" says:

    Couple things:
    Do the Vikings need a new stadium? What is really wrong with the one they have? Seriously, the construction seems sound, it offers adequate parking, services and fanfare. We are a society of always wanting new or something better than the “Jones’ “. Want Want, gimme gimme. Come on Minnesota Vikings, prove to the rest of the country we can live with what we have.
    I do not believe the Minnesotans should pay for a stadium. Not everyone is a football fan, why make none fans pay too?? I am firmly against gambling to pay for a stadium as well. If the Vikings want a stadium… make them pay for it…. all of it. They get enough in ticket revenue don’t expect more from the people.

  47. micgual from minneapolis says:

    With the republicans in charge we may see an opportunity for racino’s or other gambling revenue. The DFL got tons of money from the tribes to keep their monopoly on gambling. This new money could help with more than just a new home for the vikes. Maybe casinos out by MOA.

  48. tinab says:

    Having an NFL team in Twin Cities adds to the culture that makes this a great place to live, not to mention the additional revenue it brings. If we lost the Vikings, the conversation would eventually turn to trying to get a team back; that would end up costing more. I would pay to extra to keep the team, but there are options with a state run casino that just make sense. Enough with the politicians too scared to upset the Indian tribes, it is time for their free ride to stop. We all contribute through taxes, why can’t they?

  49. Rob says:

    YES! THE Vikings need to get this Stadium deal done!!! Racino bill!! Gambling , that money goes towards the stadium, easy as that. It gets done and we’re all happy for the next 40 years.

    Its not fair to say, well they havn’t won a Superbowl so they should leave, this is a winning franchise that has fallen short a few times in big games, it happens.


  50. Cindy says:

    How about this–If the Vikings win the 2011 Superbowl Minnesotans might be willing to support a new stadium.

  51. RIck says:

    No way! I’m sick and tired of pro teams whining about their stadium. Fix the current one. Individual families have to live within our budget – so should they – NO PUBLIC FUNDING!! Also, I drive by the empty military site daily as I live in that area. It would destroy a nice residential community with traffic and eyesore buildings as well as drive wildlife (and people) further away from the city.

  52. CH says:

    Are you kidding? If the Vikings want a new stadium, LET THE VIKINGS pay for it. They could call it “We got Favre & we are still losing stadium”. I’m so tired of hearing about how the poor Vikings need a new stadium to play better…blah blah blah. EARN IT. Or, pay for it yourselves.
    Maybe the state should consider paying our teachers, nurses & other valuable people for their commitment to society instead of bullying unwilling tax payers to pay for an un-needed luxury of a new stadium.

    1. Jeff Willprecht says:

      i agree 150% wakeup people

  53. tom says:

    no,these over priced babies that make millions in pay and want to go out on strike for retirement health benefits,let them pay for there own stadium or leave

    1. Jeff Willprecht says:

      freeload off another states tax dollars i want my tax money spent to help people not steal from us

  54. steve says:

    Sure, and can we name it “Favre field”?

  55. cindy says:

    Yes, a new stadium needs to be built. Have you ever stood in line for half a quarter just to use the restroom, or tried to get around on the concourses during games. It is a hazard!! Also, the revenue the team brings in to local businesses, charities and taxes they players pay will be lost. I say pay now or pay later. Remember losing the North Stars and the price the state paid to get hockey back??? Let’s keep the team here in the state that loves them win or lose!!

  56. Cowboy Bob says:

    You want your own stadium… then Cowboy Up…. like Jerry Jones did. You can keep all the money then… concessions, parking, ticket revenue, etc. Leave the Senate, the House and Governor alone to concentrate on more important matters for the general public.

    1. Jeff Willprecht says:

      awesome wakeup and listen

  57. C. Green says:

    I have been a true fan for over 20 yrs. No matter how bad we looked, I always say “Wait til next week.” Can’t bear to see them go. I would not mind paying an extra one time tax to keep them here. Do you not realize that the government will raise our taxes anyway for some namby pamby program or another?

  58. Jeff Willprecht says:

    jeff willprechtyou want a new stadium pay for it yourself dont wast my tax dollars on foolishness

  59. J.J says:

    Can someone explain something to me?? Call me dumb but why does it have to be all or nothing when it comes to these stadium deals? If we are going to do this, let’s be smart about it. Why can’t this stadium be built with the appropriate infrastructure NOW so the retractable roof can be added at a later date?? That way the state isn’t missing out of other revenue type events down the road (i.e Final Four, National Conventions, Concerts, or heck even a WWE Wrestle Mania event). Lets not make the same mistake as we did with the Twins Stadium, and yes I call that a mistake cause it could been done differently to where the retractable roof option would have been still been an option if they built it right the first time instead of it being rushed like it did….I’m just saying. I’m sensing a “Good Question” topic on this…you think anyone asked the Vikings or anyone involved with the process about this??

  60. CH of Lino Lakes says:

    I am not a fan. I think if the Vikings want a new stadium, THEY should pay for it. Let Ziggy or Favre throw in an extra buck or two for it. The tax payers should NOT be badgered into forking over money for a stadium. MOST people are one or two paychecks away from homelessness & you want us to pay for a stadium. Ridiculous.
    If the state wants to throw some cash around…throw it at our schools, our nurses, or our veterans. These over-paid, under-achievers aren’t worth it. You want it? Work for it. Pay for it out of YOUR pockets. Not mine.
    Im so tired of hearing how “they” deserve a stadium. What “they” deserve is a swift kick in the behind.

  61. Cheryl says:

    In this economy and recession with mass unemployment and under-employment, it is absurd to consider ANY public funding of a new stadium for the Vikings. We have mass government deficits, and have significantly reduced public funding of Education, Health Services, Social Services, Safety, Roads, etc. This reduction has severely impacted as all of us, but especially those who are currently unemployed. That is evidenced by a significant demand for food, shelter, and many other services from non-profit community organizations, which have not been able to keep up with the demand.
    The Vikings are clearly a profit-making organization, with incredible profits in the millions for both players and the organization itself. If this business wants a new stadium, they are welcome to build it with their financial resources. Might the Vikings leave MN if public finances are not provided for a new stadium? Possibly, but they might leave even if the public provides finances. Would they be less likely to leave if The Vikings organization actually owns the new stadium? I don’t know. A lot of real estate is going into foreclosure right now.
    Should our government use taxpayer money to subsidize a new stadium? ABSOLUTELY NOT! There are a multitude of other places where our tax money should go, as identified above. MN Congress people, please do not endorse ANY funding of a new stadium for the Vikings!!!

  62. Sue says:

    The vikings should focus on getting their scores higher for a few years before they
    deserve the thought of building a new stadium of which they do not even need.
    Old buildings are better nowadays then new ones anyway.
    What happen to the history of keeping something old and in shape for the younger ones to see.
    If all we do is take down good buildings and build new ones, and don’t learn
    to save in front of the younger kids, then they won’t learn anything from us
    no matter what kind of team the vikings are.
    If the vikings want to build something new, they should build a new way of getting the scores back.
    Skip the building, because a new building won’t make them a better team no matter what.

    1. "No Stadium" says:

      Great point made! A new building will not make the Vikings a better team!!!

  63. Tom D. says:

    Another point to consider is the impact of lost tax revenue if the Vikings leave Minnesota. How does that compare to the tax cost if the state builds a new stadium? I think the jobs impact at the stadium will be close to a wash as the new stadium may or may not employ the same numbers as currently are employed at the Metrodome. One final point, I would like to see an outdoor stadium built so we can get a weather advantage over the warm weather and dome teams, very similar to what Green Bay has. It would bring back the aura of the Met Stadium Vikings and a time where teams feared playing the Vikings in December and January.

  64. SolutionMN says:

    In reading all of these posts, I have yet to find someone who has a similar idea as mine…the state needs to get their priorities straight and when it comes to sports there are really only 2 major players…the Twins and the Wild. Sure there are Vikings fans scattered about (when they win) and in general, having a football team does add a lot of value to a city. Take for example Green Bay…not only is it one of the most storied franchises in all of professional sports, but the city of Green Bay would be nothing without the Packers. That is the reality. Having said that, the team that needs to go is the Timberwolves. The Timberwolves have never been a good team, that is the bottom line. NBA basketball as a whole is on the decline as ticket sales have plummeted across the US…Timberwolves, Clippers, etc. The NBA is a huge money hog and the players are WAY overpaid. Period. Yes, all professional athletes are WAY overpaid and that is money that should be given to educators and working professionals who have a direct impact on the success of our children. So, long story short…get rid of the Timberwolves and get rid of The Target Center. It is evidently clear that ZERO money has been put back into that place and it is just a poorly constructed place. You need bi-nocs just to see a game, the accoustics are HORRIBLE for live events such as concerts and touring acts and quite honestly, it looks out of place with the recent advancements the city has made to make downtown Minneapolis a good spot. My solution: level the Target Center, buy up some of the vacant adjacent lots and buildings around it and build a Vikes stadium there. Seriously, how many times have you watched Monday Night Football and when the blimp shows a video feed from the sky, there is always a great baseball stadium and a football stadium situated right next to one another? Another reason this makes sense?…the light rail system and the Northstar line is already in place to feed directly into the new stadium, there is great access for those who drive to games: 394, 94, 35W…etc. An outdoor stadium, located in downtown, with the same spectacular views that Target Field has would warrant consideration…BUT, and this is a BIG BUT…the responsibility of funding the stadium should NOT fall on the people of Minnesota. Minnesota is in an economic crisis, much like all the other states in the US…tax dollars need to be spent on roads, schools, city maintenance, etc. The state can not afford to ask the general public to fund the stadium. Even if the Vikings were a good team, which, they are clearly not, it would not warrant such consideration.
    Lets be realistic people, a new stadium will not make the Vikings a better team. Brett Favre did not make the Vikings a better team. You, me and the guy next to us do not make the Vikings a better team. Having taxpayers pay for the stadium because of false hopes of “wait til next year’s season” have finally worn out their short welcome. Lets be thankful for the field that is already in place, and if it is really too horrible, lets consider redesigning it: removing the baggy roof and building new and improved seating, maybe install a retractable roof, replacing the field with ACTUAL grass and maybe then, just maybe, the field would not seem so bad.
    But lets wake up people…this team is moving to LA…

  65. John Bailey says:

    Love how half of the people on here whining know absolutely nothing about Sports, get out of MN then, you aren’t wanted here. Just a ton of people who click the Vikings logo because their life sucks.


  66. JIM SMALL says:

    There’s enough Financing if they would go back to the Bloomington area. They call it the Mall Of America Field now, we need it back down in that area. Better roads to get in and out, alot more and better restuarants, alot of high quality motels, water park, Mall of America and Mystic Lake Casino. Just got to Talk to them like They did in Blaine, just not as a mall setup. Similar to the Green Bay stadium, with some shops, but they have to come up with a better parking setup than Downtown Mpls, it sucks big time. I know alot of people DON’T go to the games because its downtown. You can’t spend the money you would if it was in the southern part of the cities. Spending money eqauls jobs equals tax moey for the state and cities supporting the whether its Bloomington, Burnsville, Shokopee, Eden Prairie or even Eagan. SKOL VIKINGS!

  67. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    $950,000,000.00 for a new stadium and that’s low balling it. The jobs it will create will be temp jobs in the construction field, the long term jobs will be low wage jobs in the concession stands, ticket booths, and customer service. How stupid do they think we are? The tax revenue we would collect would take 10 years to get back for what we give up. Not a dime of public funding for this. If the state of Minnesota wants to help, lower the taxes for small business and manufacturing, which will create LONGTERM high paying jobs.

  68. SCOTT says:

    It’s quite amazing that some people (including some of your state reps.) are yelling “Tax the rich-Tax the rich”, but behind the scenes these same people are willing to build the rich a new house to make money in with large tax breaks. Before the NFL makes their case to the state on how much “in need” we are for a new stadium, I would like to see the media add up all of the NFL’s assets and publish what the NFL makes in profit every year. I believe if the truth on this came out, even some of the diehard fans would start stating “build it yourself”.

  69. comment says:

    Just add a sin tax on all concealed weapons/hand guns and the ammo they use. That’ll pay for the stadium.

  70. bridget says:

    Dayton has stated he is all for a new stadium!! You people voted for him. THERE WILL BE A STADIUM!! I’m all for this too. It may be the only thing we agree on. I also like his idea for a casino near the MOA. People fly in, they shop and gamble and leave their money Saying he would improve the schools and tax the rich? Just a ploy to get elected and you people feel for it. HE IS ONE OF THE RICHEST IN MN IF NOT THE RICHEST!!! See the problem!! Think before you vote!!!

  71. Heidi says:

    We have a 6.2 billion dollar deficit!! The taxpayers cannot afford a new stadium. If Dayton allows this to happen with taxpayers money, then he is more reckless with the taxpayers money! then thought to be! He wasn’t a very good United States senator, so maybe the Vikings will get a new stadium with taxpayers money!!!

  72. Heidi says:

    Does anybody know what will happen to the old stadium? Why can’t the Vikings remodel that instead of building a new one?

  73. Kerrie says:

    Why should we pay for a stadium for a team that isn’t even doing well? I can understand building a stadium for a team that is actually winning more games than they lose, but that just isn’t the case with the Vikings. I live in Anoka County and when the Vikings wanted a new stadium a few years ago, this county was considered for it back then. Once again it’s considered for the site of the stadium & personally I think the Vikings should be happy they have a place to practice & play, let alone a job.

  74. not a billionaire says:

    $950,000,000 for a stadium, Are you kidding. It will cost more than three skyscrapers combined, here are the figures:
    $209,300,000 IDS Tower
    $188,800,000 Wells Fargo Building
    $208,400,000 Bremer Bank
    $606.500,000 total
    Now, can you just imagine what the property tax will cost?

  75. "No Stadium" says:

    My question is; will anyone at the Capitol consider these comments once the thrashing of this worn out issue is put on the table in St. Paul?
    I hope the decision makers really listen to the taxpayers- fans and non fans.

  76. Anonymous says:

    $950,000,000 for a stadium, Are you kidding. It will cost more than three skyscrapers combined, here are the figures:
    $209,300,000 IDS Tower
    $188,800,000 Wells Fargo Building
    $208,400,000 Bremer Bank
    $606.500,000 total
    Now, can you just imagine what the property tax will cost?

  77. Joyce says:

    I don’t give a dame if these game playing meatheads get a stadium or not. Years age I could afford to go to a game twice or maybe three times a year but for the past 12/14 years I can’t afford the admission anymore. Let these over paid owners, players & coaches pay for their own private business. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE TAXPAYERS BACKS. Why should the majority pay for a private business used by the minority.

  78. Pat Ediger says:

    If the Vikings want a stadium- Let the owner invest some of his own BILLIONs into and and sell shares to the players who make the big bucks. Let those who benefit and those who have the big salarys buy shares also. Those that want it and use it should be the ones who pay for it. With the National and State deficit and unemployment -it would be absurdedly stupid to put another tax on those who cannot afford it. The cost to go to a game will be passed on to the viewer which is at of many peoples reach as it is.Sign me- no benefit to me if they stay. I pay my own bills-let them pay theirs.

  79. Cookie says:

    You echo my thoughts, pat. Let THEM build it as long as not 1 cent of taxpayer money is involved. If the want to move, I will be first in lin with a couple of suitcases to help them pack. I can afford to spend half a weeks wages to wach that sorry bunch of prima donnas waltz around trying to look like football players. I agree with Pat

  80. Old Tired Vike says:

    No public tax money to a private enterprise. I don’t see the state stepping up and offering to pay a 3rd of my new office building. Why the heck are we paying any public tax money to finance a Vikings stadium? They are in business just like me, and if they need new facilities to help improve their business outlook, do it like me and finance it yourself!!! Want to sell shares to the public so those that want to pitch in buck$ can help – go for it. But don’t start taking my tax payments to the state and start funneling them off to some business capable of paying one employee (player) 10’s of millions of dollars, but begs us to help out. And if the team owners don’t value the legacy the team has here in the state and honor that – then they don’t belong here in the first place. Sell off the team and leave. Something ridicules? Baltimore Raven’s stadium with a Johnny Unitas tribute on the wall. What a horrible sell-out that was. Owners interested in dollars rather than a team’s history. Mr Wilf, work with us thru some trying times, don’t ask for public tax money and maybe you’ll see something down the road. Otherwise, cash it in now and depart.

  81. JACKIE says:


  82. Hannah says:

    Well, Dayton is now the governor elect!! So it looks like we will get a new stadium with taxpayers money!!!

  83. No Stadium, No way says:

    Business has sent our jobs to China, so send them the Vikings too.
    We can’t even afford to plow the snow from our highways, and streets.

  84. Matt says:

    I’m all in favor of the Vikes getting a new stadium, as long as they pay for it themselves 100%. Otherwise, GTFO. I’m tired of Billionaires getting freebies, while the common joe gets stuck with the bill. If the NFL won’t let Minnesota own the team, then Minnesota should not pay for a new stadium.

  85. KC says:

    I’m so sick of this issue coming back again and again and again and again! If they want it, let THEM BUILD IT WITH THOSE BIG BUCKS THEY MAKE! NOT WITH MY TAX DOLLARS! PERIOD! In this day and age where people are struggling to make ends meet, I can’t believe they’re still visiting this issue and thinking we all should just blindly go along with it and pay for it! I could care less about the Vikings at this point! They’ve become an embarrassment to the state of MN! And I’m tired of the ridicule out of state friends keep reminding me of! Thank goodness Childress is gone! Thank goodness Moss is gone! Now if we could just get rid of Farve! MAYBE, and that’s a big MAYBE, the Vikes might be able to rebuild a strong team and this Minnesotan might actually start to care and watch again. But a new stadium? You want it, YOU BUILD IT!

  86. No Stadium, No way says:

    It’s about time the Twins got a new ballpark, the one they have now isn’t suitable for Minnesota weather. It was obsolete before the first shovel was put in the ground.

  87. SOMEone says:

    tear down twins ballpark put vikings there

  88. Melissa T. says:

    Well, I’m not too sure about this, although we just had the metrodome roof collapse, it seems to be in working order and unless the roof would cost more to replace then a new stadium, I don’t think its worth our hard earn money to get a new stadium. Why not spend it on something better, like, child education or school activities/sports? I know MY school needs it!

  89. No Stadium, No way says:

    Sadly, the ‘Powers That Be’ will have the final word just like they did when they built the crappy Metro-dome. Those who were around then remember the cities of Bloomington, and St. Paul tried to sue to prevent its location in Minneapolis. People held protest marches and got nowhere. The decision has most likely already been made on the new stadium, and ‘We The People’ will have no say in the matter. I knew someone on the old Met Council that told me back then that the Metro- dome was going to be built right where it sits today, come hell, or high water.

  90. No Stadium, No way says:

    This site is being censored.

  91. FreddieBaby says:

    For everyone that says the Vikings have been nothing but losers for their 50 year history, you couldn’t be more wrong. Their record over that period is 395-322-9 (Wins, Losses, Ties). Just because they have had some recent problems with winning big games doesn’t make the team losers over their 50 years. If some of you young folks commenting on here were fans of the team in the 1960s and 1970s, you would not make such idiotic blanket statements.

  92. Marty says:

    Let the fans, players and owners buy the stadium. No taxes for this!! I’m not a sports fans and I don’t feel I have to pay!!!!

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