MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A group of creditors have filed a bankruptcy petition against the owner of the annual Taste of Minnesota festival, claiming the organization has left behind nearly $1 million in unpaid debt.

St. Paul ended its contract with the festival’s owner’s, International Event Marketing, LLC, in October after the organization did not pay the city about $23,600 in rental fees and other costs, including a number of payments to vendors of the food and music event.

The creditors listed in the bankruptcy petition have claims totaling more than $237,000.

It also cites a letter sent to creditors by the president of IEM, from October stating the company had no intentions to pay its debts.

An attorney for several of the petitioning creditors said funds recovered by the bankruptcy trustee will be shared with all creditors of the Taste of Minnesota, not just the petitioners. Though, he said unpaid sales taxes and costs of administering the bankruptcy will be paid first.

Comments (5)
  1. colleen says:

    Well, I hope it was worth the 2010 ridiculous entrance fee and price increase…

  2. JamieinMN says:

    I never did care for the Taste of MN…never really got to “taste” much because of the OUTRAGEOUS prices. The raped you just as you walked through those gates.

  3. M. from E says:

    The entrance fee was too high, shoulda phased in a smaller fee over several years to see if would work, making the switch in one year was too much for most people. Oh well, maybe there will be a better festival there in the future (maybe festivus for the rest of us)!

  4. Dirk says:

    How bout the “The Taste” lasted as long as it did. That was the biggest annual minnesota rip-off ever!! The food wasnt that good, nothing new or exoctic, and the prices were ridiculous. Shame on St. Paul, they would still be having the stupid “Taste” if it wasnt for the fact the thing went belly-up.

  5. Ron B says:

    The overpricing of everything was ridiculus. Why go down there and face crowds for what? to pay $9 for a beer adb 7 dollars for a cheeseburger with $5 dollars for a ear of corn or three bucks for a oscar meyer wiener

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