KASOTA, Minn. (AP) — A fisherman has been flown to a hospital after falling through the ice of a south-central Minnesota lake.

The Free Press of Mankato reports the man fell through the ice on Lake Washington Thursday. A neighbor heard a call for help and called 911.

Emergency crews arrived but couldn’t see the man. But an all-terrain vehicle was parked near a hole in the ice several dozen yards from shore.

A member of the Madison Lake Dive Team jumped in the water and pulled the man to the ice. His condition has not been released.

Le Sueur County Sheriff Tom Doherty estimates the ice was about 4 inches thick where the man fell through into about 12 feet of water.

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Comments (24)
  1. Jason says:

    Sorry but no sympathy for stupid people, charge him the full price for the cost of the rescue, and make sure he doesn’t reproduce.

  2. krocko says:

    Excuse me but the authorities say 4 inches is enough to support a person.If this isnt true then they shouldnt say that. The all terrain didnt go through.He did,and he was 4 inches like they said.Maybe you should pull you head out and not blame him so much as you should blame the authorities.

    1. Jos says:

      4 inches is safe for a person to walk on, but the lakes vary all over right now. It can be 4 inches in one spot, and 5 yards away it can be 1 inch. The guy was 80 years old, regardless he should have known better not to be on a 4 wheeler out there. I am an avid ice fisherman, no fish is worth paying the ultimate price. Better off to wait a week or two when the lakes get froze up a bit more. Heck, most of the bigger lakes like Washington were 70 percent open just 2 days ago!

  3. Andrew says:

    Agree with Jason – tired of reading these stories and hoping that people will someday realize that it isn’t worth your life to catch a crappie.

  4. William says:

    I agree Jason how dumb can people be??

  5. Minnesota says:

    Give him a break Jason!! He was probably trying to feed his family !!! That’s what we do here in Minnesota!!!!

  6. Minnesota says:

    Jason is dumb and an outsider!!!

  7. ralph h says:

    happens every year

  8. CURT A says:

    Give the guy a break, Its called an accident. Nobody plans to fall into cold icey water. Ice fishing is the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. CURT A says:

    Jason and william are probably a bunch of tree huggers, that do not hunt or fish or do any outdoor activitys. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!

    1. max says:

      Isn’t tree hugging an outdoor activity?

  10. Mike S says:

    Every year we hear about these idiots stepping out on first ice and falling through and every year Mother nature sees them coming. She’s just doing what she does best, teaching the rest of us why we need to pay attention.

  11. shawn says:

    I call it thinning the herd of stupid people! I ice fish, hunt, etc and its definetly not safe yet, especially in southern minny. Use your head! How is jason dumb when the real idiot fell through the thin ice ya geniuses.

  12. Minnesota says:

    He’s 84 yrs old !! he’s been doing this long B4 you were born!!!

  13. Minnesota says:

    Maybe mother nature should try harder and ween out some people like Mike S !!!

  14. Minnesota says:

    and Shawn !!!

  15. biglou64 says:

    It is heartless to say good, I’m glad he fell through the ice. It is also true that we go through this each year. You go out on the ice and you roll the dice. I think those who make the choice and lose, need to pay for the rescue.

  16. lol says:

    Serves the old man right, Why would anyone be on the ice in Southern MN this early in the season. People fall through this lake every year! Make him pay for the recovery effort. My husband and I work, thats how we feed our family.

  17. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    He got some grace from God on that one.

  18. Jessica says:

    yep he’s a moron – HELLO we live in MN – the lakes aren’t safe for awhile yet – get with it!!

  19. A Relative says:

    It upsets me to see how rude and heartless people are when they can hide behind the Internet. For those that don’t know the man died, he was a good man. A husband, father, and grandpa and will be missed. Accidents happen, I really hope your bad karma catches up with you in your lives.

    1. max says:

      I am very sorry for your loss, and even sorrier that you had to read the cruel comments here (my own flippant remark included). Clearly this is an accident that could happen to any of us. My thoughts are with your family.

    2. artist says:

      Well said. God bless you and your family.

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