By Steve Murphy, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A key state lawmaker is convinced the Vikings will leave Minnesota if there’s no stadium deal in the upcoming legislative session.

Rep. Morrie Lanning (R-Moorhead) has been involved in negotiations since last year and is among a select group of lawmakers that’s continuing talks with the Vikings. He’s still convinced a deal can be reached.

“It’s still, I think, feasible and possible to get something done” he said.

But Lanning is just as convinced the Vikings will leave without an agreement.

“I think what will happen is, they would end up selling the team and the new owners would move it,” he said.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO Report

The Vikings’ lease at the Metrodome expires at the end of the 2011 season.

Earlier this week team Vice President Lester Bagley said the Vikings were considering four local sites for a stadium — three in Minneapolis and one in a suburban location.

WCCO-TV quotes sources with knowledge of the process as saying three of the four parcels include the Metrodome, a site west of Target Field near the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market as well as a suburban site in Arden Hills.

Bagley says the team plans to present a proposal to the state legislature within 30 to 60 days.

Comments (75)
  1. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    @dunnski57 hey, for once we agree! There is a Santa Claus

  2. m. hufnagle says:

    the vikings have plenty enough money to pay for their own stadium. how dare they try to blackmail us by threats to move. i say “let em move” and good riddance. in these tight times there are way more important things needed in the state.

  3. Scott MPLS says:

    I will hire the moving trucks!

  4. t ev says:

    holding us hostage again and again and again. leave already

    1. jack says:

      how have the Vikings helld US hiostage again and again. They are the only team to actually stay in the dome their entire lease

  5. A Landman says:

    Good bye Vikings!!!! And good bye to any politician who votes for this taxpayers nightmare!!!

  6. AT says:

    Fine, leave. Favre is the ONLY reason people have cared about them the past two years. He will be gone anyway and the team is a mess. I could not care less if they were gone. It is all talk anyway. They know the public doesn’t support it so they threaten to leave to get the crooked politicians to support them by saying they add so much money and jobs to the community. Just leave already. We will take the next expansion team and be just fine.

    1. jack says:

      and how much a new stadium cost for that team? more than to keep the current one here and who will pay for it?

  7. SA says:

    The reality is if we do not pay for it, some other city will. If they leave I just do not want minnesotans to cry for an NFL team 5 years down the road. We should learn our lessons from the North Stars, they left, won championship & after 2 years we built Xcel center & got a crappy team named WILD.

  8. Gaylord says:

    Jack and K. … do you actually go to the games (how many per year?) or do you watch them on TV from the comfort of your home, or local bar?

    If you want to financially support the Vikings, please, by all means do so; send them a check. But I’d sure appreciate it if you’d let me make my own decision as to whether or not I wish to contribute.

    By the way, I don’t.

    1. Pally says:

      No one asked me whether I wanted to contribute to the Guthrie..which I have never set foor in.

      1. DJM says:

        The Guthrie idoes not house a private business owned by one of the wealthiest people in the country.

  9. lmao says:

    lol, viking or no viking. it don’t make any sense at all. they suck for a long time now. let them move, we will get a new team, it will be way better then these viking

  10. EdW says:

    The State has a $6.2B deficit projection.according to a WCCO article posted today. If the State has untapped revenue sources, they should be used to balance the budget and eliminate the debt first. There simply isn’t an extra billion lying around.

  11. Ed says:

    What people fail to realize is we will just end up with another team down the road with a new stadium anyways. The Marxist brain washing of this country leads people to believe that rich people are all bad. Well I got news for you idiots. Rich people create jobs and when their boat sinks so does ours. When the tide rises we all rise with it.. I not saying everyone with money is a good guy but I do know one thing it takes money to make money. Economically having any professionally sports team creates jobs for the state thus helping everyone. I don’t think taxes should be raised on everyone because not everyone likes sports. They should tax tickets, sports gear and open a casino. People throw their money away at a casino’s. So what the big deal is part of that go to a stadium. You wanna know why this country is so messed up because no one understands basic economics anymore.
    Wake the hell up people.

    1. Give me a break says:

      From 2007 to 2010 the wealthiest top 1% went from owning 24% of all wealth in this nation to 34%, a 10% increase while the ecomomy tanked. I learned this on C-Span last night from the budget committee who got the info from the Commerce Department so I know the facts are correct. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Your facts are incorrect, the rich do not create jobs, they just make more by sending our jobs overseas. But whine that you can’t tax the rich because they create jobs, your the one who doesn’t understand basic economics.

  12. Andy says:

    The Minnesota tax payer should not pay for a new stadium (unless that new stadium will be used for events other than football as Ziggy W. has plenty of resources), but the Minnesota football fans definitely should help pay (through any Vikings merchandise, stadium food and Vikings ticket sale taxes). We cannot throw away 50 years of Minnesota Vikings history!

  13. CBenny says:

    Good points but how will our taxes be increased by paying for a new stadium, unfortunately it is another point to be considered. I am a Vikings fan but we cannot continue to raise taxes for these statdiums, they are supposed to increase our revenue and benefit our community…I just do not see the payoff in the end so I would have to say see ya to the Vikes as well. They will not be drawing crowds anyway if they go down in flames this season.

    1. Pally says:

      The Vikes have WAY more winning seasons than losing. One losing season does not erase all of the other years. What fickle fans we have.

  14. Mr Bill says:

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the dawg shoulda bit ya!

  15. perky says:

    I will help direct traffic so the trucks can get on freeways in a timely manner.

    Maybe we will have to start fresh someday – possible I guess. When we can afford it. Then start fresh with a taxpayer owned team too.

    Bye Purple

    1. jack says:

      do you really believe the nfl is going to give you a “taxpayer owned” team

  16. Wiseman says:

    No money for schools, BUT $$$$$ for the Vikes. Go figure!!!!

    1. Rhys Becker says:

      We need to hold the politicians and the school board and the teachers accountable for teaching our students not more money each year from the tax payers.They need to go back to the basics of teaching reading writing arithmetic the basics so the students can graduate on learning the basics.

    2. Pally says:

      Excuse me? I pay plenty of taxes for schools!

  17. Ed says:

    If you adjust for inflation they are not any richer today then they were in 2007. We have the highest tax rate in the world when it comes to doing business and are one of the most regulated countries in the world. We need all that regulation right because it sure stopped all the crooks from doing their corrupt deeds. Let them fail end the bail outs let the free market work and things will get better. You wanna know why jobs are shipped out of this country thats one reason the other is NAFTA, CAFTA and every other so called free trade agreement they have told us would make us and everyone else more prosperous. I don’t know about you but the smart business man goes where he can make money not where he’ll end up out of business. Look at North Dakota the only state in the country with a surplus hum I wonder why? How many people does Target employ? If you take away all their money can they still employ people? While small business do employ most people you cant start a business without any money. Take all the money and what do you got ? A bunch of broke ass people that are worse off then before. Again before you go spouting off how you learned your economic lesson last night from the tv you should wake the hell up and read a book instead.

    1. Give me a Break says:

      .Idiot, inflation did not increase 10% in 3 years, actually, if you read any books you would know that inflation has been pretty flat the last 3 years. The rich are taxed less now than they were before Reagan (I lernd that from a buk, duh). You obviously don’t know economics (I have a Bachelors in Economics, do you?). The Federal Reserve runs the banks (and the reserve is run by banks, not the govt, go figure) and they borrow the money you are talking about. Few rich people are involved in borrowing people money.

      1. Common sense says:

        part of the reason this country is in such a mess is people with a bachelors in Economics, How bout back to the old days when common sense prevailed and you didn’t need a 4 year college degree to balance your own checkbook.

    2. Frazzled Citizen says:

      Please re-check your facts. You speak of Marxist propaganda, but you are just as, if not moreso, deceived by the propaganda that the rich spew. Remember, the rich own the media, own the politicians, which means they pretty much own the government. The facts that GiveMe states are true. I just wish that people would check facts before believing the filth that the R-Party spews.
      The Owner of the Vikes is one of these people. He’s got a FORTUNE and could build the stadium himself, but why should he when he can dupe the State into building it for him? This is the kind of BS politics that makes me sick, but the Sheeple buy into the “Oh, we have to buy a stadium or else” mantra.

      Has anyone even bothered to look at the staggering amount of money that these sports teams and players make? It’s astounding… for what?

      When was the last time one of the many scientists that revolutionize our lives got that kind of money? A Nobel prize gets $1.4M Favre got paid $12M in 2008. Does this not sound even slightly screwed up to anyone?

      I think our money would be much better spent on education, so that people can learn to differentiate between what’s REALLY propaganda…

      1. come on says:

        Then you should take a pay cut and donate it all to education.

  18. Ed says:

    Why would you want to send your kids to a brain washing school system anyways. All they teach is socialism. Lots of good that has done our country. Just another reason we are in this mess.

  19. perky says:

    To Jack — no sir I don’t.
    Do you really believe we/us taxpayers will give these sleezeballs a new stadium?

  20. perky says:

    Ed – don’t send you brats to school and find out WHAt living off the system really means. You got a brain inside that skullcap??? lmao

  21. Bruiser says:

    How many $7/hour new hires by the NFL / Wilf are posting here?? ;-)))

    At least 3 I can see but where’s the rest hiding? lol

  22. Judy says:

    The Vikings are private owned, they can build their own building just like all other businesses have to do and pay taxes. Not try to blackmail taxpayers into paying for it. They get the money for the tickets not the taxpayers.

  23. ThomasD says:

    No No No.
    I hate pro sports and beggar millionaire more than anything on earth.
    All you stadium lovers – pony up if it means so much. Toss another $100 on each ticket. ESPN can increase fees to cable providers too. I want the option to not be forced to pay for it though.
    Arrogance – the only word that comes to mind in pro sports. Sure there are exceptions. Not many.
    Pay and enjoy if you choose. I don’t and won’t.
    Go to Japan for all I care anymore – you have lost any support I may have extended in past.

    1. wasted money says:

      I don’t want to pay into welfare because i think it is a huge joke, and i think schools get plenty, and why does every cop drive a fancy dodge charger cop car. this state waste money in worse ways than a stadium..

  24. SportsNut says:

    Bye bye purple
    no more do I care

    I’ll send you a postcard
    plzz just tell me where

    capitalism is kool
    makes millionaires drool

    cuz they all know
    players don’t like snow

    so off ya go big boys
    elsewhere to but yer toys


  25. Paul says:

    Anyone remember the North Stars?

    1. SmarterThanChit says:

      didn’t care then and don’t now….why you ask?
      ooooooooh – you need us to do yer fix now huh?!
      ain’t happening

  26. red says:

    bye bye spoiled brats

  27. Rob says:

    If a tax is going to forced down our throats to pay for the stadium it should be spread across every county in the state instead of just the metro area. They are called the Minnesoa Vikings not the Twin cities Vikings. The outstate areas get to watch the games even when they are blacked out in the metro when not sold out.

    1. Tax SD, ND and IA people too!! says:

      @ Rob. It should include Iowa, North and South Dakota as well since a lot of the fans come here, and are fans.

    2. BeatnDowninMN says:

      WRONG — those who want to listen and watch ot go should pay a Fricken Tax only….shoved deep into the throat if necessary.

      Bet the wanters are 30% tops in whole state if they have to fork out a dime. Fact

  28. John Huberty says:

    I would rather propose turning the Metrodome into a giant Gas Chamber and using it to liquidate the subhuman filth who go to those games. NFL football is a stain on humanity, and it should be wiped from the face of the earth like you wipe your ass after taking a dump.

    1. john=girlie man says:

      @ John, I dont know too many men who dont like the NFL, are you a girlie man???

      1. B says:

        john you must be one of them guys that sit home nitting drinking a wine cooler instead of watching football drinking a beer with the guys

      2. Bruiser says:

        Maybe John’s a real man and off hunting, fishing or playing with his family instead of living in front of a friggen TV. 😉

    2. Pally says:

      John, I’m assuming you like the ballet and wine.

  29. bob sayget says:

    Everyone worried about the Tax on a new Stadium Deal,I Say Remember the (North Star)-(Minnesota Moose) Ya now cried after they left. & Yes we got the wild 15 years in the making BACK. But is it the Same No way VIKES Forever Let get it done to make a deal You Cry Babbies

  30. Jim says:

    Maybe if they cut the salaries of these players so they only make in one year what the average Joe makes in one lifetime, they could afford to build their own stadium. Right now someone like Farve makes what the average person makes in ten lifetimes.

  31. Jeremy says:

    Ed, We do not have the highest tax rate in the world. The Sweden and Holland do and they feel that they all reap benefits of paying taxes. I know firsthand. Stop pulling random, misleading, and more importantly incorrect statements.

    Wilf is a developer, if building a stadium is “such a good deal” he’d be a smart business man to build a new stadium himself.
    Lets spend our hard earned money on projects that actually help Minnesotans, not some jerk from New York.

  32. Mark says:

    amazing and insightful comments and suggstions from well informed and intelligent individuals!!! Enojy paying the additional sales taxes, property taxes and fees after the Vikings leave for California!!!

    1. Bruiser says:

      Hey Mark – I sure will! I actually get some benefit maybe if they do. I do not if they toss it to Ziggi’s cookie jar.

      C-ya Purple … or not. I actually wonder if LA has the means. They can’t afford a thing now ….LMAO

  33. CJ says:

    Ed obviously didn’t pay attention when he learned all his economics, or when he made it up.
    The quoted increases of wealth for the rich were given in percent of the county’s wealth, not their actual wealth in dollars. Inflation has nothing to do with such a comparison, as it applies to everyone, and the total wealth. As long as you compare by using the percent of wealth, inflation doesn’t matter.

    1. Give me a Break says:

      Ed learned his ecomomics from Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc. They are shills for the rich and brainwash people like Ed into thinking they represent them. Tea Party = the Koch brothers, who bankroll the the Tea Party idiots.

  34. Jeff says:

    I have been a Viking fan for over 36 years. If they left Minnesota it would rock my sports world! My kids have come to love the Vikings too. I would hope that somebody could come up with a plan to keep them in Minnesota! In the horrible event that they would leave, I beg the powers that be to at the very least DO NOT let them take the Viking name with them!!
    PLEASE stay in Minnesota Vikings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. BeatnDowninMN says:

      Get out your OWN money and take care of biz

  35. Ginger Shepla says:

    Anyone that wants to keep the Vikings here should pony up the money. We should not be forced to pay for something we have no interest in. I have limited money so if I’m forced to pay for this, then I will have less money for other things such as charities that I donate to. I can’t believe how people think the Vikings have any right to demand we pay for this. I certainly can’t believe our lawmakers will go along with it at our expense. I’m sure most of the lawmakers that vote for this mess will be Dems as they like to tax everyone for everything. It’s very sad ho they are happy to through our money around to get more votes.

  36. stevo says:

    Please, Vikings, JUST LEAVE.

  37. Mike Ciresi says:

    I personally don’t like to be bullied as most people don’t. Please leave then, I won’t die because the Vikings left Minnesota. I won’t have to pay outrageous prices for tickets, merchandise and parking. I can take the nearly $400.00 dollars and buy food or gas and better yet something else in the state that I can enjoy. My money will still benefit the state, I don’t have to go to a Vikings game to do that.

  38. Dinglefritz says:

    Look, it’s not that I want them to leave. I would prefer if they were to stay here as I do believe they add a great deal of value, HOWEVER, I want them to use their own resources / financing for this. Why is the state / county on the hook for their venture? Open up ownership of the team to the state / county for a fair trade.

  39. GO PURPLE.. says:

    Go PURPLE.. These cry babies are crying for god sake…. Take your little family to Dakotas for all I care… go enjoy your backyard ant hunting.. Common sense – – – spend a few bucks now or spend a few hundred later… Definitely you cant even spend moneys for diapers right now what made you think you can afford diapers with the expansion team? Would hate to lose 50 years of history….

  40. Carlitos Way says:



  41. stevo says:

    Why do we need a new stadium? Can’t the Vikings share the TCF Bank Stadium at the U of MN? After all, the Vikings only play 10 stinking games a year, with half the games away in some other state. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the HHH Metrodome. It’s a great stadium. Again, please, Vikings, JUST LEAVE

  42. tk says:

    for all you people who want them to leave are OBVIOUSLY NOT SPORTS FANS AND HAVE PROBABLY NEVER WATCHED A VIKING GAME,, this is a viking state win or lose you stick with them,,,,, go purple,,, and for all you others we have to keep our team here at home,,,
    GO VIKES,,,,

  43. B says:

    Build it! I have buddies that drive 8 hours to Lambeau and pay three hundred dollars a ticket to experience the stadium and the atmosphere. Let Minnesota start something historical. Not only will it draw people from around the country, but it will pull our home town vikings fans out of Hibernation. Sold out seats and over priced beer and hot dogs! I cant wait! We need to keep our heritage right where it is.

    1. Matt says:

      Well said B! My thoughts exactly!

  44. bridget says:

    Mark I usually agree with you but on this one I don’t. I think the team does a lot of good for MN. And wether you agree or not, Dayton has made it crystal clear he wants a stadium so all this arguing will be for naught. He also wants a casino at the MOA which I think is an excellent idea. Otherwise he is a complete drug soaked idiot!!

  45. S Dav says:

    I do agree that the Vikings should pick up the bulk of cost to build a stadium. They also need to continue attempting to build that SuperBowl team that Zig seems committed to doing. This year has just been a string of bad luck but, I do think the Vikes can bounce back again.

    If they plan it right (w/retractable roof) it will not only be the Vikings that will use the stadium. There are many events that can and will be held there (people often forget this aspect). There are a lot of options available to reduce the cost on every Minnesota resident…but, I say they need to get something in place to keep the Vikings here. A big reason Minnesota did not feel the impact of the North Stars leaving is because of MOA. While many in outstate say they do not want to contribute because they do not go to the games…many of them sit at home watching and cheering. They will complain if we lose the Vikes just as they did when the North Stars and even the Lakers left.

    The financial impact that having the Vikings here and a multi-weather facility that draws other use during NFL downtime is huge…the money could easily be made IF they build the proper type of stadium. Just because the nostalgia of the game outdoors is a big deal for tomorrow…doesn’t mean that Minnesota should an outdoor stadium only built…but it is time to get it done

  46. S Dav says:

    For those of you that think there is nothing wrong with the Dome…Have you seen the news lately…just to catch you up. The roof on the dome collapsed! The building is old, outdated and actually if you look at it..not that appeasing to the eye. There is actually some big financial advantage to getting something new in the city or even suburb if that’s the road taken.

    As for the Bank…not big enough to support the number of fans that travel nationwide to see a NFL game. The Vikings have a huge draw world wide actually. I know people that have flown in from Japan just to see the game played in Minnesota…so, this is a much larger impact than just drawing local residents to the stadium. Think about that for a change….

  47. Common sense says:

    The state makes tons of money off the vikings and the dome. if they leave the dome will be tore down, if they stay the dome needs to be tore down. Just build the new one. The amount of money this state spends and welfare is peanuts compared to what the new stadium would cost. And way more people will benefit from the new stadium and having the vikings stay here then benefit from a broken welfare system.

  48. Pally says:

    Why was it okay to build a stadium for the Twins? Do any of you remember the North Stars? Remember how much MORE it cost to bring a new team in and build an arena? I pay taxes for the Guthrie and have never set foot in there. BUILD THE STADIUM!

  49. Cranky longtime fan says:

    I have been watching this team since 1970 when I was 6. My family had season tickets from 1982 to 2001. Four trips to the Super Bowl with zero wins is unacceptable. This franchise does not seem to have any desire to win a Championship. They make lame half-hearted attempts, but no real desire. We have changed owners, players, coaches, and guess what, it is still the same team that lost 4 Super Bowls.

    When we have decent players and/or coaches, we let them go. Not all of them, but some. And no, I will not get into a debate over this point. This franchise told the world how much desire it has when it let Warren Sapp go in the draft.

    Regardless if the Vikings stay, or a new team comes in, a new stadium will HAVE to be built. Period. The Dome is nothing more than a dilapidated, steaming pile that can’t even keep its own roof up.

    The Vikings complain about not being competitive. Well guess what, WIN A FREAKIN’ CHAMPIONSHIP or two and see what happens. The general public may be more willing to pony up some dough. Until then, not so much. Look at it this way, if you owned a business and had a mediocre employee, would you continue to give this person a raise or even employment? I think not. Simple economics dictate that the public can no longer fund this franchise.

    After all the years and money my family, as well as other families have put into this team and this is the best they can do, I say C’est la vie.

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