By John Lauritsen

By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You wouldn’t think a bottle of syrup could ruin your day, but it did for Rena Snyder. On Tuesday morning, the expecting mother found an unexpected guest in her bottle of syrup.

“I ate a whole waffle with it, and then I was working on a second one. Just me and my dad were passing it back and forth and I looked at it and I thought, ‘its turning solid, that’s kind of weird,” said Snyder, who lives in Cokato, Minn.

What she was looking at wasn’t anything listed in the ingredients — it was an unwanted breakfast guest that had four legs and a tail.

“I don’t know what possessed me to open it and actually look at the bottom of it and there’s a big, fat dead mouse in it,” said Snyder. “I screamed! And because I’m 8 months pregnant so my mother thought my water broke.”

Because she is pregnant and had consumed the syrup on more than one occasion, Snyder called the hospital and poison control. She ended up getting sick that night and went to the doctor the next day. Thankfully, everything checked out fine.

Snyder also contacted the Target store in Hutchinson, Minn. where her mother bought the syrup. Snyder says Target has been very apologetic. But it still leaves her wondering how the mouse got in the Market Pantry syrup bottle in the first place. One thing is for sure, she will never again look at Belgian waffles the same way and said she will never eat waffles again.

“Syrup I can tell you for sure — never,” said Snyder.

Target released a statement saying they are taking the incident very seriously and are investigating what happened.

They are not commenting on how the mouse may have gotten in the Market Pantry syrup bottle.

Snyder believes it happened during the packaging, because the mouse is stuck on the bottom.

She says neither her nor her parents saw the mouse because of where it was in the bottle and because the syrup was too dark.

WCCO-TV’s John Lauritsen Reports

Comments (69)
  1. Coffeegirl says:

    That Market Pantry brand is the worst quality-I refuse to shop for anything @ Target anymore, everything is such junk!

    1. joe bag of donuts says:

      you’re a clown.

  2. Sasha Lynn Kimball says:

    I can’t even handle this!!!!!!

  3. Marva says:

    Oh for petes sake! Can you make a bigger deal of this stupid story? ” It is so gross! ” Stop it!! There has to be something else to report about!

  4. cjinspirations says:

    This is another reason why all you consumers should buy local homemade products. There are plenty of homemade syrups around Hutchinson area and local farmers markets. Why do you insist on buying corn sryup junk filled with sugar and preservatives, when you can have the best quality available for your health and help local small businesses?? Buy all your produce, jams, canned goods and syrups from well known and made in Minnesota products. You can easily make your meals from scratch, and grow your own foods in containers or small gardens if you are a city dweller, the vendors at farmers markets depend on your business and care about what they sell you.

    1. ann says:

      I lost my job a year ago and frankly can’t afford what the vendors charge at the farmers market or “mom & pop” stores….

      1. Deborah says:

        “Mom and Pop” stores can sell the same unhealthy products. You need to shop at a co-op, directly from farmers, or the farmers market. Big ag subsidizes crap food – educate yourself.

  5. Jackie says:

    people buy this syrup because its cheap and not a lot of people can afford the real thing. I would love to buy farmers market foods, but they are just too expensive.

  6. Billy says:

    wonder how many cockroaches people have found in there syrup bottle over the years.

    With everything else going on in the world these days what a stupid story.

    WCCO channel 4 does that quite often compared to KSTP channel 5.

  7. Dan says:

    What is wrong with you showing some such a disgusting story at dinner time. You made us sick watching this story and we could not eat our dinner. Do you think this is newsworthy?

    1. John says:

      suck it up man quit being a little girl. some people eat mice cuz thats all they have who cares any way

    2. J. says:

      Do you only get one channel? If not, I am pretty sure you have the ability to change the station. They did give a warning before they showed it. Any yes, it is newsworthy because consumers have a right to know.

  8. Nik says:

    Seriously? How could they not see this? Don’t people look at their food before eating it??

    1. Reddog says:

      The syrup was dark and and the lable covers the bottom its hard to see unless you are looking for something at the bottom of the container

  9. cjinspirations says:

    FYI my husband is layed off and we grow all our own food, can, freeze when sales come and buy syrup from locals and we still have so much we have to give our produce away. We also work for food from our neighbors on weekends and holidays. I have 1 ft and 1 pt job and we eat the best food. Look at what you eat and see where you spend the money. $8 is well worth it for a bottle of syrup. Don’t buy anything but fruit and veggies and meat and you can eat good food if you really want to. Processed food is simply not worth it for your health

    1. Deborah says:

      Thanks – you are so right. People complain about prices for buying local – but it’s not only healthier and re-invests the money back into the local economy (more local jobs!) it’s a myth that “local products” cost more.

    2. T. says:

      $8 for a bottle of syrup? Are you kidding me? Processed food may not be worth it, you are right on that, but I’m not sure syrup in general is good for you either, even if it is fresh–so 8 dollars could definitely go toward buying other fruits and veggies instead of that.

  10. northern minnesota says:

    How do we know that this women did not leave the cap off at her own home, and a mouse crawled in. Such a stupid story.

    1. imirishlass says:

      Exactly. That’s the first thing that came to my mind too.

      1. Jon Lindquist says:

        Why would they need to take the cap off, it was probably one of those caps that are similar to the ones on dish soap bottles

  11. noneyabusiness says:

    Big deal. People have eaten worse stuff. Watch “FEAR FACTOR”. Bet it would be tasty on a waffle.

  12. noneyabusiness says:


  13. Robyn says:

    Cost savings aside, where’s the quality control at the vendor who supplies Target with their private Market Pantry brand? I’ve found a rock in the snack mix of another Market Pantry product. What else is slipping through? This is beyond gross, it’s dangerous.

  14. Carla says:

    Of course this is newsworthy. Wouldn’t you want to know if you may possibly purchase that brand at Target that there could be a little creature in it?

  15. Mike S says:

    Sorry John, this isn’t news, just someone with mice in their pantry. Maybe you should report on the box elder bugs I found near my toaster.

  16. M B says:

    How exactly could a mouse crawl into a closed bottle? Even wit hthe flip-cap left open, that leaves less than a quarter inch for the mouse to get in. If the little buggar managed, he should be immortalized as a master contortionist.

    I don’t suppose they released any batch info? If he was in the bottle prior to filling, then it’s no problem. If he was in the syrup, then the whole batch is tainted.

  17. petvet says:

    Unfortunately it IS cheaper for people on low or fixed incomes to sustain themselves with junk food rather than healthy food. There have been studies that show just that (University of Washington did one a few years back). Not everyone can grow their own food whether for lack of space, physical ability or other issue. Real, local maple syrup is always going to be more expensive than the fake kind, and those few extra dollars aren’t insignificant to everyone. (I’m not arguing that the fake kind can hold its own against maple syrup…I won’t touch the fake stuff, and if need be, I’d rather eat a fraction as much and have it be real maple syrup than eat the fake kind). A bell pepper might cost $0.50…well so does a candy bar or bag of chips, and a either one has more calories than a pepper, and in the end, calories are what we need to survive and for someone struggling to make ends meet, more calories is better.

    This mouse incident could have just as easily happened at a local maple syrup farm. I’ve bought maple syrup directly from a farm in an opaque plastic bottle. I live on a farm and know that come wintertime, mice want to come in, and each year we catch a couple. If the mouse found its way into one of the plastic containers, I can certainly see not noticing (who’s going to look into every single plastic container? ). A local farm can have a pest problem the same as any manufacturer. I mean, I hope where ever I get my food, things are clean and nice, but things like this happen.

  18. FU says:

    That mouse wasn’t there long… Look at the picture, there are droppings.

    1. Reddog says:

      The droppings at the bottom means that the mouse was in there before the syrup was put into the container and the mouse is green

  19. Lars H says:

    I find that if I use real maple syrup I use a lot less of it for the same flavor as corn syrup based maple syrup. So in the end it comes out to about the same price. The secret is not to drown your pancakes in syrup.

  20. Shane Gillespie says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this article. It is one of the best ones I ever read. Gross but the way it was written was hilarious. I do wonder how was the mouse able to poop if it was drowned in syrup? And how could it fit in such a small opening? And if the bottle was standing upright when the machines were pouring the syrup, the mouse would of had to crawl straight up into the bottle without knocking it over.

  21. Jon Tranberry says:

    Oh my! That poor mouse….

  22. Luke Eischen says:

    I found a finger in my Chili at Wendy’s too! Oh, wait.. Someone tried that one.

  23. Dale McKeen says:

    I just read a book that had the very same side plot, they must have read it also.

  24. Ron Taylor says:

    You are assuming that those things in the bottom are actually droppings. They could be any number of things, stuff that fell out of its fur, dirt of its filthy little feet or some uneaten stuff from its mouth. Perhaps, depending on how long it was in there some decayed flesh chunks. Who knows from looking. All I know is its gross. This sort of thing happens once in a while. A few years ago my friend bought a can of Tuna from a local IGA and when she opened the can it wasnt tuna but cat food inside. A tuna can clearly labeled tuna with cat food inside. Stuff happens!

  25. mouse in the house says:

    Can you really expect the best when you buy crap products??? Try looking at what your buying. and how did they not see it, the syrup isn’t really that dark……

  26. Chris says:

    Clearly they are making this up. How could you not see this and more important, taste it? All this to be on the news, shameful.

    1. Tonya says:

      exactly Chris, I just dought a bottle of syrup the other day. I can see all the way to the bottem of the bottle. If there was a mouse in it I would definettaly see it. The syrup is not to dark.

    2. larry says:

      News? I am thinking they are trying to cash in from a lawsuit. Oh she got sick and was pregnant. I am sure the stress almost killed her baby

  27. DanM says:

    I found a mushroom inside a bottle of Moosehead Beer & the company didn’t seem to care much. I don’t drink that brand anymore.

  28. DanM says:

    When I type a comment some times it gets lost before I post it. Is this only happening to me?

  29. yuk says:

    How could you not look at the bottle when you pour it? and numerous times? you would think that people would pay more attention…

  30. bob n doug says:

    I heard that like, when this happens eh, you get your syrup for free.

    You boys want free syrup, go to the brewery. Now get outta here before I put the two of you in a bottle.

  31. Rex says:

    Homemade stuff – better ‘n storebought fake stuff & ya know what yer gittin.
    2 cup sugar
    1 cup water
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    1 tbsp corn syrp
    combine & brign to boil 5-10 min
    add 1 tsp mapline & 1 tsp vanilla
    pour over your waffles

  32. mash says:

    DanM –
    I once found a moosehead in a can of mushrooms!!!
    Wow – what a coincidence!!

  33. mash says:

    Because I like to stick with CSI-type stuff and not indulge in flights of fancy concerning mice-in-the-syrup fairy tales, here’s all you have to do. Autopsy little Mickey and see if he/she has syrup in his/her lungs, if so, he could have “slipped” in while taste-testing at the factory, HOWEVER, if there is no syrup in the lungs, said rodent was placed in the bottle after assuming room temperature and was either done as a joke (gone awry) and/or someone hoping for a big payday — if so, the individual is subject to prison time for product tampering a FEDERAL CRIME, which includes “false reporting”.

  34. Spicy RV says:

    Can we have it? We’ll put it to good use!

  35. petvet says:

    not necessarily mash. If the mouse got into the bottle and died (thirst, starvation, suffocation if bottle was in a plastic wrapped pallet). before the syrup was put in the container, it wouldn’t have syrup in its lungs either. The mouse could have gotten in the bottle at the bottle-making factory.

    And I would actually expect to see feces if the mouse entered the bottle alive because mice tend to defecate and urinate when they are scared, ESPECIALLY if they are or feel like they are drowning.

  36. sgtsmash says:

    OK so they showed a news story about a dead mouse in the syrup at dinner time, and everybody is upset. Hey, there are commercials about maxi pads, hemmorhoid cream, and adult diapers during the 6pm news and other shows. Man up.

  37. Lindsey says:

    dont people realize animals like people usually empty their bowls when dying. The mouse would and could crawl in when the lid was off off…for it to be stuck to the bottom it probably drowned in the syrup in the manufacturing plant. Also, it said she didnt notice the mouse because of the color of the syrup.

    Also, working in dietary in a hospital, and with her being pregnant, yes it is a big deal because that is how food bourne illnesses are spread

  38. katrina says:

    she said she has used the syrup before…did she not get sick before? why is she just getting sick now? why is the syrup solidifying now?

    I am pretty sure this would be something I would notice.

    1. katrina says:

      and to the people that keep saying only by local and ma and pop places…pretty sure there are mice there too ; )

  39. petvet says:

    “that is how food bourne illnesses are spread”

    Haha, no I don’t think THAT is the typical way…I didn’t learn in vet school that mice in your syrup is a common way to get diseases;-)

    Seriously though, one of the main disease concern in this case is lymphocytic choriomeningitis, which can be a very serious disease to a pregnant woman because it can cause abortion or birth defects. Mice can also carry salmonella and leptospirosis. So this is a real health concern for her and her family, whether the mouse got in before or after she bought the syrup.

  40. bailey says:

    these people have to oblivious not to see that really? if it was stuck to the bottom and when you pour syrup air goes to the top (aka bottom: where the mouse was!!!!!!!!!!!)

  41. noneyabusiness says:

    I wonder how this twit would react to finding a worm on the bottom of a bottle of tequila.


    Most likely after consuming the syrup with the mouse and being pregnant, your child have genes from the mouse. Hope you don’t have cats. They have keen sences and most likely attack the child.

  43. DR.DOOLITTLE says:

    I have heard of this before and the child actually grew a tail and had a strange looking face. I believe the mother died a few days later.

  44. GOD says:

    So your hubby wants a lawer. You most likely had the mouse running around in your own home and you left the top off. Or your not telling the truth and pulling a scam do to this crazy aconomy. GET OVER IT LADY!!!!

  45. SANTA CLAUS says:


  46. SUK MIE DIK says:


  47. Ellen says:

    I’m a bit suspicious myself about the mouse being in there and not noticed! I agree that real maple syrup is way too spendy & could get contaminated as well. So, here is my option: MAKE YOUR OWN! It’s simple and tasty using
    sugar, water and artificial maple flavoring. I’ve done it for many years!

    1. suk mie dik says:


  48. rj says:

    Good luck getting Target to even apologize. I purchased juice that was over a year past the sell date. Yes, I got the refund but no satisfaction as to how that could happen with weekly inspections for dates on the products.

  49. Mary says:

    I can no longer eat Market Fresh products after seeing this mouse in the syrup.

  50. suk mie dik says:

    Get a life you twit. The bottle was nearly empty and it took you that long to notice the rodent. Suppose you probably would drink a bottle of water and none left, then” O’geez, a mouse.”WHAT A TWIT U R….

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