Man Who Fell Through Ice Dies

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –A man who fell through the ice Thursday on Lake Washington in Kasota has died.

The LeSuer County Sheriff said Edwin Advair Senska, 81, broke through the ice while riding an ATV.

Neighbors heard a call for help and called 911.

Rescue crews arrived and found Senska in about 12 feet of water. Authorities believe he may have been in the water close to an hour.

He was  air lifted  to The Mayo Clinic where he was pronounced dead.

The sheriff said the ice is still very fragile,  maybe only a couple inches thick.

Officers said Senska lived on the lake close to where the accident happened.

WCCO-TV’s Mike Binkley Reports

  • chris

    People what the heck are you doing on the ice,do you have some kind of death wish or what. How dumb, even an 80 year old should know better

    • Ron

      especially an 81 year old.

  • Bill

    WOW…DO some research before you post a story. I read this morning in the Mankato paper he “sadly” passed away.

  • sara

    People you need to stay off the ice till we have had alot of freezing.This is sad as this man must have known it was not safe. I am happy to hear he was an active 81 yr old!!

  • Me

    Too bad BILL the chris is right the 80 year old is an idiot!

  • Me

    Too bad BILL, Chris is right the 80 year old is an idiot!

  • Bob

    Has anyone considered that maybe he DID know the ice was not safe…..he was getting up there in age, maybe he thought it was time to go.

  • lorna

    I’ve always wondered why snowmobilers and ATVers and such don’t wear a life jacket on the lake. Wouldn’t that save them ???

  • Paula

    Ed was NOT an idiot!! He was a good man, with a good heart….he was always so friendly to others.! He loved and was so proud of his family. He was a very active 81 year old. He made a mistake and lost his life. Please listen to the words you are using and try to be more empathetic! He made a mistake by going out onto the ice. I’m sure he would want people to learn from his mistake. His family and friends will miss him terribly!

    • tGABRIEL

      I can only hope to be as active as this gentleman when I am 81. my dad had 4th stage parkinson’s and could barely get around at this age. Ed’s family should know that he has left them a legacy which is to get out and be active.

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