Teens Arrested After 17 Calves Stolen

ST. CLOUD (WCCO) — Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with a string of thefts at various cattle thefts in Stearns, Todd and Douglas counties.

According to the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office, 19-year-old Jesse Robert Ronsberg and an unnamed 16-year-old from Barnesville have been taken into custody. The juvenile suspect has since been released to his parents.

Authorities had been tipped off to the whereabouts of some stolen calves by a tipster, and followed the lead to rural areas in Rothsay and Barnesville.

They found 17 calves in total. All have been returned to their owners.

Investigators will forward the case to the county attorney’s office for possible theft and burglary charges.

WCCO-TV’s Frank Vascellaro Report (From Nov. 30)

  • B

    Thats good !! send them to jail for a while teach them a lesson when they are young. that is peoples income they are screwing with

  • B

    teach them young put them in jail

  • joe

    why in the world would they go that far to steal calves

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  • red

    juveniles- thinking its funny- teach both of them a darn good lesson and punish them to the fullest

  • Victoria

    Restitution and jail; theft is theft and pay back the county for the hours spent on this stuff. Also, work the farms as part of the restitution.

  • justis walkert

    You know what they do to rustlers in Texas…

  • djrother

    Animal rights activists, or kids being punks?

  • ahab

    Sorry, but the cynic in me believes they will just get a slap on the wrist, a fine and maybe some probation. They will leave the courthouse thinking they got away with it and will not learn anything. Only if their parents follow up with their own discipline, will anything really happen to them.

  • Ines Beag

    PLEASE, to the person who grabs jpegs for stories: WCCO-TV’s Frank Vascellaro Report (From Nov. 30) video picture, those are not calves. And my favorite picture is the top of a cop cars lights for all your crime stories. Sic,Sic,Sic

    • sue

      my favorite is the dramatic hand for sex abuse and rape stories

  • linda

    You’re all right, but maybe if the two teenagers have a clean record & the animals have been returned in good health-maybe just some public service & stern warning would be enough.

    • GomersPile

      A 2″ belt and 100 lashes. Then 100 community service – maybe cleaning toilets at schools?
      Then 100 hours forced labor cleaning stalls.

      Then a weekend in jail.

  • Joy

    Where were the parents? How did they account where they got 17 cows? I’m sure neither of the two teenagers owned the property the calves were found on. Definately should be some jail time and community service.
    Farm Girl

    • GeoffR


      Parents? – hell, most have no clue anymore what their kids up to. In the end tho it is the kid/person and not the parents. I had a single Mom who raised me – and she had to work 3 jobs to manage. Never around – no real influence. Wild I was.
      Then 7 days in jail for a DWI. A near angel since then. Jail does wonders for us idiots. ;-)

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