NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Prosecutors who want a man accused in a sex trafficking ring run by Somali gangs to stay in jail pending trial claim his brother is not a trustworthy custodian.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Van Vincent has argued in court documents that Abdifatah Omar is a flight risk and poses a danger to his community.

Omar’s attorney wants his client to be released into the custody of his brother, Abdirahman Omar.

Vincent said in an interview that he questioned the brother at a Thursday hearing in Nashville’s U.S. District Court about a work incident. The brother works at Nashville International Airport and once allowed another brother, who is also indicted in the case, into a restricted area.

Abdifatah Omar’s attorney did not immediately return messages requesting comment. Omar is one of 29 people from Nashville and Minneapolis indicted in the case.

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Comments (4)
  1. Bruiser says:

    castrate B4 the fact. ’nuff said

  2. Dave says:

    Not trust a Somali Muslim? Why on earth wouldn’t you trust a Somali Muslim, or two?

  3. No Somalis For Me says:

    Somalis: The latest biblical scourge

  4. animel says:

    hang them all hight or better yet cut off their hand and make them wipe their ass with the one they aren’t suppose to use in their country

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