Man Arrested For Throwing Foster Cat At Ceiling

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A 23-year-old man was arrested over the weekend after police say he threw his foster cat against the ceiling of his apartment.

Reece Christian Donahue could face animal cruelty charges for the alleged incident, which took place Saturday morning on the 1200 block of Wilson Avenue in St. Paul.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Telly Mamayek Reports

Police received a call from a woman who reported her roommate had been drinking and was throwing objects around the apartment.

Upon arrival, St. Paul Police found a 2-year-old black and brown female tabby cat hiding with fresh blood on its nose and mouth. Police say Donahue did not adopt the cat but was fostering the animal.

A tuft of cat hair was also found stuck to the ceiling.

The cat was returned to Caring for Cats, a north St. Paul animal shelter where Donahue adopted her, and did not need immediate veterinary treatment.

Officers arrested Donahue at the scene, noting that he had several fresh scratches on his arms. Police say they believe alcohol played a role.

Donahue was also arrested in October on a felony charge of criminal damage to property after he allegedly damaged two cars in the parking lot of the same apartment building. Officers say they believe alcohol played a role in that incident, as well.

  • Tom Willard


  • Bill

    Wow, this is a top news story?

    • Kevin

      Agreed. I like cats and dogs and all animals, and this is indeed wrong. However, I have this feeling that there are other bits of news that might take precedence.

    • Jon Lindquist

      no, it is a recent news story, which puts it at the top of the page

  • Mark from

    What I wouldn’t give to get this slime ball in a room for 5 min.

  • Shane G

    Grab him by the legs and throw him into a spinning ceiling fan.

  • The_Truth

    Let’s hope he gets treated like the cat when they throw his drunk ass in jail.

  • Tha Girl

    Thank goodness the roommate called for help. Hopefully the cat is okay. and Bill – lets hope it isn’t you next time – jerk

    • Bill

      WOW!!!!!! Where in MY comment did I say anything like I hate cats, good for the cat, hope the cat dies…..etc etc etc. I was trying to make a point that it did not need to be top news. I am not a cat lover but I would never intentionallly hurt one so back off.

  • red

    I prefer dogs over cats when it comes to pets but I am totally against animal cruelty. poor thing, I hope that cat does not have any internal injuries from being thrown against the ceiling. taking advantage of a small innocent creature. sicko Someone should throw and beat him around and see how he likes it.

  • Sandra McNeal

    The cat is ok and back at the shelter. Reece Donahue posted on Facebook that he was going to kill the cat, and I shared his Facebook screenprints with the office on the case. What a loser.

  • Sandra McNeal

    I meant “officer on the case” Sorry, typing too fast.

  • Webb

    Really – u jerks. Get off Bill’s case. wth!

  • SB

    What kind of animal shelter is Caring for Cats? Don’t they do background checks? I have adopoted pets and I had to sign permissionfor a background check. Poor cat, this shelter needs a review. The animal should have been sent to a vet.

  • billy

    LOL, no crap, I wonder who is in charge of WCCO making stuff like this their top news story.

    Joke of the day.

    • Jon Lindquist

      actually, the system works more as “most recent” news stories rather than top news stories.

  • JamieinMN

    Aww poor kitty! This makes my stomach churn. And by the way, if you want top news, go to CNN for fu**’s sake. This is a very disturbing issue that DOES deserve front page, top news IMHO.

  • billy

    what a joke, WCCO whats wrong?

  • Jeff

    Look him up on facebook and read his wall. What an idiot.

  • Esuka

    How cultures differ from one part o the world to the other. In West Africa its not uncommon to see men poking at sizzling barbeque of cat and dog meat on wire gauze over an open fire. Eaters of cat and dog meat claim there are many benefits. One of them is that it reduces your reaction time and cures Malaria. I wonder how laughable such a story would be in West Africa; man gets arrested for trying to make his launch….

    • Mark from

      @Esuka Well you may be right, but we don’t live in clay huts

  • Mark from

    @ billy LORD let me find you someday, and I will

    • mugglemary

      I love you. Marry me.

      • mugglemary

        clarification: above comment meant for Mark from
        NOT the subject of this piece, who is a waste of skin.

  • Mark from

    i am not a drunk as you dumb i am

  • Dale

    Not defending this guy, but I wonder if you people would be as upset if you went and watched what goes on at an abortion clinic.

    • Kim

      I was thinking the same thing Dale..wondering if these people who are so very protective of animals are just as protective of the over 40 million babies killed. It says alot about our culture when animals are more protected than babies.

      • Jon Lindquist

        yes, they are ^_^

      • Aurora

        I care more about the welfare of animals than I do about people like you. Animals are true innocents. Humans are parasites and the fewer the better. As a well-educated adult who’s had an abortion, I can assure you that the 300-celled organism I had removed means less to me than my cat. How do you like that?

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  • Anna

    All I can say is thank goodness we are noticing and prosecuting for such crimes. Most serial killers start with anmmal cruelty!

  • Michelle

    Someone should throw that ugly SOB at the ceiling…oops, too late, looks like someone already did! What a puke! P.S. Wash your hair….and get rid of your Groucho brows, pig.

  • Ingy

    Esuka, the difference is that this is the United States of America, and you are expected to abide by OUR standards when it comes to animals, and we will not abide by the standards of YOUR country. You’re free to eat your own dogs and cats. Just move back to your home country.

  • thisismyusername


  • name

    We should give all living things the respect they deserve. That includes animals. It frightens me that people don’t appreciate the necessity of preventing such harms. This deserves to be a top news story, as it is local and something we can address directly. Cruelty is not to be taken lightly. It is at the very root of many of the evils in society today. Take it seriously.

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