MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Joel Maturi didn’t get the “Tubby Smith-type” hire that he promised for the Minnesota football team.

He settled on Northern Illinois coach Jerry Kill instead, admitting that Kill wasn’t his first choice when he began the search 51 days ago.

Kill was ready for the question at his introductory news conference Monday. He says he wasn’t his wife’s first choice either, but promised to work as hard for the Golden Gophers as he did to convince his wife, Rebecca, to marry him more than two decades ago.

Watch Entire Press Conference Introducing New Coach Jerry Kill

The line got plenty of laughs, but Kill knows he won’t sell the many skeptics around the program on him until he gets the struggling program to start winning.

Kill replaces Tim Brewster, who was fired during the season after four unsuccessful years.

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Comments (3)
  1. wl says:

    Joel Maturi has killed the football program. Please down grade the team to D2 or D3 and hope we can compeat with UMD or St. Johns Just get over it and accept it .

  2. Lgould says:

    It’s like choosing someone from a local theater to star in a multi-million dollar broadway show. Who does that? I am very tired of Maturi!

  3. SickNTiredofThisBS says:

    I bet Ray Kroc is rolling over in his grave right now to see his beloved Golden Arches juxtaposed against an emblem of such a pathetic excuse for a football program…although, come to think of it, they both induce the same feelings of nausea and diarrhea-like symptoms (rank runs, putrid passing), so maybe it is appropo after all…I’m sure Jerry Kill is a great guy – but unless he can walk on water and cure leprosy, he’s as doomed as the last umpteen poor schmucks…

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