Neo Nazi Gets Taxpayer Funded Makeover.

Your tax money at work folks!
To read the story and see the photos, Click Here!

  • Alex B.

    This is too stupid for words. Find some real news to report on.

  • Aaron H

    bad link…

  • David Conklin

    >Find some real news to report on.
    So, you don’t mind spending the taxpayer’s dollars that way?

  • BJ

    So if I were in jail and I cold get a better deal and sympathy if I got a sex change and became a blond the tax payers would cover it? I do not think so. That is how absurd I think this is.

  • Dan Brady

    As a son of a lawyer who participated in public defending, the Constitution affords a defendant a vigorous defense. Otherwise, If the defendant is found guilty, he may appeal base on inferior legal counsel. This could be quite expensive for the taxpayer. Then again it is Florida.

  • BigFan

    Michele is HOT!

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