By Pat Kessler

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A source close to Republican Tom Emmer says he plans to end his campaign for Governor Wednesday.

WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler confirmed that Emmer will hold a news conference at 10:30 a.m. at his home in Delano where he will concede.

On Tuesday, Emmer was dealt a big setback by the Minnesota Supreme Court when it rejected his attempts to throw out some ballots.

The state canvassing board is set to meet Wednesday and is expected to certify DFLer Mark Dayton as the winner of the governor’s race.

It now appears Emmer will not go to court to keep the race going.

Dayton’s transition team had no immediate comment. They say they have not yet been contacted by Emmer’s campaign.

WCCO-TV’s Amelia Santaniello Reports

Comments (18)
  1. Jacob says:

    I voted a straight Republican ticket this past election, which is very typical for me. I voted for Tom Emmer, and would gladly vote for him again. I would much rather have a Republican governor than Mark Dayton, but let’s get real – Mark Dayton clearly won this election, and this time the results seem accurate and fair. I applaud Rep. Emmer for conceding, for doing the right thing and not drawing this out any further for Minnesotans.

  2. Matthew says:

    Thank you, Tom Emmer, for doing what is right for Minnesota.

  3. GDawg says:

    Republicans have been so brainwashed by Fox news and right wing radio, I bet they would believe the earth is flat if they were told it was.
    On a serious note, I love how the republicans demand that the Bush tax cuts don’t expire for people who earn millions a year.. It will hurt job creation they say. Well let me ask a question. Where are all the jobs that these tax cuts have created? These have been going on since Bush was in office!

    1. Matthew says:


      Tom Emmer is conceding gracefully. Now is not the time to bash Republicans.

    2. Jake says:

      How may years will you blame Bush for failed Liberal policy LOL

  4. CRC says:

    This is a very sad day… Another “win” by FRAUD! I thought I was taught math well in grade school… this is now the second election in which there were MORE VOTES CAST THAN ELIGIBLE VOTERS!!! And for a judge to deny Emmer verification, when it’s the law?!?!
    On the flip-side – only MN can boast to have a 110%+ voter turnout – who can beat that? Serious side: the investigation was shut down last time, when is someone going to investigate our Iran style elections ??? When it comes to elections & the judicial system, MN is truly an embarrassment to this country.
    To GDawg: Would you hire the boy down the street to mow your lawn if congress just doubled your property tax? Or would you save what you have to cover the pending toll? History & Economics 101: Rich people buy stuff that poor people make, thus employing people. Take their money, they quit buying, you lose your job. Get an education before you complain

    1. Bill says:

      Dear CRC, while it is true that rich people buy stuff that poor people make, the only problem is those poor people making them are in china, India, Mexico, and so on. Rich people aren’t dumb, the less they pay people the more money they make.

      Now on to the whole judge denying Emmer thing. I thought you repubs and tea party members were all about saving money and ending stupid govt waste. You should be thankful you didn’t have to pay for a recount that was obviously only being done to stall the real election results.

  5. Eric Mahannah says:

    Dear CRC, Yes, Get an education before you complain..(or hurl ridiculous accusations) 2010: MN Voter Registration rate 83.68%….MN Voter Participation rate 69.8%. More votes than eligible voters??!? Guess you didn’t learn math all that well…….

    1. CRC says:

      Eric: And??? You’re missing the important part of the equation: It’s the TOTAL VOTES CAST, meaning there were more votes counted than actual people who voted, let alone registered voters… Your percentages are only relevant to the data input, & in this case it’s not the whole story….

  6. MrB says:

    Better a depressed alcoholic who has been treated for it and admitted it than a chronic alcoholic (Emmer 2 DWI’s)……just say’n

  7. Jack says:

    He should before Tony Sutton makes the MN GOP look any worse.

  8. Minnesota says:

    Maybe Tom shouldn’t have been so vague in his run for office!?!?! better luck next time!!!

  9. Minnesota says:

    Good job to a career politician like Mark Dayton !! I guess money can buy everything!!!!

  10. Steve says:

    Thanks for ending the fight Tom. I am a conservative independent who wish you and out new governor well. What we didn’t need is Pawlenty getting any more national spot light for a run for President. If he (Pawlenty) was on the ticket I would vote democratic

  11. Minnesota says:

    Enjoy it while you have it!!!

  12. Pete Reasoner says:

    It is abut time. He should have done this on Nov 8

  13. Kyle says:

    Minnesota… What a crybaby you are. I hope you were intoxicated while you wrote your comments. You sound very unintelligent and come across as a very sore loser. Go sit in a dark room, watch fox news, and beat your head against a wall.

  14. gabriellecpbennett says:

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