MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A spokesman for the former Jets game hostess who allegedly received inappropriate phone messages and photos from Brett Favre said Tuesday he is concerned that the quarterback will be retired before the NFL concludes its investigation.

Jennifer Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, said his client wants the investigation finished during the season because Favre has said he will retire at the end of this year, at which point he may no longer be susceptible to punishment from the league.

The NFL said it is continuing to work on the case, which first popped up more than two months ago.

“It is a complex situation that has involved a great deal of due diligence,” spokesman Greg Aiello said. “We are trying to wrap it up as soon as possible and will notify everyone appropriately when a conclusion is reached.”

Reese and Sterger’s attorney, Joseph Conway, said they grew concerned early this week when they said NFL officials stopped returning their calls. That led them to believe that the NFL has decided not to punish Favre.

“Everything we’ve seen over the last day and a half has been very, very troubling,” Reese said.

Aiello said no decisions have been made, and Reese said Tuesday afternoon they had heard from the league.

Favre allegedly sent Sterger the messages and photos when both worked for the New York Jets in 2008. The quarterback has not commented on the allegations.

“We’re of the belief that when you see these materials that it’ll be crystal clear that he overstepped his bounds,” Conway said.

Favre, who now plays for the Minnesota Vikings, has said several times this season that this will be the last year of his career. The Vikings (5-7) have four games left in the regular season and are a long shot to make the playoffs.

Reese, whose concerns were first reported by the Sports Business Journal, said the NFL has not informed them of any timetable for a conclusion to the investigation.

“Hope is not a plan,” Reese said. “But as of right now we have no choice but to hope the league does the right thing.”

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Comments (5)
  1. John says:

    Sure and if the aligations didnt come out just before the Jets, Vikings game we might even believe them.

  2. jay says:

    If it is such an issue to be done before the season ends, why wasn’t it brought up when he was still a Jet?????????????

  3. GOLD DIGGIN B#&CH says:

    she is a gold digger. she was trying to squeeze money out of him in exchange for her silence, and when Favre said stuff it, she is seeking his punishment.

  4. Eric says:

    If it was so reprehnsible to Sterger why did she keep it on her cell phone for 2 years before complaining? Also why did it only come out just as the ‘Queens were preparing to play her employer? I’m not defending Favre but it really has extortion all over it.

  5. Random Anonymous Blackmail says:

    Someone wants the ability to sue the NFL also and is concerned the cash cow is about to go to pasture.

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