By Esme Murphy

Buried in the political news of this week was a Public Policy Poll that showed Sen. Amy Klobuchar trouncing every big name Republican in the state in hypothetical matchups for a 2012 U.S. Senate race.

According to the poll, Klobuchar beats Tim Pawlenty by 10 points, Michele Bachmann by 17, Norm Coleman by 14 and Tom Emmer by 18.

More remarkable, PPP surveyed 66 other incumbent senators and Klobuchar was the most popular. The first term senator has also made her mark in Washington where the Washington Post has called her a “rising star.”

What is it that makes Klobuchar a star in Washington and so popular at home?

I would suggest it is a disarming demeanor that allows her to come across as the mom you might sit next to at the PTA meeting or the girl in high school that everyone liked despite the fact she was the smartest kid in the class.

She has churned out legislation that some have belittled for championing issues that everyone agrees with. Lead in toys, pool safety, making it easier to adopt siblings, tougher child nutrition standards for day care – could anyone really take a stand against any of these pieces of legislation? No, not most of us.

But these are issues that people and families care about. She may be the champion of mom issues, but moms vote and they appreciate someone caring and doing something about issues that matter to them.

Klobuchar may get the small stuff but her big picture radar is spot on. She was recently labeled by the Washington Post as an upstart as she and a group of less senior senators attempt to tackle the Senate’s arcane seniority system.

Yes, she has been lock step with the president on the major issues, including health care. But recently she has talked of the need for compromise and working with Republicans on major issues. November 2012 is a long way away, but the very early read is that a Klobuchar reelection bid is one statewide race that won’t be close enough to require a recount.

Comments (15)
  1. Dave Seavy says:

    I would think Mickey Mouse would beat T PAW

  2. Trix says:

    Senator Amy Klobuchar is respected and admired because of her good, logical and common sense thinking. Go Amy Go! We are very proud of you and your work.

    1. Cache says:

      This lobotomized cheshire cat Klobuchar is leading y’all of down the path of doom and debt with delusion, smoke and mirrors…y’all believing she is something she is not…WAKE UP…GROW UP! Get the cobwebs out of your brains…I know it will hurt but try some logic and common sense!

  3. Straycat says:

    Esme again is limping on her left leg. Now if she could be fair and stop trouncinge her blogs

  4. Andrew says:

    I think Esme is dead on. Amy Klobuchar just has that pleasant demeanor that gives her a high “likeability” factor. Every time that I hear Amy will be a guest on Esme’s Sunday Morning show, I make it a point to watch.

    1. Dennis Grace says:

      Me too! I always watch when Amy is on. But then, I watch Esme every Sunday anyway.

  5. Linda says:

    Senator Kobuchar gives every indication of being honest, ethical, and focused on doing her job. Perhaps those qualities are what we seek in our public officials?

  6. Nancy Aleshire says:

    My 26 year old son and I just love Amy Klobuchar. She is a true gem–integrity all the way.

  7. mark from says:

    You forgot that Bachman is thinking about running against Klobuchar. Your right there would be a margin to big for a recount, but it would be in Bachmans favor.

  8. Don says:

    Let’s get off the hooey factor for Klobuchar…start looking at her voting record??!? She voted for every cockamamey wacko lefty wigged out anti America high spending bill in congress.. including Obamacare??!??!?!She was one woman crime wave as an attorney in Minnesota…MN has a law for gun crimes..5 yrs automatic…but ms crime wave would plea bargain out the gun in crimes…behold criminal walks. You people have lobotomies!

  9. Cache says:

    Y’all are delusional. If y’all check her non thinking voting record?!? You will see she follows ONLY the party line and has voted for EVERY bogus Anti-American Spending Bill… i.e Obamacare…putting us all behind the eight ball and deep into a $14 TRILLION dollar debt. WAKE UP…Get the so called star dust out of your eyes before it is too late…maybe it is already too late????

  10. Gerry Gfroerer- says:

    Maybe Amy will take on the gasoline phony marketing & thier goal of $ 4.00 / gal.
    What other commodity has gone up 30% or more in the last year. Colusion-I think so, what other group controls thier prices so closely. They all change thier prices the same day,mostly the same amount. No more price wars are allowed.
    Thier greed seems to outway their concern about the effect on us & the economy. Why not some form of price controls?????

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