By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — St. Paul Police arrested a 23-year-old taxi driver Wednesday for allegedly kidnapping and attempting to rape a passenger.

Abdikadir Mohamed is accused of attacking in 26-year-old woman as he drove her home early Sunday morning.

“This is a troubling, disturbing case,” said Andy Skoogman of the St. Paul police department.

Around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, the victim called a cab to pick her up from work in downtown St. Paul. Police say Mohamed used a common technique amongst taxi drivers.

“She ultimately did not call this cab company. She called a different cab. This guy was listening in and picked her up,” said Skoogman.

Police say the driver was Abdikadir Mohamed, a man not licensed to drive a taxi in St Paul.

The woman told police she asked if she could smoke in the cab and he said only if she moved to the front seat. After getting into the front of the cab, she said Mohamed started groping her and attempted to rape her. She said he physically stopped her from climbing into the backseat and locked the doors so she couldn’t get out of the vehicle.

She said she struggled with Mohamed and at one point, began punching him in the shoulder.

She told police Mohamed eventually pulled over and let her out about a block from her destination. After leaving the cab, she said she ran to a friend’s home.

“By all indications, she’s a very couragous woman,” said Skoogman.

Now, police are hoping others show the same courage. Skoogman said they have not ruled out the possibility that Mohamed has sexually assaulted other passengers. Police want any potential victims to call the Family and Sexual Violence Unit at 651-266-5660.

WCCO-TV tried to talk to the cab company that leased Mohamed his car, but they would not comment.

St. Paul Police said an easy way to tell if someone is a licensed taxi driver, they’ll have a sticker on the car and a placard inside the vehicle.

WCCO-TV’s Rachel Slavik Reports

Comments (83)
  1. Dave says:

    So this is one of “them” who won’t allow alcohol in sealed bottles in his cab at the airport (because Allah says so) but kidnapping and raping women is acceptable. Interesting. I wonder what CAIR has to say?

    1. MarkHT says:

      Yeah, but their prophet did have sexual relations with a nine year-old girl, so perhaps Allah condones that too.

      1. Zak- Attack says:

        let me correct you mark its called being a husband and a wife not “sexual relations”

      2. Nice says:

        MarkHT you are deaf, dumb, and blind. You are a ranting pig who has no purpose in life. Don’t affront the Prophet because there was no man like him. You are fornicator who is taking their frustrations on others. Go seek help.

      3. ThothTheBuilder says:

        And Moses ordered his Armies to slaughter men women and children, only leaving behind the virgins to keep for themselves. What’s you point?

    2. jabriil omar says:

      Anyone can claim to be raped now a days to sue the company for it. Rest assured, the truth will come out, because there will be deep investigation into this by checking her body and see if there’s any marks and also check both of there DNA to consult this claims if it was true or not…Media shouldn’t be believed all the time.. if she was really a victim, then i would say to punish and jail this criminal if not then God will take care of it…

    3. John Carifidy says:

      That this ‘poor’ guy is the victim. CAIR is soooo predictable.

    4. Nice says:

      what a dumb head!!!!!

    5. I'd rather not say. says:

      This isn’t just @Dave. This is for everyone.
      This is very disappointing. Here are some of the most disturbing comments that I’ve found on here.

      For such a small percentage of our population the Somali people sure make a lot of news.
      December 11, 2010 at 3:18 am | Reply | Report comment
      Rlll, there are 70,000 in Minnesota alone!
      December 11, 2010 at 9:43 am | Reply | Report comment
      and not one of them worth a damn”

      “You know what I would like to see happen. get rid of all the colored people in America then we could see what a wonderful place America could be to live.”

      Isn’t Allah Akbar what they scream as they are shooting people and driving planes into buildings? I’ve never seen a muslim do a good deed for another and I’m sure I never will.”

      “justcuz he is somali they trying to humilate him he hasn’t done nothing i know him he is a good guy never been convicted of a crime. ppl are quick to judge and lock us all up meanning somali men minnesota is a cracker state”

      Everyone who posted these comments are just as guilty as the people they were attacking, whether they were attacking each other for being racist or attacking the taxi cab driver for the POTENTIAL crime he committed. I’m pretty young, but even I get worried when I see this kind of stuff. I haven’t seen blind hatred like this since middle school. It is irrelevant what race, religion, or country a person belongs to. When it comes right down to it, the only thing that matters is the quality of a person’s character. I hate how a bunch of these people attacked each other based on race and religion. Now, since most people attacked the Muslim religion I’m going to discuss why they’re wrong, but the Somali person that attacked white people is just as guilty as the white person that said to deport all people of any colored race. It’s unfair to label people as “Muslim terrorists” just because they are Muslim. The few Muslim terrorists that we have seen are radicals. By labeling every Muslim as a terrorist, you’re including the thousands that aren’t. I swear to you, you can find radicals in every religion. So, punish the few that are terrorist radicals and don’t victimize the rest that belong to the same religion. The beautiful thing about religion is that it can be interpreted in various ways depending on the individual. Just because a terrorist interpreted the Ji’ Had (sorry if this is incorrect spelling) as a scripture that dictates to kill those who don’t believe in Allah doesn’t mean that every Muslim believes that. In fact, most don’t. I’m friends with many Muslims that believe that it means that you need to extinguish any thoughts within your mind that might cause you to doubt Allah. And that, my friends, is a common theme within all religions; it’s just plain old ardent faith.
      Now, the race/religion that this taxi cab driver belongs to should NOT matter. Punish him, if he’s guilty, because he did something morally and legally wrong. However, avoid ignorance and don’t stereotype. I can’t tell you how many wars could’ve been prevented in the past if we did this…

  2. Kevin says:

    Who let these terrorists into our country. Send them home.

    1. mike jeez says:

      kevin, terroriist is not a single ethnic group but who ever does something criminal and am sure terrorist activities is happening right here in the USA and they all came from different kinds of people and they should be deal with, whether they are white, black, Hispanic, asian etc…

    2. Nice says:

      You are so repetitive. I mean your statement is redundant how many times have I heard that. The last time I check the Native Americans were here first. We are all immigrants!!

  3. Chris says:

    Yes, cause every person who appears to be Muslim is a terrorist. Gain some knowledge before you speak. You sound like fools. Where in this article does it state what religion this guy is? You are just being racist.

    1. Dave says:

      Liberals are never wrong, foolish, or racist, are they Chris? Liberals are like little enlightened gods.

      1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        WOW, you have just proven Chris’s statement as correct. Where does it state that Chris is liberal? another accusation from an idiot that just points their finger and claims this is what it is with no information to back up the claim. Keep watching Glenn Beck.

  4. jerry says:

    The Somali community here if full of these morons. They are bold, do not like America except for their own personal gain and should be sent back the second they step out of line

  5. janna says:

    Wasnt it just a week or so ago that a SOMALI man with ties to MN tried to bomb a Christmas tree lighting out in Seattle or Portland? How many of these types of incidences do US citizens have to endure before our government admits it makes a mistake and sends these deviants back to where their behavior is acceptable!?!?!

  6. brad says:

    you people need to grow up..they man didn’t do anythingg. groww up

    1. Minnesota says:

      Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to spell ?

  7. janna says:

    Brad – who didnt do what?

  8. ashley says:

    i agree grow up..i thought americans were better then this.he is innconent

  9. brad says:

    how can you rape someone while driving?

  10. mark from says:

    Sharia Law, If your gay you get stoned to death, if your a female cover your face and shut your mouth. These clowns need to go!

    1. Nice says:

      Mark you should educate yourself before you open your mouth. Apparently, you are corruption and misleading people. Whether the matter is true or not it has nothing to with religion

  11. shukri says:

    peopel u need to grow up dont jump in sitution that u dont know anything about it.

    1. mark from says:

      @shukri Last time I checked we have freedom of speech in this country. Please explain to us how that would work under Sharia Law. While your at it, please tell us what we don’t know! You seem to know more than we do.

  12. janna says:

    “After getting into the front of the cab, she said Mohamed started groping her and attempted to rape her. She said he physically stopped her from climbing into the backseat and locked the doors so she couldn’t get out of the vehicle.

    She said she struggled with Mohamed”

    That is not rape, but that behavior is illegal.

  13. Bruiser says:

    Couple of thoughts since none of us really know diddly.
    He picked her up at what time?
    He allegedly did this knowing full well he would be caught as sure as the sun will come up (someday anyway).

    He may be guilty as a skunk. He may be the victim of a fruitcake too.

    His cab so she knew whom he was. Hmmmmmmmmm

    1. mark from says:

      @Bruiser What? how could you come up with that? Please base that on something. Women get rapped, sexually attacked all the time for no just reason. Most rapes are not even reported. It happens at all times 3am, 6pm, 1015pm, why would 3am give you a red flag?

  14. mark from says:

    Just what I thought, your not related at all, your just a fool looking for attention.

    1. minipax says:

      You’re confusing contractions and possessive pronouns all over the place. I feel like a REAL American would know how to properly use his country’s native language.

  15. Deandre says:

    110% agree with shukri…
    for the rest get lost and go home idiots

    1. mark from says:

      @Deandre or should I say shukri Stupid post, to bad your him.

  16. deandre says:

    how would you know?
    she is…
    sometimes i wished i wasn’t american…
    and to let yall dumb americans know…GROW UP..
    yall hate muslims like yal hated US “african” americans

    1. mark from says:

      @deandre Once again Stupid post, to bad your him.

  17. shukri says:

    stupid mark why would i need attention for guy think before write

    1. mark from says:

      @shukri and deandre, Well you type the same, your English is the same, and your sentence structure is the same.

  18. shukri says:

    get lost stupid mark get life this aint life

    1. Minnesota says:

      Yes I most definately love your country!!!

  19. Ben says:

    Innocent until proven guilty.. or did congress already put a halt on that too?

  20. shukri says:

    @ ben not yet …………………..

  21. shukri says:

    @ mark have life dont be busy with this stution

  22. dweezy says:

    justcuz he is somali they trying to humilate him he hasn’t done nothing i know him he is a good guy never been convicted of a crime. ppl are quick to judge and lock us all up meanning somali men minnesota is a cracker state

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Nice job dweezy… You had a point and then completely killed it by being a racist just like the comments that you were saying were wrong. Why would you say “cracker state” after stating that people are quick to judge and call others names. Maybe EVERYONE should think before they talk (or type).

  23. E.H. says:

    Maybe people should comment on what is important here, the fact the a girl was attacked in a cab and had to fight to get away. Regardless of what color or religion the man is, it is a serious situation. They are probably headlining this story to provide some other individuals about the incident. It very well could have been a man getting robbed than a woman getting attacked. Stop being so judgmental people, I know it’s hard but try and focus on the importance of the story

  24. Jack says:

    Feel free to deport him back to Somolia.

  25. me says:

    i just want to know who qualified being american and who r not

  26. smith claire says:

    You guys are soooo frickin lamee..groww upp dumb ass people.. if this guy is not-guilty yall should kill yall self

  27. munya says:

    hey mark atleast somalis don’t rape alittle boys

    1. lasanod says:

      loooooooool absolutely we don,t, thanks munya.

    2. Minnesota says:


    3. pinky212 says:

      How do you know that?

  28. Billy says:

    You know what I would like to see happen. get rid of all the colored people in America then we could see what a wonderful place America could be to live.

  29. greencleaner says:

    He “pirated” the fare. The irony.

  30. Bill says:

    not condoning this guy at all but the comments on this is ridiculous. Why does it matter what religion or color or country he’s from. How about the catholic priests groping and sexually assaulting the young boys of our country. Or the white teacher having sex with his students everyone seems to be a little bit more lenient on them, then when a colored person of another religion does the same thing.

  31. John LeVasseur says:

    Deportation, use it!

  32. Osama Bin Laden says:

    Yes I am finding your country most pleasurable !!!!!

  33. HABIIB says:

    I love this country ALL PRAISE ALLAH LALALALA DIE INFIDELS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Minnesota says:

    Shukri has some serious bad language skills please try again!! maybe try 1st grade again??

  35. Minnesota says:

    I agree with Mark! Deandre Shukri and Me are the same illiterate uneducated people all balled up in one !!!!

  36. Minnesota says:

    Shukri you and your taxi driving accomplice friend can both hit the bricks… you weirdos!!! Your no longer needed! Thank you.

  37. Pete says:

    Funny… I earned a “D” in English class. (10th grade) Only thing I could think at the time was, “I speak Englsih, How’d that happen?”

  38. Nasir says:

    Typical racist white ppl. A drunken WHITE woman gets in this poor man’s cab. gets to her destination and decides to not pay her fair. The guy has no choice but to keep her in the car, but since this is between a WHITE woman and an immigrant blk man, It becomes a Rape case.

    1. Sarah says:

      REALLY? Had no choice but to keep her in the car, that my friend is false imprisonment, and is a crime.

    2. pinky212 says:

      Where did it say she was drunk? I recall reading that she had just gotten off work! Get your facts straight! And even with your scenario, “keeping her in the car” is called kidnapping or false imprisonment! That is against the law! LOL

    3. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      So being a bar tender makes you drunk, or did you not read that she closed the bar because she works there. At least get the facts right if you are going to try to trash on people.

  39. shukriya says:

    @ mark and mn i dont need to prove ma english and i dont need to learn ur stupid language and by the way mine ur business this aint ur business

  40. Robin says:

    LOLirl at all your comments. Stupid Americans/victims of no child left behind.

  41. paab says:

    Somali’s have no respect for our country, our laws, or the American people. This man should be deported, oops maybe this is one of Senator Amy’s precious Somali’s she has worked so hard to keep in the country? remember your vote counts next time she is up for reelection.

  42. hereboy says:

    So in America you are guilty of being black. Is ok for 44 yrs old man to kidnap and rape a 10 or 8 or maybe younger than that girls and boys. I believe in America we do much worst stuff than any other culture or country, but the problem is you can only hear or see when a black person does the crime or should I say a Muslim person. America is great county and there is a lot great ppl in this country, but don’t for get there is also ignorant and stupid ppl that don’t know what they are talking about.

  43. hereboy says:

    this guy is guilty of two counts 1 being muslim, and two being black. that is the only two crimes he comit

  44. Cosetta Roundtree says:

    Black Native: The government is alllowing the enemies of the Uniited States to live and multiply in our own back yard.

  45. BostonBob says:

    she good lookin’ ??

  46. RIII says:

    For such a small percentage of our population the Somali people sure make a lot of news.

    1. pinky212 says:

      Rlll, there are 70,000 in Minnesota alone!

      1. america says:

        and not one of them worth a damn

      2. RIII says:

        So they are about 1.3% of our total population in Minnesota?

  47. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    When are people going to wake up? Black, white, red, yellow, striped, none of that matters unless it makes someone in office green (as in $).

  48. concerned citizen says:

    If this was a white man who did this, would we be talking about his ethnicity or religion? Would there be people here saying that Christianity is responsible for this? Or will all the people only blame him as they should. If a person from a minority group does something bad, then the whole group automatically gets blamed. I ask why is that.

  49. Nice says:

    For all haters commenting may you be guided. Surely, you are on clear error. It is clear to me that the only source you have is the media. And it has done its job by filling your minds with garbage. Education is a key to everything.

  50. Hanna Smith says:

    E.H is right! Maybe we should focus on how we can help the public in this kind of situation. This was reported so that the ladies will be informed and aware about this kind of incident happening in a cab. So it’s important that before you will ride in a cab alone you should take precautions like sending message to one of your family or friend the plate number of the cab or calling them that you are riding in this kind of car. I just want to share the phone application that I have for my own protection. In this kind of situation, I can immediately ask help to my family, friends and 911 by just pressing the panic button. Very easy to use and I can be assured of my safety, wherever I go. If you want to be protected from any emergency situation, check this out

  51. AM says:

    God will take care of it?!?! HAHAHAA. And how well has that worked so far? what a joke.

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