Charlie Boone Heard Through The Years On WCCO Radio

Charlie Boone is a star.  He has been on WCCO for 51 years.  Before that, he was one of the best Rock ‘N Roll DJ’s in the Midwest on KFGO in Fargo.  In fact, it was Charlie who was to emcee the infamous Buddy Holly-Ritchie Valens-Big Bopper concert in Fargo in 1959 that never happened.  In July of that year he joined WCCO Radio.

It was there that he met another young personality on ‘CCO named Roger Erickson. Charlie and Roger spent 30+ years hosting the “Good Morning Show”.  The show came to an end in 1998 but Charlie wasn’t done.  He has since hosted Saturday mornings on WCCO from 6:00-9:00.

The “Good Morning Song” is etched into the memories of Minnesotans.  As are their wonderful array of characters and bits.  Who could forget the “worst jokes’?  Or Minnesota Hospital?  There was Ma Perkins and Partyline.  There were conversations with Sid.  There was Point Of Law.

And there were serious moments too.  When Hubert Humphrey found out he was going to be Lyndon Johnson’s choice as Vice President, who was he on the air with?  Charlie Boone.  When there was a snowstorm, where did you listen to find out if your school was closed?  Charlie Boone.  When a tornado tore through the northern suburbs in 1965, who kept people safe and informed?  Charlie Boone.

December 18th will be Charlie Boone’s last show on WCCO Radio.  Charlie Boone is a true legend in Minnesota and without question, one of our finest “Good Neighbors”.  Enjoy some of our favorite moments from over 51 years of Charlie Boone on ‘CCO!

Click here to wish Charlie well or here to see some photos of Charlie through the years!

Roger Erickson and Charlie Boone talk about how they came to WCCO:

Charlie and Roger pay homage to old-time radio as only they can:

Boone and Erickson from 1978:

Boone and Erickson from 1984 (including Ma Perkins):

Boone and Erickson from 1990 (including Good Morning Song):

The “Good Morning Song” and Boone & Erickson’s Theme:

Boone & Erickson Being Introduced at Buckingham Palace Plus Bad Jokes:

Charlie Boone on Partyline:

Charlie and Roger Spoof “Dragnet”:

Boone & Erickson take on daytime soaps and try to modernize “Gunsmoke”:

What if Herb Carneal and Halsey Hall were to go to the Minnesota Symphony:

John Houseman gives Boone & Erickson a little interview coaching:

Ma Perkins helps Carol Channing with a little bit of “Hello Dolly”:

A live show favorite, here are a couple of episodes of “Minnesota Hospital”:

Boone & Erickson use song for their “Ode To Spring Training”:

Another Boone & Erickson favorite, the “Old Timers”:

A Boone & Erickson Classic, “Sid The Musical” live at the State Fair:

And of course, Boone & Erickson’s “Worst Jokes”:

Charlie and the News Crew Report on the 1965 Fridley Tornado’s:

Boone & Erickson Show During 1991 Halloween Blizzard:

Another of Charlie Boone’s passions was the Minneapolis Aquatennial. He was always the first person to talk to the newly crowned “Queen of the Lakes”!


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