Charlie Boone Through The Years

After 51 years, Saturday, December 18th will be Charlie Boone’s last show on WCCO Radio.  Charlie began working afternoons on ‘CCO in 1959.  But after a couple of years, the “chats” he was having with fellow WCCO host Roger Erickson turned into a full blown partnership and they spent the next 3+ decades waking people up with the “Good Morning Song”!  Charlie Boone is a true legend in Minnesota media and without question, one of our finest “Good Neighbors”.

Click here to wish Charlie well or here to listen to some classic Charlie Boone audio!

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  • Mary Ann Stogsdill

    We wish Charlie many healthy, and happy years to come – you and Roger certainly shared some of the best of yourselves with Minnesota . . . thank you! Mary Ann and Family

  • Dan in Brooklyn Park

    True class always outlasts styles and trends. Charlie Boone is proof.

  • Mark-In West St Paul

    Charlie I wish you a happy retirement. You will be missed. I have enjoyed to you for years. Congratulations!

  • A grateful fan

    Charlie, you were the voice of the father I wish I had always had. You reassured me, made me believe there were options to the life I was living. Thank you for keeping me whole.

  • Tim Redfield

    Charlie, Wcco radio will nver be quite the same. Congratulations on your retirement from a long time fan

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  • Paul Evers

    I think Don is wright, this is a mistake and will make a come back. Paul in North Minneapolis

  • Tom Jensen

    What a wonderful last show, Charlie! You are the very best and I thank you very much for all the great years of listening to you, Roger, and the rest of the crew at ‘CCO. This day brought back some great memories.

    I’ll look forward to seeing you at the Old Log next year.

    All the best to you and your family.

  • Bill and Ginny

    I go from the bedroom to the kitchen, to the bathroom and even in the car, always listening to WCCO!! I am addicted!!! And, Sat. mornings with Charlie and “friends” is a great way to start the day!!! There will never be another Boone and Erickson!! You were the BEST!!!!
    Charlie, we will miss you and your great guests. Enjoy retirement!

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