Wish Charlie Boone Well On His Retirement

Charlie is a star on his own.  But he will be remembered forever as half of the legendary duo of Boone & Erickson.  Since leaving the Morning Show, Charlie has hosted Saturday mornings on ‘CCO.  After 51 years, Saturday, December 18th will be Charlie Boone’s last show on WCCO Radio.

Charlie greeted so many people on the radio every morning and countless more through his performances at the Old Log Theater, his numerous speaking appearances, charity work he did through the years and as Commodore of the Minneapolis Aquatennial.  Now, here’s your chance to take a moment and return that favor to a true Good Neighbor, Charlie Boone!

Click here to listen to some classic moments from Charlie’s career or here to see a photo gallery of Charlie!

  • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2010/12/10/charlie-boone-heard-through-the-years-on-wcco-radio/ Charlie Boone Heard Through The Years On WCCO Radio « CBS Minnesota – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic, and the Best of Minnesota

    […] Click here to wish Charlie well or here to see some photos of Charlie through the years! […]

  • Jimmy

    Truly a great job from a truly great man,

  • Roberta MacDonbald

    We will MISS you Deep Resonant voice every Sat. I’ve been listening to you since we moved here in 60s., Just say you @ Old Log also

  • Bill Endersen

    Congrats on a fabulous career, Charlie. It was such a thrill for me to work with and learn from the best including you and Roger when I went to ‘CCO in 1981. Have a great retirement!

  • Cletus W.

    too bad the greed of human instinct has taken Charlie. how dare he retire and have a new life! I will miss you like a brother.

  • Gary Paulson

    Thanks for the good memories. You made the trip to work so enjoyable. You & Roger will never be replaced; an outstanding team. WCCO morning show during the week has never been the same.

  • RadioFan

    Radiotapes.com has many recordings of Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson along with other former WCCO Radio personalities. http://www.radiotapes.com/WCCO.html

    • Ed

      Do they have any from his old day in Fargo N.D. at KXGO?

  • Dorothy E

    Thank you very very much, Charlie, for all these 51 yrs of being the voice of ‘CCO. Your gifts and talents are unsurpassed; you feel like a member of our family. Best wishes in your retiremnt.

  • Paul K

    You have entertained, amused and informed me for 50 years, You are a true star. I wish to you a good morning and a good day all the days of your life.

  • Mankato kid


    Growing up in southern Minnesota, my fondest memories are of you and Roger doing the school closings. We eagerly gathered around the radio console, waiting to hear that District 77 was closed. Too bad the snow storm came over the weekend, it would have been fitting for the current generation of kids to hear Charlie do school closings for one last time.

    Best wishes in retirement!

  • Bob Wetherall

    I remember the first morning you walked into the newsroom. What fun we had thru the years. Your retirement takes the last vestige of great radio from the twin cities. God bless.

  • John Harper

    Hi Charlie…Congrats to the half decade of great radio broadcasting…You are a tribute to our industry . I hope you will still find the desire to get behind the microphone from time to time and thrill your many listeners who you have blessed with your talent. Warmest regards: John Harper Owner/President WMEL Talk Radio Cocoa Beach/Melbourne, Florida

  • Dennis Netland

    Besst wishes, Charlie, on your retirement. Thanks for the many great memories. I especially remeber the Platter Partys you hosted in North Dakota when you were a DJ at KXGO in Fargo. Best regards, Dennis Netland, Plymouth

  • Tom Mittelstaedt, Museum of Broadcasting, St. Louis Park

    Congratulations and all the best to you, Charlie. Radio won’t be the same without you.

  • Montana Boy

    Charlie, I have been a fan of your’s since I moved to MN 26 years ago. You and Roger are the best. I am saddened to hear that you are leaving the airwaves. You have been one of the people who have made MN home. They just don’t make them like the two of you any more. You are the good neighbor.

  • Roger Karjalahti


    Best to you in your retirement. You were great to work with on the Tennis Gophers booster club. Always there when we needed your help.


  • Dave Coker


    Thank you for the many decades of enjoyable broadcasting. There will never be any like you ever again. You are an icon of an era that has been lost.

  • Wendi Erickson

    I will always remember how nice you were to me when I came to visit my dad Jim Erickson working at ‘CCO I was always so excited to see you and Roger! I hope that you relax and have a a wonderful retirement!. Dad would never let us listen to anything else on the radio and you always made it enjoyable!

  • Wade from New Prague

    In 1984 I called in and asked if you and Roger would sing the Good Morning Song again because my little girls would not wake up. When you called them by name and sang the song, you made them feel like celebrities. Thank you for the memories.

  • Darrel Halverson

    All my best to you in your retirement, I have listened to you and WCCO all my life. Thank you!!

  • Tim Russell

    Charlie: You’ve been a great inspiration for me. I remember hearing you and Rog doing the “Worst Jokes” segment with your many voices ( also on display on “Point of Law”), thinking how proud I was that the Twin Cities had that kind of world class talent. Best of luck and enjoy the next chapter.

  • Karilyn Johnson

    God Bless you.Charlie
    You are truly a class act!! I only listen to ‘CCO on Saturdays-because of you!!
    It;s an end of an era, Many many thanks!!!

  • Chad Crow

    So much of the talk radio environment has become shrill and combative. You have always treated your callers and guests with thoughtful and kind conversation. You will be the “benchmark” that many will be measured by in the decades to come. Godspeed you on your next adventure!

  • Betty Kangas

    I still miss Boone and Erickson! You two were the greatest! I’ve sung the Good Morning Song to my children and now my grandchildren! Best wishes on your retirement.

  • Mr. Dana W. Carlson

    Best wishes on your retirement. Radio will never be the same without you. I do think that radio in recent decades has seen it’s better days.

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