EXCELSIOR, Minn. (AP) — High winds and blizzard conditions forced a Minnesota hospital executive off the roof of an Excelsior coffee shop where he was camped as a fundraiser for his daughter’s school, but he’s heading back up there.

Robert Stevens, the president and CEO of Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia, says Sunday that he had to climb down from the roof of Dunn Brothers at about 3 p.m. Saturday out of safety concerns. He says high winds were shredding the canopy over his tent and knocking over hay bales set up to protect it. Stevens had slept on the roof through the blizzard the previous night.

Stevens is trying to raise $100,000 to help save the struggling Spring Hill School in Excelsior. By Sunday morning he was at about $54,000, and was bundling up as he prepared to go back up there in subzero wind chills. He says he’ll decide later in the evening whether to spend another night on the roof.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Is anything in Excelsior really struggling? Rich town is felling a pinch? Should the rich white folks just ask to have their taxes increased? I mean have they not been listening to Obama???? UnAmerican they are……

    1. Bill says:

      Kevin, how in the world do you spin politics into this article. A father supporting his child’s school doesn’t or shouldn’t threaten your narrow minded political viewpoint.
      Sue, your comments are just as narrow minded as Kevin’s. Sounds like you both have trouble understanding those who have the gumption to help themselves.

    2. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

      @Kevin Please explain to us what is wrong with making money? What is wrong with working 16 hour days to start a business, and to get the rewards? Or are you just lazy, and want people that work hard for their families to give some to you because you don’t have the drive to better yourself. American is being the best that you can be, not to suck off the money that people make. Your a poor excuse for an American, acutely if you want a job, maybe you can be the poster child for welfare. Your character speaks for itself in your writing. mark@mntaxwaste.com

  2. sue carlson says:

    The parents who send their kids to this private school can pay the tuition, and not ask other people to pay, or send the children to the local schools. Minnetonka district is a very good district.

    1. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

      @sue These people are not forced to donate, these are people who want to help. I gave because I wanted to help, no one held a gun to my head. Minnetonka is a very good district, the problem is when you get into public schools they cant teach morals how you would want them taught to your children. Teaching gay rights, not to have a Christmas show, Halloween Parties, and Easter are things that are taught in a political correct way in public schools. If you think the rich have all they money, please explain how you came up with that. I would love to read your answer. mark@mntaxwaste.com

  3. Dave Seavy says:

    It’s sad that people have to be so negative – especially about somebody helping raise money. I give the guy a lot of credit. Here’s an executive who could have just sat in the comfort of his home, yet slept through one blizzard on a roof, and was ready to do another night until it became unsafe. Perhaps if others would stop thinking only of themselves, our society would be so much better off. Bringing race and politics into this is childish.

  4. Ed Debevick says:

    I’m with Sue and Kevin. Maybe the private school could also send their kids around the neighborhood pitching popcorn and pizza to fund the school. There’s nothing I like better than being hasseled by kids selling overpriced consumables door-to-door. Morals? Teach them at home. Isolation doesn’t work. Ask Neville Chamberlain.

    1. mark from mntaxwaste.com says:

      @Ed Debevick I’m not sure how to teach you this, so here I go. The words are “No Thank You” Yes thats it I think. I know it might be hard for you to say those to a salesman no matter what their age because you might have confidence problem, but thats it in a nut shell. I don’t seem to have a problem with saying no thank you to anybody for anything, including some kid trying to raise money. I have however said YES because I realize it is helping a great cause.

  5. Earsell says:

    Who cares about this guy and his kids’ school? In a Capitalist society, the school would go out of business because it’s product obviously isn’t good enough to attract enough buyers.

    Hey Mark, guess what, I don’t find your set of “morals” very moral. I don’t find denying rights to gay people “moral” at all. Of course, if that’s what’s taught at this school, it WOULD explain why it’s bankrupt.

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