Metrodome Roof Deflates, Vikes Head To Detroit

Vikings-Giants Game Moved To Detroit

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The weight of all the snow that fell Saturday has caused the roof of the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis to partially collapse.

At least three of the panels on the roof are down.

Because of the collapse, the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants will play at 6:20 p.m. Monday at Ford Field in Detroit.

The game will be broadcast in the New York City, Minneapolis, Rochester and Mankato markets. It will also be available to Sunday Ticket subscribers on DirecTV.

The team says any ticket holders for the original game will be admitted and given preference seating along the 50-yard line. Free general admission tickets to the game will be available at the Ford Field box office, starting at 8 a.m. Monday.

Refunds will be given to all original ticket holders.

Roy Terwilliger, president of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, said extensive repairs are needed to fix the Dome’s roof and the repair technicians that are needed are not in town.

Luckily, no one was injured when the Dome collapsed.

Metrodome officials say they have no details yet on what happened. They say workers needed to be pulled off the roof late Saturday night due to safety concerns. Around 5 a.m. Sunday, the roof collapsed.

metrodome edited 1 Metrodome Roof Deflates, Vikes Head To Detroit

(credit: CBS)

The Minnesota Vikings and the NFL met for hours Sunday morning to determine what to do about the game against the New York Giants. The team ruled out the possibility of playing at TCF Bank Stadium, stating it would take several days to prepare the field for an NFL game.

Other options included flying to nearby indoor stadiums in Indianapolis or St. Louis. The NFL said the best option was for the teams to play in Detroit.

The game, which was originally scheduled for Sunday at noon, had earlier been moved to Monday evening because of the snow.

The New York Giants were stranded in Kansas City after the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was forced to close because of the heavy snowstorm.

Because there is no Vikings game on Sunday, WCCO-TV will air a doubleheader, starting at noon, beginning with the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Minneapolis and much of the upper Midwest have been hit by a blizzard that has dumped up to 20 inches of snow in some areas.

The Metrodome roof has failed three times before. It deflated in 1981, 1982 and 1983, each time due to tears caused by heavy snow. The April 14, 1983, collapse forced the postponement of the Twins’ game with California, which had been the only postponement. A slight tear also delayed a Twins game briefly in 1986.

Game Delay Gives Brett Favre More Time To Heal

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  • Dave O

    Oh now forsure we need a new place for the Vikings, I can hear it all coming already!!!!!

    • Ricky Barrett

      right!! the place is jus too old… i bet its only going to happen more and more… time for the new double sized dome!! big enough to make the taxes back that we put into it…

      • Zebra with black stripes

        Doubling the size of the field will not work because the number of people who want to go will not double. So to that respect it would be an even more problem to Minnesotan taxpayers. Also, had you actually read the story rather than just look at the pictures, you would have discovered that this has happened 3 times before today’s incident. In other words, the stadium is just fine and is sufficient for many years to come.

    • bridget

      Now there will be a new stadium for sure. Dayton wants a new stadium and he will make it happen!! Elections have consequences!!

  • BudG

    You’re an embarrassment. Even the people of Detroit can get it together enough to build their lowly team a stadium.

    • sam

      It’s an embarrassment to not want to waste taxpayers’ money on a stadium when cities are having problems keeping enough money to pay for emergency responders, snow plows, and road fixes, especially when the majority of the financial gain from this stadium is going to go to a small number of already rich people?
      I’ve been misunderstanding the word “embarrassment all this time

    • Richard

      70,000 people and all the businesses that are effected when they have a game are a small # of people Sam? And all the constructions jobs that will be filled for 3 years?

      • Sam

        Richerd: We’re told that, but when economists look at the actual effect of a stadium on local economy, the only businesses that actually get a real boost are nearby bars. The rest is merely a shuffling of business that already occurs.

        • Richard

          OK, well move to Sioux Falls or Omaha. You can live your boring little life in a boring city. World class cities have world class venues. The owner of a team that only plays 10 games there a year is willing to put up at least 250 million of his own money. And do these bars pay taxes on how much they make on gamedays? And I guess hotels do not get any business either. 1/4 of season ticket holders are from SD/ND/Iowa. They never spend any money when they come into town do they. And where are the construction jobs going to go if we do not build it? Maybe they can work concessions at a Monster Truck Rally which would be the biggest event of the year if the Vikes leave.

          • Hah!

            World class city? Here? Really?

            • Mark

              frozen brain no doubt.

              Monster trucks at the dome —- heck Richard, that is maybe a grand idea. The stadium is in the black now, no?

              • Richard

                Hey Moron. They do have Monster Trucks at the dome.

            • Richard

              Great attitude. A losers attitude. Again, Sioux Falls will welome you. They pay a lot less taxes too. Remember you get what you pay for.

      • Mark

        Gawd Almighty Richard – ur a nut. All those jobs go away in year 4 using your crazy analogy.
        Please load up your wagon or sleigh and hit the road with the Vikes. now.

    • JoeB

      They’ve taxed Crack sales down there…………

    • BostonBob

      yeah — they a bunch of bright folks there aren’t they. They all live in a thriving city that ain’t got a pot to whizz in but they got the Lions. LMAO

      • mikey

        don’t hurt yourself while you are LYAO.

  • Elliott G

    They should play at TCF Bank Stadium!

    • bob

      i agree they are over dramatic all they need to do is inflate the dome fix the panels and play at TCF Bank Stadium till there dome with the dome

  • Patti Meyer

    Patti Packer Fan – Will now be able to see the Packers play.

    • Julie

      Oh yea, happy day, Go Pack!!!!!!!

      • bridget

        Packers lose!!! Oh happy day!!!!!

  • T

    I wonder how long it will take some people to realize how much it would hurt the state’s economy if the Vikings were to move to LA…

    • The Crux of the Biscuit

      A long, long time because it most likely woudn’t. Not much in any event. They are not even in the top 1000 employers in the state. A big small business at best.

      • realist

        Chain reaction… Theres a lot of buisinesses that remain here due to the increased traffic from the vikings. they would definately feel the pinch increasing the net effect minimized by the biscuit.

    • JH

      How can it help the economy when they only play a dozen games a year? I certainly don’t want to waste my tax dollars on something that’s empty WAY more than it’s used. Sorry, but I say let ’em go!

    • Bruiser

      LMAO — tink of what this shall cost the taxpayer now to fix this thing, in the roundabout manner they hit our pocketbooks to fund the Puple Gang.

      Soon as they get settled in L.A. , which will not likely occur, at least on the taxpayer $$$, just maybe then we can sit back on a Sunday or Monday and kick our feet up as a blizzard swirls outside and say ….. Thanks L.A.. I couldn’t be happier

  • Richard

    For the people who do not want a new stadium, move to Sioux Falls or Omaha please.

    • Matt

      Well said Richard.


    • The Crux of the Biscuit

      For those that DO want a new stadium, send Wilf a check for $10,000, they can bill you for the rest. That way, you want it, you buy it. I would rather spend my money on Social Services for those that need help. Let the hungry eat, cold get warm, sick get healed, lonely have a visitor, useless and worthless stuff like my neighbors.

      • am.soden

        Does anyone else hear the faint sounds of violins playing in the background while you read this moron’s lil plea to save the world….WOW…. you need to wake up and understand the Vikes are a huge part of this Great State!
        If a new stadium is what it takes I say…go for it! GO VIKES!!!!

      • Sonya

        Social Services.. REALLY??? Why??? The state would not need all that extra money if they would revamp the qualifications. They need to monitor who is getting the assistance much more than they do, not to mention watch where those tax dollars are being spent.

      • Big Ticket

        Sounds like a true Democrat. It’s my Birthday today and the Democrats stole my cake, sliced it up and gave it out to those who were less fortunate to have a birthday today.

      • Chuckie31

        AMen! If they have to take part of my hard-earned money for taxes, I would much rather see it go to something worthwhile. Definitely not the over-paid pseudo football players.

    • MandiT

      For the few who do want the standium we all say ____ PONY UP FOLKS, PONY UP! ;-)

    • Amber

      Hey Sioux Falls is a great small city to live in. CHILL. FYI I live in SF Hate the Vikings, but STILL think they need a new Stadium

    • Chuckie31

      why don’t you move to somewhere where the team is worthwhile? I don’t live in the cities and couldn’t care less about the Viqueens. My tax dollars would be better spent on roads or education then on a bunch of over-grown, over-testosteroned, divas. Thank you very much!

  • kev k

    I thought that was zygi wilf on the dome roof last night stomping his feet- at first looked like he was doing the riverdance



  • Brandon

    Will you all quit talking about LA already?? You people are so damn stupid! Its getting really old

    • Matt

      Well said Brandon.


  • Keith Haskell

    Dear Mr, Farve;

    I must admit, I was not “THRILLED” when it was announced you were coming to MN, especially when you held out at training camps, acting like you were superior (there is no “I” in T E A M) than other players. Since then – you have however given some thrill back to watching my hometown team.

    HOWEVER, if that video of you jumping up and down on top of the Dome, while holding your elbow, that we filmed last night, gets leaked to the press……all so you had a few more hours to heal…………Buddy start PACKing.


  • Joe Longway

    who cares about the Bengals or Steelers show the Packers for God’s sake!

  • Brandon

    maybe u should find a new place

  • D

    Well storm damage to our stadium, storm is making life miserable for citizens…. alright according to the New Orleans precident We should be given the Super Bowl too.

  • Richard

    Please move to Sioux Falls.

  • tom

    send the losers to L>A>

  • JKMB

    Where are all the real Vikings fans? One little snow storm should not affect your loyalty to the team.

  • Matthew Grabau

    Go clean the snow off TCF Field at the U of M and get the game on, give these guys a taste of what the good old Vikings played in at the old Metropolitan…SKOL Vikings!!

    • CJ

      I agree. Real football should be played outside. As much as I don’t like the Packers, I do respect them for playing outside and dealing with the weather year after year. The Vikings need to restore that winter toughness which always gave them home field advantage during the colder part of the season.

      • BostonBob

        The Pack is different. They drink good spirits to get ready.
        The Viles maybe smoke stuff and get cold? just a thought

    • The Crux of the Biscuit

      Bret won’t like getting cold….

      • am.soden

        Crux …are you for real? You must be a soccer fan or something Bret is one of the toughest men to ever play the game… you need to take you a$$ outside and grow a pair.

      • MN Newbie

        Get Real! Brett played 17 season in the frozen tundra.

  • IheartDallas

    JKMB I don’t think it’s the snowstorm that has the fans running for the hills… it is the way they have been playing this year. I’m not a Viking fan myself but it’s pretty pathetic to watch how much support the team had last year and how many people are turning on them this year. Viking fans aren’t called bandwagon jumpers for nothin’! Kudos to you real Viking fans who know you stand by your team no matter what!!


    A loyal Cowboys fan.

  • cadmom

    I am a true Vikings fan and I would be soo disappointed if we ever lost the Vikings. They are a part of a MN. To those who do not want them in MN don’t put down the people who are loyal. I may not like something you support but I am not bad mouthing you or your team or your cause.

  • ablahnik

    Until I can see on paper that the Queens actually produce some kind of revenue, I say send them packing. They have yet to produce anything that shows what they bring to this community. Heck, 1/2 the year none of them live in the area, so dont tell me their adding anything but a headache to MN>

    • Big Ticket

      Produce revenue? Are you serious? The taxes from ticket sales, food & beverages sold at the game, not to mention the players salaries have a ton of state tax collected. Economics 101 pal.

      • BeatnDowninMN

        Economics 201

        The taxes collected DO NOT dent the cost’s of infrastructure and stadium in 40 years. By year 20 they whining again for a new one.

        You guys are totally clueless and brainwashed. Maybe to much brew over the years.
        If you are honest get off this BS you hide behind and say I want them and I will pay for them.
        We friggen do not want to – you do. DO IT

  • musicman

    How fitting. Both the Vikings and their stadium collapse under pressure!

    • The Crux of the Biscuit

      Very funny! Sure seems appropriate though doesn’t it!

  • Greg Laden

    The roof collapsed! Fire the coach!

  • David

    Play the game at TCF Bank stadium. Then we’ll see if we really want an outdoor stadium. Temps should be cold enough for a good test!

  • Les

    Best I’ve heard yet! The boozers would get too cold out there without their whiskey! They might last five minutes and then start complaining………….

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