By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — Many in the Twin Cities are wondering how long it will take to get the Metrodome inflated again, after it collapsed in the aftermath of a massive snowstorm.

The roof gave way on Sunday morning, spilling a massive amount of snow onto the field and knocked down some lights and speakers. Once the roof tore, Metrodome officials decided to deflate it so further damage wouldn’t occur.

On Monday morning, experts were expected to step inside the frigid, deflated Metrodome to work on fixing it. However, Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commissioner Steve Maki said the project manager for the Metrodome repairs is delayed in Buffalo, N.Y. because of snow.

Shovels and plows aren’t usually needed inside the Metrodome, but with yesterday’s collapse of the roof crews are dealing with all kinds of strange issues. Crews are working with the fact that not only the weight of the snow but also the weight of the speakers and lights are currently holding the roof down.

The Vikings and the NFL have been scrambling to find a different place to play. The final decision has the Vikings playing the Giants in Detroit tonight, though they looked at the possibility of playing at TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota campus.

“TCF holds 50,000, the Dome holds 64. There’s 112 suites as opposed to 40 or 50,” said Bill Lester, of the Stadium Commission. “It would be an outdoor game. It would be a shot to see what it would be like to be playing football outside in Minnesota in December.”

In the end, it was determined the TCF Bank Stadium would not have had enough time to prepare for a Vikings game.

WCCO-TV’s Holly Wagner Reports

Meanwhile, the people who maintain Syracuse’s Carrier Dome are offering to help out their counterparts dealing with the collapse of the inflatable roof on the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

Carrier Dome managing director Pete Sala says he has spoken on the phone with the Metrodome’s management and offered Syracuse’s extra roof panel, bought 10 years ago when the Carrier Dome’s roof was redone. Sala says the panel is ready to be shipped if Metrodome officials want it.

Sala says he also offered his expertise in inflating and deflating a dome, something he has done several times during his years operating the Syracuse stadium. The Carrier Dome roof sustained a weather-related tear in the 1990s.

The Metrodome’s roof collapsed during severe weather early Sunday morning.

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Comments (21)
  1. red says:

    I hope this does not mean we have deal with a freakin new stadium. I don’t want to have to pay for it and being that that they are making up the giants game in Detroit tells me the Vikes don’t want to play in the snow either

    1. ralph h says:

      When you do things on the cheap this is what you end up with.

      1. Jonathan N says:

        Yes because 68 million (Not adjusted for inflation.) is “cheap”.

  2. douglas anderson says:

    Take a breath Vikings, the Metrodome is not dead yet…

    Despite the calls from the Vikings for a new stadium, the most recent stadium roof collapse does not
    spell the end of the Metrodome. It has occured at least four other times after snow storms,
    and has survived many other snow storms with heavier snowfalls since it was inflated in october 21,1981.

    After they pulled off the roof cleaning crews for safty reason, there was probably no doubt the roof
    would collapse under the weight of the snowfall, thus allowing TV crews to be onhand to film the
    collapse. The Twin Cities Media immediatly began using the roofs collapse as proof of the need
    of a new stadium for the Vikings, which is dishonest reporting at the very least.

    Snow Storm Totals from the past:

    1981 November 19 : 10.2″ snow Metrodome roof collapse
    1982 January 22 – 23 : 20.0 inches
    1982 January 20 – 21 :17.4 inches
    1982 December 27 – 28 :16.5 inches Metrodome roof collapse
    1983 April 14 : ? inches Metrodome roof collapse
    1985 November 29 – December 1 :21.1 inches
    1985 March 3 – 4 :16.7 inches
    1985 March 31 :14.7 inches
    1986 Partial dome collapse by wind
    1991 October 31 – November 3 (Halloween Blizzard) :28.4 inches
    1991 November 29 – 30 :14.3 inches
    1999 March 8 – 9 :16.0 inches
    2010 December 10 – 11 :17.1 inches Metrodome roof collapse

    The average annual snowfall in the Twin Cities is 45.3 inches

    If any questions should be asked, is what did they expect would happen with a dome held up only by air pressure,
    given the history of snow storms dumping an average of 10″ of snow in Minneapolis? What were the design specs for
    this roof? Are snow cleaning crews the only answer, or could/should they have added some rigid support after the stadium
    was built to help prevent snow from repeatly collapsing the roof? Is the design firm partially responsible for a flawed design?

  3. Dave says:

    I hope it DOES mean we get a new stadium and it has a solid roof so it gets used more than a handful of times each year.

    1. Jonathan N says:

      In which case I will never spend a dime in Minneapolis ever again. There sure as heck are better things to spend that kind of money on then a blasted sports team that has never even won a Super Bowl. At least the Twin can say they have gone all the way. Vikings? Why should we reward failure?

      1. B says:

        you get rewarded every day for being an idiot !!!!
        move to South Dakota

      2. rgledz says:

        Those of us who want a stadium and cheer for the team are obvioulsly not weak little bandwagon jumpers like you. You only have interest when they win……..that’s weak.

  4. ron b says:

    This appears to be a stunt pulled by a group of extortionists to attempt to get a new stadium. Kinda like the kid who blows up his old car deliberately to get a new one as daddy warbucks will pay for it…

  5. Kathy says:

    What’s the big deal? Haven’t the Vikings been wanting an outdoor stadium? Just remove the damaged roof and they have one. There may be no working concessions and possible problems with restroom facilities, but that shouldn’t be a horrible thing, changes could be made to the facility over the summer months. This way they would have the opportunity to play ‘outside’ like they have been wanting to.

    1. rgledz says:

      Are you being serious??? Have you ever heard of drainage for things like rain and snow??? Where would the rain run off to? It’s a dome stadium, taking the roof off just makes it a big bowl that fills up and has no place for rain/snow to go. Being outdoors has nothing to do with it. The stadium is old and needs to be replaced. The roof tore because it has a lifespan of 20 years and we’ve had it for 30. C’mon, you’re smarter than that…aren’t you?

  6. Garbage Dome says:

    Quit being cheap a$$es and buy a new stadium. The metrodome is the joke of the NFL. I thought Minnesota was a classy state, but apparently you like to show people garbage. The dome is one of the oldest in the NFL and there are visible crackes and stains all over the top.

    1. Jonathan N says:

      Let me guess. You are one of these people who have 25,000 in debt on your credit cards and think putting more on doesn’t hurt. What part of deficit don’t you get? You don’t pour…or should it be poor at this point?, money into a project that benefits a single group of people and their fans when you are freaking broke. Never mind the fact that why should the people of Minnesota give this team a new stadium. Show me the Super Bowl win. Just ONE. And then lets talk a reward.

  7. Rebecca says:

    While I am a bit impressed that there are those out there not wanting to put money towards what could be a frivillous purchase, I wonder where these same people are in regards to our schools, infastructure and economy. I think we spend far to much on entertainment as it is, but no new stadium might also mean no Vikings adn a huge loss of revenue for MN. If we could agree to put money into things that would improve our state that don’t solely feed our entertainment side than the idea of a stadium is ridiculous, but we might jsut have to bite the bullet adn push for it, to help teh economy adn then everything else.

  8. Bill says:

    Let’s play da Bears outdoors next week on MNF. We saw how effective they were versus the Patriots yesterday. lol

  9. Jon says:

    The anchor says that there wasn’t any on the feild when this happened, If you watch the whole video, yes there was. There is a golf cart that shoots across the far sideline just before it starts falling. When are they going to talk to that guy?

  10. Sean Kelly says:

    A golf cart? I didn’t see a golf cart.

  11. Michele says:

    Tear down the dome and build a new stadium on the same spot. There is plenty of room and if some businesses have to be bought out so be it. Just make sure you put a retractable roof on it, more bathrooms, and design it so handicap people can enjoy it more!

  12. Todd says:

    Los Angeles Vikings

  13. Scott says:

    I am for one not all for giving the owner a new park with our money but..Lets be honest..its is the way it is…all said and done it really does not cost all that much for us…ask yourself how much has it cost you for the new twins ball park..and not only that do you understand the millions a new park brings to this state…hotels food dbeverages bus taxi every time a player comes to town and plays here he has to pay taxs…sure its not a lot but these guys make millions a year and we get some of that..thats just to name a few things…I foe one would be very sad to see them go…yea sure the state is in a whole but you all will be the first ones to say when they leave boy I didnt think they brought in that much money to the state…

  14. Meg says:

    Who wrote this Article?

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