Check out John Hines Facebook Page……to see his thoughts on that, plus a photo of him and Bergie Broadcasting from the ROOF OF THE METRODOME!

CLICK HERE to see the photo and recall Pannekoeken!

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  1. Steve says:

    PLEASE Minnesota, destroy that roach motel of a dome already, and build the Vikings a new stadium that they have deserved for years.

  2. Steve says:

    Will be moving back to the great state of Minnesota soon. Wanna see the Vikes in a new stadium by then.

  3. simple math says:

    We NEED a new stadium. NEED is the key word. Not only for Fans and the team, but for the economic benefit of having 80,000 people spend their money. Preferably the team would foot the bill, but we all know that not going to happen. They have lucrative offers from LA to move the team. The state is going to have to step up and swallow their $$pride and get it done. would you sell your own houses if somebody came to your doorstep and offered you 20% above market value?!??!?!?! thats the scenario peeps.

  4. Ron B says:

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!! As transparent as a cheap wet shirt.. The answer to this is fire the operating engineers and staff. This is negligence pure and simple. this stadium has withstood heavier, wetter and more snow and has not collapsed before…

    The vikings wanted this stadium . they got it . Not good enough build your own stadium. REALITY ATTACK!! on a 750 million dollar stadium with the current plans being proposed the Taxpayers are being coerced with the force in the form of taxes to subsidize EVERY SEAT in EVERY vijkings GAME played to the tume of $65 per seat for the NEXT THIRTY YEARS>>>>

    Fix it and wah wah wah …

  5. MN Fan says:

    If the Vikings want a new stadium let THEM PAY FOR IT!!!! With the way the economy is we cannot afford a new stadium Professional sports are getting way too out of hand with the lucrative salaries they pay. NOBODY is worth the money they pay for the number of games they play in a season.

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