Census Survey Finds 10 Percent Poor In Minn.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — New survey data from the U.S. Census finds 10 percent of Minnesotans were living below the poverty line, with counties in the northwest part of the state struggling the most.

The state rate was lower than the nation as a whole, which was 13.5 percent. That’s from the latest information from American Community Survey data gathered from 2005 to 2009 and released Tuesday.

Because the data are drawn from a survey, each estimate comes with a margin of error that makes ranking difficult.

However, the highest poverty counties of Mahnomen, Beltrami and Lake of the Woods were all in or near the American Indian reservations in northwestern Minnesota. The poverty rate was about 19 percent in all of them.

Nobles and Blue Earth counties in southern Minnesota rounded out the group.

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  • linda

    yeah, so bring in some more Somali’s WE have to pay health insurance for & soon I’ll be on the poor list. $700.00 a month health insurance thru work is RIDICULOUS & last raise was because we have to pay for their health care. NO MORE

  • work for a living

    so open up ten more casinos and put them all to work…most dont want to work or obtain the skills to achieve….send them to fargo to fill sand bags for 10 bucks an hour…unless you quite spoon feeding them they”ll suck the system dry

  • Human Bean

    They live BELOW the poverty line and you complain?

    Try a week in their shoes and see how you feel then,ok?

    Compassion people, not hate.

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