HASTINGS, Minn. (AP) — The 19-year-old Minnesota mother accused of failing to get medical help for her toddler is facing manslaughter and child neglect charges.

The Dakota County attorney has charged Melissa Louise Hokanson in the death of 17-month-old Nicholas Miller. The child’s stepfather, Tylar Hokanson, was previously convicted in the child’s death. He was accused of shaking the toddler so hard it caused bleeding in his brain, a broken back, blunt force trauma and other injuries. The boy died June 23, 2009 at a relative’s house in Pierce County, Wis., four days after he was injured.

A criminal complaint filed against the boy’s mother says she watched the child’s health decline over four days until his death, but did not get medical care for him.

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Comments (12)
  1. lib says:

    you have to understand, she didn’t want to get her man in trouble. These s$$## of mothers will do anything for some thug/pig, even sacrifice their own child. tie her tubes and put her in prison.

  2. Grrrrr says:

    I truely believe that you should have to have a license prior to having children exspecially these teens out here. Sickens me! There are so many that are not able to have children and then things like this happens. Hope they both rot in jail!!!! Let me give them both a shake.

  3. Fed Up Mom says:

    Everyone needs a paycheck! It’s an easy monthly payback in MN. I’m sure she had such fine sex education, oh wait, we can’t teach sex ed because it might encourage teens to get knocked up. Stone her! How about this MN, if a teen gets a check, they have to pass a semester of child development classes at a major university to learn how to take care of your little income maker.

  4. Seriously says:

    It saddens me beyond words that this happens. There are thousands of people that would give anything to have children and then there are people out there like this. Let me guessl; she will plea not quilty by reason of insanity. Really, insane – you think?? That’s the biggest excuse in the world. Obviously someone is INSANE if they can do this to a sweet – innocent child.

    I am just sick thinking that someday she may have another child. It’s just not right.

  5. Pick on someone your own size... says:

    You can’t have compsaaion and understanding for someone who don’t show it herself… I hope the ghost of her child haunts her for the rest of her life…

  6. Lilly says:

    I have followed this story since WCCO first reported it. It is with great disbelief and sadness to know that a child was abused like that little boy was. I have prayed that he is safe and with Our Heavenly Father. I know that he is an Angel.

  7. John says:

    A .22 cal round to the back of the head for both. I’ll donate both the round and the finger to pull the trigger!!!!

  8. Lou says:

    I was 19 when I had my first son, and he is strong willed and stubborn beyond belief. Some days he does whatever he can to make me angry, but I could never hurt him in such a way. I am the one who is supposed to teach him to be good. If you cannot handle a child persistance, you can clearly give them to a loving caring family these days that cannot have a child. That poor little boy! How could any decent human being sit and watch a helpless little person keep getting worse? I cannot imagine the pain and emotions he had those 4 days. May he rest in peace now where he will be forever loved.

  9. Megan says:

    If anyone is interested in signing a formal petition to support the D.A.’s decision to charge Melissa Hokanson with murder in connection to her son’s death, and ASK THE COURT TO ADMINISTER THE MAXIMUM PENALTY ALLOWED BY LAW, PLEASE VISIT NICHOLAS MILLER PETITION, AT PETITION SITE.COM; OR GO TO FACEBOOK- NICHOLAS MILLER RIP BABY ANGEL. THERE IS ALSO AN EMAIL CAMPAIGN,.THE D.A. is asking for assistance and support from everyone to show the courts that this Mother should be found guilty.

  10. vbcb says:

    wow, some kind of mother she is, she will be paying full price for the death of her son. Both her and her boyfriend. What were they thinking, hey if u dont want ur baby put him/her up for adoption. stupid people…

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