Anonymous Donor Gives $40K To Local Food Bank

NEW HOPE, Minn. (WCCO) — Christmas came early for a Twin Cities food bank struggling to keep up with the growing number of hungry families this holiday season.

The Emergency Foodshelf Network in New Hope stocks and serves more than 230 food pantries in Minnesota.

“We are running leaner than we have probably run in years,” said Executive Director Lori Kratchmer, who says this year donations are down at least 20 percent. “Across all suburbs around the metro area so, it’s really broad, the need, and it continues to be greater and greater.”

But Wednesday, a Christmas miracle arrived in a plain white envelope. Up front, administrative assistant Carol Deters opens up the mail. She just had a hunch.

“I said, I just love these mysterious envelopes because you never know what little goody you are going to find on the inside. And we opened it up and it was a check for $40,000,” Deters said.

Deters says $40,000 can purchase 37,600 meals.

“I was just so excited and we were running around and yelling, needed it,” she said.

There was no note, and when the staff tried to call the person whose name was on the check, the number was unlisted. The donor wanted to remain anonymous.

“I think I’d be lying if I said we weren’t jumping up and high fiving after receiving such a generous gift like that,” said Kratchmer. “So we put our faith in the community and they really come through for us.”

A new report out this week shows many Minnesotans are still struggling this holiday season.

Hunger Solutions Minnesota says currently the number of people visiting emergency food shelves is up 62 percent since the economy crashed in 2008.

That’s 1-in-5 families going hungry over the holidays and all year long. In September of 2010, Minnesota had 454,513 people enrolled in food support programs, which is a 66-percent increase since September of 2008.

The Emergency Foodshelf Network staff says like many food banks and food pantries all across Minnesota, they still need donations.

They can buy more food with cash donations, but also accept donations from food drives. Visit their website for more information.

WCCO-TV’s Lindsey Seavert Reports

  • Yahoo User

    Is the check going to be cleared?

    • Adrian

      Read your comment 15 more times, analyzing what you just wrote after each pass. Think about it and Merry Christmas.

      • Adrian

        Kelly, my comment was for Yahoo User. Sorry, should have specified. It’s the way replies get sequenced.

      • kelly

        I have…Several times…I have paid for people gas…I have paid for people behind me in line at a restaurant~ I have even paid for the person sitting next to me at Perkins. SO now…Adrian…It is your turn.

    • Kelly

      Really? What a negative comment.

    • Jack

      I remember last Christmas time some one donated a bogus check for $25,000 to the Salvation Army. So this comment makes perfect, pessimistic, since

  • Anna

    What a great deed for this time of year. My hat goes off to the donor!!

    • Mary

      For this time of year? Shouldn’t people help one another all year long.

      • Woodsman

        Why do you throw water on this story? People most certainly help one another all year long. If you don’t see that perhaps you aren’t paying attention. Your attitude is akin to the spoiled child who when shown all that she has been given replies, “Yes, but what have you done for me TODAY?”

        In the Big Karmic Picture a little gratitude goes a long way. The great folks at the food bank appreciated the gift, as I’m sure many hungry people will. You should try, in your own way, to celebrate, or even perhaps carry on the generosity of the person who left the gift, instead of using the occasion to find fault with people.

        Merry Christmas.

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  • Lynn

    ‘Thanks’ for the gift :-) This is my prayer. I would like to see hundreds of community gardens pop up this spring.

  • Kelly

    Love stories like this…PAY IT FORWARD!!!!!

    • Chris.Go

      You pay it forward then I will.

      • Kelly

        I have…Several times…I have paid for people gas…I have paid for people behind me in line at a restaurant~ I have even paid for the person sitting next to me at Perkins. SO now…Adrian…It is your turn.

  • Wally

    There is still hope for humanity. We walk among those who are truely out to help others. It makes me smile.

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    […] NEW HOPE, Minn. (WCCO) — Christmas came early for a Twin Cities food bank struggling to keep up with the growing number of hungry families this holiday season. […]

  • MST

    This story brought a smile to my face. It’s a shame that some people are so negative!

  • The Bert

    The donor wants to remain anonymous but they will certainly be taking the deduction on their schedule A. You must have missed the part of the story where they, the food bank, tried to call the donor but the number was unlisted. The cashed check is the donor’s receipt.

    • Mr. Doctor

      You are aware that the deduction earned would be a small fraction of that 40k right? No you are not aware of that I can sense your level of intellect through comment.

    • CJ

      It could be that he will take the deduction. But if he is ever audited by the IRS, the deduction will be denied. Any charitable contribution over $250 MUST be documented by a receipt from the recipient. A canceled check won’t work.

    • Kelly

      The Bert…Thank you for explaining this so wonderfully. Why can’t people just see the wonderful jester this person has made. Why do they have to make it so negitive?



  • Kelly

    Hank…You are an idiot. What the heck are you talking about. Do you even know what you are posting about.
    Money is money. Cash the check~people eat. isn’t that what it is really about. It is Christmas time. Get off your political band wagon and get a heart.

    What on earth does impeaching Obama have to do with any of this? Loser

  • patches12

    This person has a blessig coming…..all I can say is “wow”!

  • patches12

    I would like to shake that person’s hand. Rich people are just like everyone else and unless you are super wealthy, 40K is still some real money!


    No way I can match 40K, but I sure can’t think of a better thing to do with my 50$ in beer money!

    • supportefn

      Everyone has a chance to support the Emergency Foodshelf Network by spending their beer money on Finnegans beer ( – the company is currently donating a portion of their profits to EFN and has chosen the Emergency Foodshelf Network as their charity of the year for 2011.

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  • Sean Patriot

    I knew people could make it without “Obama’s Stash”

  • Lee Yarbrough


    You keep posting your nonsense on every “happy” article you can find. You been hanging out on Drudge to long. Get over it, it is the holiday season and some people take care of the others and don’t depend on the government. Take your nonsense someplace else already.

    Hopefully someone will do something good for you and you won’t slap them in the face for it.

    Happy Holidays to you Hank and all others in this world.


    Yes We Can Build a


  • Lenny

    Why do these stories only come around during this time, when Canada has stories like this running for 80-percent of their news all the time. Also they are safer and more peaceful… Conspiracy?

    • Carlos

      SO move to Canada, American hater.

  • Charles1957b

    Just awesome. What a wonderful person. We can all learn a lot from this, if we will simply listen.

  • Patrick Hume

    This guy wasted his money. He should have used that $40,000 to start a business, which would have helped many more people in the long run. He bought a big bucket of fish, instead of buying a bunch of fishing rods. What a shame.

    • tori bennett

      You make a good point. We are creating a country of welfare recipients instead of teaching them to make their own food and provide for themselves. The 40 grand will soon be depleted and these people will be back in the same boat-we havent improved things at all.

      • Tracy

        I do hope there will more generous donors like him or her all year round .

      • Kelly

        Tori…Have you ever been hungry? have you ever not had a bed to sleep in? Have you ever felt like there would be no tomorrow? This is how these people feel everyday. Do you really think that these people enjoy being at a shelter or living in a car? What is with the WE part of “we have not improved things at all”? Have you ever helped anyone? It doesn’t sound like it. It sounds like you think that these people are well deserving of what they have. I do know that there are a VERY few that do not deserve this…but really- think of all of the Children that go hungry every night. This $40,000 can help them at least get a hot meal. What a selfish person you are. I really feel more sorry for you than I do for those people that need that hot meal. Open your heart a little bit.

    • rj

      suppose he already owns a business that employs 300 people????

    • Dan B.

      What a SHAME that one can be so cynical and calloused and make a mockery of this generous contribution. I wonder what Patrick the COMPASSIONATE one has contributed this year to help the less fortunate. Bah HUMBUG! Have a Merry Christmas Patrick.

  • Bobo

    That my friends, is charity NOT wealth redistribution! This is the type of altruism that made America great…NOT the Government mandating what is a person’s “Fair share” of what someone else worked hard for.

    Hat’s off to the donor DEINITELY a CAPITALIST and NOT a Socialist POS!

  • HappyJourneys

    and if it takes those tax deduction incentives to motivate these donations… Then so be it…

  • Mauricio Villablanca

    Judos to the generous person who gave the money.

    Here’s hoping the staff of the food bank will put it to good use.

    Menawhile in Washington a thug is taking money from us all as much as he can.

  • Bill

    How in a country as great as ours do one in five familes go an entire year hungry? WHAT A FANTASTIC STORY TO HEAR!

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