Inside The Box: Vikes At The Bank?

The shoveling has started and the while the prospect of an outdoor football game in Minnesota is exciting — just how realistic is it?

We know the U of M is doing everything they can to try and be ready by Monday night, but the NFL is also preparing another alternative site just in case.

There is talk of maybe Indianapolis or the Georgia Dome.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this process.

Are you excited about the idea of seeing the Vikings and Bears play at TCF Bank Stadium? Or are you thinking this is a whole of money and work for just one game?

Have your say right here Inside the Box.

  • dally

    stick a fork in them

    • gary riesenberg

      Hey Ziggy wanted an outdoor stadium. Take the roof off the dome and them let them play.


    • bridget

      I’d say stick a fork in the Pack as they are done also!!! He he he he!!

  • Mikanuk "Larry"

    Why not design metal beam supports for the Mall Of America Field roof, so it won’t cave in? How about just refurbishing the MOA Field, period?

  • submit

    The UofM doing everything they can? Ha ha ha! They weren’t even letting in more people to help. The uofm officals are sooo lame brained.

  • Brian in Coon Rapids

    I understand the Vikings had no fault in the Dome roof collapsing… but what a 3 ring circus. I have worked for major corporations for years, and EVERY major company has a “contingency” plan should there be a storm, bomb threat etc. Why doesn’t the National Football League have a program in place for EVERY venue in the league. What an embarassment.

  • Abby

    All of that money should have been spent on the community! They should play the game at Lambeau!

  • Tom

    I am glad that some people are being given the opportunity to make a few bucks by shoveling. This may make Christmas a little better for their families. II can’t believe that some of the millionaire athletes are already complaining about the field conditions for Monday.

  • Kendra

    I think it is a big waste of time, but I’m glad some people who are unemployed are able to make some money before Christmas.

  • Darcie

    My friends and I had once in a lifetime 10th row seats on the 40 yd line and have been excitedly planning this since July. We live 4 hours away. I am not driving all the way down there to take a chance on having any seat at all. That’s not right. We will be cancelling our $600.00 in rooms and staying home. Not everyone lives within easy driving distance to lock into those kind of room prices and not even be guaranteed a seat.

  • joanne-aitkin

    Let the vikes play at the bank. stay here in minn.i watch them on tv

  • Ruth

    No need to do anything with the Metrodome except remove what’s left of the roof, make a few adjustments here and there and that will be more than adequate for the Vikings and their fans. NO taxpayer money should be spent repairing it. The multimillion dollar industry, NFL, is more than capable of taking care of whatever needs to be done.
    Meanwhile, kudos to those who are getting the TCF stadium; lots of money could have been saved by simply using welfare leeches and prisoners to shovel.

  • Bob

    Much to do about nothing

  • Jerry

    Twins fans take note; This could be you if you expect to have another World Series Game in Minnesota.

  • Hannah

    Where are the Vikings and why aren’t they doing the shoveling?????

  • Jimmy

    A waste of money. And by the way first it was looking for volunteers then it was paid volunteers. Either you are a volunteer or not. And whose footing the pay??

  • Joyce

    I’m so dame glad this game is over. All I’ve heard over the news for the past week has been about this game & the gopher stadium snow removal. Good lord, this is Minnesota & we have snow. What’s the big deal. Come on you so called journalists, there’s more to the news than sports.

  • Jerry

    I like peanut butter sandwiches.

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